"Ciacho", to pełna rozmachu i fantazji, trzymająca w napięciu i bogata w dowcipne dialogi opowieść o tym, że każdy może stać się bohaterem i znaleźć swoją drugą połówkę. Basia (Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska) to dziewczyna, która potrafi rzucić na kolana niejednego strongmana. Tymczasem jej bracia są… trochę inni. Dawid (Tomasz Karolak) – zna się na modzie lepiej od Beckhama, Karolek (Paweł Małaszyński) – marzy by być jak Rambo i walczyć niczym Ninja. Krzyś (Marcin Bosak) – to pantoflarz i doskonały kucharz w jednym, który żyje na zwolnionych obrotach. Kiedy jednak Basia wpadnie w tarapaty, a jej narzeczony Jan (Tomasz Kot) ujawni swoje prawdziwe oblicze, nieporadni, ale zdeterminowani bracia zrobią wszystko, żeby uratować ukochaną siostrę. Zanim jednak wywrócą cały świat do góry nogami na drodze spotkają kilka nieplanowanych zwrotów akcji i… intrygujących kobiet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ciacho torrent reviews

Jinkee B (jp) wrote: Not even half a star, but won't let me comment if left unrated! Can't believe I wasted 99p on this! Lol

Fran L (ca) wrote: Life is a struggle. Here is a very well told story of a couple in times of financial woes. Good acting and script sustain momentum from beginning to end. A descendant of the Italian realism movies.

Bengel W (es) wrote: Some thinking has gone into this movie making it moving and emotional as the girls are sidelined. The photography is intrusive into the characters as they fight for their position. Script entitles the actors to carve out the raw emotion that kicks against the heels of life as equality gets a bashing. The only thing that lifts this from the other formulated dribble is the girl. Nibbles: Protein Shake.

Asif K (ag) wrote: An excellent love story! Yash Chopra is a great director. Fascinating story plot. Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee, Shahrukh Khan, and Amitabh Bachchan are all phenomenal in this. Great music! The plot is excellent and the writing was precise. Each actor brought their character to life in vivid detail. A fascinating film that uses a love story as a commentary on the relationship between India and Pakistan. Veer is an Indian prisoner in a Pakistani prison. However, a young female lawyer has decided to fight for his freedom and as she regularly visits him in his cell, he tells her the story of how he became a prisoner. It seems it all started because of his strange encounter with a Pakistani girl named Zaara twenty years before. The story is quite captivating and the characters engaging. The musical numbers are quite delightful and in a few instances quite inventive. It could be argued that the film is a bit on the predictable side but that's hardly a fault in the long run. Certainly worth a look. Veer-Zaara is so arresting, its scenes so full of beauty and colors, that the three hours go by almost too fast. Though Chopra's film is emotionally extravagant even by the standards of India's epically unrestrained cinema, the star-crossed lovers bear the weighty metaphorical significance of their travails surprise. outstanding. loved it.

Todd A (de) wrote: It has a little more in the way of plot than its predecessor, but almost no character development. As fun as the original.

Ben B (nl) wrote: "Poolhall Junkies" is nothing new for Chazz Palminteri or Christopher Walken, but is modesty entertaining. It follows the normal tropes for this this type of flick and doesn't do anything particularly good or bad. 6/10.

John E (br) wrote: This film hasn't aged well. Too much cgi, it just went too far. The next movie in the franchise was almost unrecognisable to this.

David H (au) wrote: A Movie about the Jewish Gangster Butch Stein (Mickey Rourke) who set free from Prison after 9 Years once he was the Leader of a Jewish Gang who controls the Hood now he is soul is broken and his heroine addicted his Hood is now controlled by a Black Gang who is ruled from Tupac who have losen an Eye in a Fight with Butch Stein but Butch is a crazy Badass and beaten even Tupac's Mightiest Gorilla at the End he dies like a Man this is a realstic Story about a Gangster his Life is ruined damned to live on the darkside his Family is broken too the crazy older Brother who is a crazy Vietnam Veteran who is hillarious played by Ted Levine and the younger creative Brother who is a Excelent Sprayer played also good by Adrien Brody one of the best Gangster Movies of the last 20 Years

Stuart M (jp) wrote: A unique setting raises this film above similarly themed films. Trenches are gloomy by nature and it doesn't take much to turn that omnipresent dread into terror. For once, our stalwart heroes have an obvious reason to place themselves in such a terrifying place. The downside is that they don't do much with the setting they're given. We get a few scary scenes (at least one of them memorable) but mainly it's just relying on the atmosphere to be disturbing without the need for much else.