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Ciao nemico

Sicilia 1943, after the landing, between the invading Us army and the defender Italian army, a 2000 years old roman bridge resist to all kind of attacks. Both the army decides to ...

Sicilia 1943, after the landing, between the invading Us army and the defender Italian army, a 2000 years old roman bridge resist to all kind of attacks. Both the army decides to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farron K (mx) wrote: A solid adventure. Not as good as Dark Knight Returns, but of course, that one is a classic. I'm still ambivalent on Cyborg; he was never around in my youth, and being a Teen Titan (where I first heard of him) doesn't endear me to him at all. I do like him to some extent though. At any rate, he adds a nice rogue element to the plan in this, and I liked how the villains were all unorthodox choices (no Sinestro and Joker here). Worth a watch.

(mx) wrote: Offender was a raw, intense, violent film of revenge. I really liked it. Joe Cole plays Tommy Nix and he scary good in this. His quiet lethal demeanor really worked well for his character. When Tommy's girlfriend is brutally attacked and left for dead Tommy seeks revenge of the men that did it. But the men have been locked up for a different crime they had already done so Tommy does what he must to make sure he gets put right where they are. It's a great prison flick. I would definitely see it again.

Samarth S (mx) wrote: I saw this movie several times because I loved it, don't know why is this underrated. It should has won an OSCAR for best director but unfortunately it hasn't. This is best superhero movie after The Dark Knight and Rises. Hugo Weaving has done excellent job here in this movie and also has really nice costume. If anyone hasn't seen this movie U should see now. THIS IS FANTASTIC MOVIE.

alan j (nl) wrote: the year is 2080 but cigarette smoking is as popular as ever in this 'Blade Runner' look alike. As in BR, everything is dark and moody and rather slow and incoherent at times. The fight scenes are choreographed well with alot of stop action photography. Ji-tae Yu puts forth another fine effort, and the movie is definitely worth a watch for the effects and scenery. However, when boiled down to its core elements, its a romance with a cyborg story and the romantic angle really doesnt seem credible. The ending is a bit too shmaltzy for my taste, but I do applaud the effort. See it and decide for yourself!

Nate Z (ru) wrote: Shane Black was a Hollywood icon by the time he was in his early 20s. In 1987 he sold a script called [i]Lethal Weapon[/i] to producer Joel Silver that put a jolt back into action flicks and gave the template for all buddy-cop comedies to come. He earned a then-record $1.7 million for his script, [i]The Last Boy Scout[/i], topped later by the $2 million paycheck he got for [i]The Long Kiss Goodnight[/i]. It's a shame both scripts were marginalized by their film directors. Black went underground for a long time, nursing his wounds over what had happened to his screenplays. Then in 2004, Black began his comeback vehicle, a modern day detective story that also lampooned Hollywood, and this time he'd direct his own material. The final product is called [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i], and Black's comeback film is nothing short of a cinematic knockout and the most refreshingly entertaining movie of all 2005. Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey Jr.) is a small-time crook on the run from the cops when he stumbles into an acting audition. They hand him a script, tell him his partner's dead, and are so impressed with his "acting" that he's immediately flown to Hollywood. Harry is teamed up with Gay Perry (Val Kilmer), a cop who does advisory work and just happens to be gay. During a house party, Harry reunites with a childhood friend, Harmony Faith Lane (Michelle Monaghan). They reminisce about their childhoods in Indiana and their fascination with the Johnny Gossamer detective novels, but she has much more on her mind: her sister's gone missing and she needs Harry to find her. Trouble is Harry hasn't told her he's not a real detective. He's gone from crook to pretend actor to pretend detective, and before Christmas is over he'll be up to his neck in bodies, intrigue, double-crosses and all the stuff that would make for a rip-roaring Johnny Gossamer book. First and foremost, [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] is one deliriously fun party. The film moves at breakneck speed through its smart, cheeky gags. Black's dialogue is hilarious and feels so effortlessly natural coming from Downey Jr. and Kilmer, like he's got their speech patterns tattooed in his brain. In fact, the dialogue feels so robust and natural, never glib and self-conscious, that it almost comes across as feeling like a heavy improv session between two immensely talented actors. [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i], Black's opus to the hard-boiled detective genre, has more twists and turns than a seizure patient doing the Hokey Pokey. You never know where this movie will head next or what joke will topple you over with unexpected laughter, and that's what makes [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] so unabashedly thrilling to watch. Even when the movie does start to veer into more conventional material, Downey Jr. is there as our narrator to point out what we're all thinking and to make fun of the expected. [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] can get jubilantly perverse at parts (a corpse getting a golden shower), but the macabre touches never deflect from the film's boundless, inconsumable energy. Everyone is having the time of their lives in Black's comic caper, and it shows. Seriously, this movie is the definition of a laugh riot. It's like a carnival ride through a gag factory (that sounds kind of spooky, actually), and Black has such an assured confidence to his writing, evidenced in his set-ups, reversals, and the insightful tweaking of Hollywood that could only come from one of its own (Harry laments that the nation turned over and shook and all the normal girls hung on while the crazies landed in L.A.). Here's a conversation between Harmony and Harry about a promiscuous actress: Harmony: Well, for starters, she's been f***ed more times than she's had a hot meal.Harry: Yeah, I heard about that. It was neck-and-neck and then she skipped lunch. Just re-reading it makes me laugh. How many comedies make you laugh just thinking about them in retrospect? [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] is one of those oh so rare delights. [i]It even has a talking bear in it! The lone detraction for [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] is the movie's overall lack of substance. It doesn't reach for anything more than bold entertainment, and to that end it succeeds in spades. Some may argue the movie is spinning so fast to try and distract you from its empty center, but I say enjoy the ride while it lasts. I only wish this movie was longer, like Lord of the Rings-long. I did not want to leave this world and these characters. My claw marks might still be visible on the armrests where they had to throw me out. ]Black also proves to be a very slick director with a natural eye for camera placement. His photography is very pleasing, relying on different light placements to add surreal touches that accentuate the narrative. Black keeps his movie at a breathless pace and knows how to handle his actors. His narrative side-steps enliven the film and grab our attention, and Harry's voice over is never overused to explain the minutia the script cannot. The only drawback for Black might be that his film could be too smart for its own good. I mean, most of the movie going public will be stooped by a joke about adverbs. Black has an obvious love for detective yarns and film noir, that's evident with the film's style and the fact that chapter titles are Raymond Chandler novels, but some familiarity with this world will sharpen your experience. [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] never panders to its audience, and that may hurt Black as far as making a movie that will reach out to Middle America (Perry apologizes to the Midwest for using the "f-bomb" as often as they do).]The chemistry between Downey Jr. and Kilmer is incredible, positioning them as one of the finest comic pairings in recent cinema history. Their indelible camaraderie is the true heart of [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i]. They bat insults and injuries with comic aplomb. Both characters are unapologetic, Harry as a nattering criminal screw-up way in over his head, and Perry as gay man who's fine with that and will rip your testicles off just the same if you cross him. He's not stereotypically swishy or flamboyant, but he's very enjoyably dry and sarcastic. Both actors have a history of being troublesome to work with, but Downey Jr. and Kilmer have been two of our most amazingly talented actors ... when they want to be. Kilmer is the coolest customer in the film, being nonchalantly badass even when he's about to blow his top (this is NOT a gay joke, by the way). Downey Jr. is his usual charming, amiable, fast-talking self, but even his tiniest details speak comedic volumes, like his reactions and general awkward physicality. I cannot imagine anyone else doing as excellent a job in these roles, especially Harrison Ford who was sought by producers for the Gay Perry part (feel free to shudder at what might have been [i]Hollywood Homicide 2. Monaghan is a break-out actress that could have been even more break-out-er by this time. She's mostly had small unmemorable roles in films like [i]Unfaithful[/i] and [i]The Bourne Supremacy[/i], but 2005 was set to be her year. She had important roles in [i]Constantine[/i], [i]Mr. and Mrs. Smith[/i], and [i]Syriana[/i]. Unfortunately, her scenes were cut from [i]Syriana[/i] and [i]Constantine[/i], and her role was drastically pared down in [i]Mr. and Mrs. Smith[/i]. The only thing Monaghan has to show for 2005 is [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i], and that's all she'll need. She's bright and pretty, but she also gives Harmony a great sense of being run down, another girl getting off the bus to Hollywood with stars in her eyes only to find out the harsh reality. Her combative relationship with Harry as they reconnect and try and wonder how they went astray is another film high point. She's a comedic asset and should be on Hollywood's speed dial if they need a charming, funny, beautiful actress (stop giving comedies to Nicole Kidman, haven't we learned our lesson yet?). [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] is a wicked good time. It's complex, twisting, riveting, unique, hilarious, and just about every synonym you can think for the word "awesome." Black's comeback may be too smart for its own good, and having a general understanding of film noir will enhance your experience, but this is one comic caper that's so much fun, so stylish, so damned entertaining, who cares if it lacks substance? [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] is a refreshing blast of fresh air and should please anyone looking for a smart Hollywood film mixed with doses of their familiar sex and violence. But that's what makes [i]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang[/i] so exhilarating, nothing about it could be classified as familiar. Seeing this flick is like being invited to the party of the year. Just make sure to head to your theater before your invitation gets lost in the mail. Nate's Grade: A

Sergio E (nl) wrote: Hayter: Prison Guard to Secretary: I wouldn't get too close Miss. Tracey: Secretary to Danny: Why? You're not dangerous. Are you Mr. Footballer? Danny Meehan: Danny to Secretary: Only if you've got a ball Miss. Based on Keenan Wynn's 'The Longest Yard', Fletcher adds Brit wit to the screenplay as Skolnick directs a splendid film. Of course the story isn't anything new (like most sports flicks) but the humour brings out the charm. The characters are fun to watch and funnily enough the actors have famously starred in Guy Ritchie films. It's as if they were in prison for the crimes they committed in those films. But, just to avoid any misconception, this isn't a crime-flick and it's very different from the Ritchie films, both in style and content. One doesn't have to be a football fan to enjoy it as the entertainment value is universal. The football match sequence was hilarious and if only the real matches were half entertaining! All the actors do a fine job but it is Vinnie Jones who carries the movie and it's nice to see him as a guy who gets beaten up in comparison to the tough guy roles he's typecast in. Overall, this is a fun little film, not one to be taken too seriously. Mean Machine is an English reworking of Robert Aldrich's 1974 beefcake Burt Reynolds starrer, The Longest Yard. Substituting Gridiron for Soccer, director Barry Skolnick, along with his roll call of British "faces", is only aiming for one market. That of the footie worshipping clan that primarily resides within the United Kingdom. Very much a long way from competing on the same playing field as Aldrich's superior movie, Mean Machine does have enough about it to make it an enjoyable viewing outside of the excellently constructed soccer match that fills out the last third of the piece. But with the film's reputation being far from good, the chance that many others feel the same as me are pretty remote. About as remote as Accrington Stanley winning the English premiere League one feels. The problem would seem to lay with the first hour, violence and humour thrust together does not always yield great rewards, and so it be with the wet behind the ears direction from Skolnick. Caught between a tough portrayal of British prison life and outright slapstick, it's an odd bedfellow that Skolnick can't quite get right. And with Guy Ritchie on the sidelines donning the "supervising producer" shirt, one can't help thinking that Ritchie would have made substantially more with the material to hand. But as "I" say, there's enough there for the discerning fan of blood and banter. Led by the watchable Jones, the cast, outside of the miscast David Hemmings as the Governor, pull out the stops to entertain the terrace faithful. Danny Dyer haters will enjoy him getting knocked about as he plays simpleton Billy Limpet, while Jason Statham is a joy as Monk, a Jock that even the Jocks are afraid of. While also putting in scene stealing shifts of note are Jamie Sives, Vas Blackwood and Omid Djalili. It's no piece of work to rank in the higher echelons of British movies; or sports movies in general for that matter. But in spite of its soggy formula and over reliance on the template film its working from, it's very funny at times; and if you like soccer? Well the actual match is well worth the wait. Disgraced ex-England captain (Danny 'Mean Machine' Meehan) is thrown in jail for assaulting two police officers. Whilst in jail, he doesn't recieve any favours because of his celebrity status in the outside world. He is out numbered and many prisoners constantly barrage him with insults for letting down his country in a crucial World Cup game. He keeps his head down and has the opportunity to forget everything and change the lives of the prisoners. These prisoners have the chance to put one over the evil guards. The prisoners are lead by Danny and the whole of the prison, guards aside, are behind them. Game on......

The Critic (de) wrote: This consistently amusing remake of 1970's Neil Simon-penned Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis caper showcases the differing comedic styles of stars Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. Theoretically, the pairing shouldn't work, but the couple's obvious fun with the material is nothing short of infectious. And whilst this may not rate as either of their best work, there's enough lough-out-loud moments to carry the day, with John Cleese stealing the show as he channels one of his most famous roles from 'Fawlty Towers' (1975-1979) here. A resounding failure amongst critics and cinemagoers upon release, but 'The Out-of-Towners' is still worthy of attention.

Scott R (au) wrote: A great duo of Burton and O'Toole. I was surprised how well they worked together. Becket as reason and loyal while Henry II is free and mad. The movie overall is very dry, but the history and powerful performances kept me interested. The theme of duty vs friendship was one I enjoyed and I hope that I can only be as true to myself and my duty as Becket was. To be able to see consequences showed his wisdom and inspired me to think about how I approach opportunities of power. So much of this movie rings true.

Jared R (ag) wrote: A step in the right direction Melody time is a blast to those who love music


Daniel S (gb) wrote: i only saw it because it was from bob clark who did black christmas and christmas story, but this is waaaaaay below those 2, it looks like a student film, the story is stupid, tho maybe with better writing and acting the premise could have worked.the zombies dont even show up until the final 20 mins too, dont waste your time