Ciao, Professore!

Ciao, Professore!

A bureaucratic snafu sends Marco Tullio Sperelli, a portly, middle-aged northern Italian, to teach third grade in a poor town outside Naples

Marco Sperelli is a teacher, he is divorced and he is sent to work in Corzano, a town near Naples. The first day of work he finds in the school only the school-caretaker and few girls and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (ru) wrote: Brainless insanity with some action that occasionally hits home. Full review later.

Daniel S (de) wrote: Best TV series of all-time, my #1 favorite. This is one of the very few TV shows that i can watch over and over and never get tired of it. It was that damn great. Prison Break is the kind of TV series that keeps you on the boil.

Nur S (br) wrote: i want to watch this

First L (de) wrote: Pretty weak overall, but the movie picks up when they finally hit Reno and the plot deepens. The first half of the movie is basically the stereotypical characters you've come to depend on from Hollywood, but it changes gears nicely late in the film.

Bill T (br) wrote: I wish there was just one Harry Palmer movie, as all of them seemed to go downhill after "The Ipcress File". In "Bullet To Beijing", Michael Caine returns to the character after, what, 15 years? and looks terribly scruffy (really, what's the deal on that haircut?) and looks to be acting for the paycheque (this IS 1980's Michael Caine after all). The story is not THAT bad, granted. There's lots of spying, double crossing and a bit of 80's eurotrash going on. Fun if you're not expecting too much, but difficult to watch on the Harry Palmer series of films.

Rose G (us) wrote: Great movie, very funny.

Andrew C (kr) wrote: I concur with every review written below. "Dum diddy dum diddy diddy dee dum..."

Cody C (ru) wrote: Boring and a waste of time. Even the Village of the Damned remake is better than this.

Jason M (kr) wrote: I immensely enjoyed this movie! Ive been with resident evil since the beginning, and although i enjoy the games much more, this movie came close to capturing that magic. Its a popcorn movie and it knows that, it doesnt try to be anything more than what it is.

William A (es) wrote: I want to own this DVD for sure. I have always been a fan of Hal Holbrook.