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Sam B (gb) wrote: In the first movie, Machete plays as a great action hero, making the film both a fun action movie and satire of action movies. Here, he's not a great action hero. He just plain kills everybody! And come on, let's face it. That is obnoxious! Also, there is way too much happening in this one. I can hardly keep track of the plot threads. It's like if Inception was really, really irritating. Still, some of it does work as a guilty pleasure and I'm sure as hell gonna see Machete Kills Again in Space. Kinda wish they didn't show that trailer at the START of the movie. It's like if the Sixth Sense began with a trailer in which they reveal the twist ending. Why do that?!?

Chantal B (au) wrote: Total dcouverte pour moi! Ce Jean Dujardin est absolument dlicieux. Bon film, ils sont quand mme rare les drames-romantiques.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: Not only far from being as terrifying as the original film, this sequel also makes the mistake of offering an explanation for the story, combining zombies, viruses and demons all in the same crazy pot. But even so, there are a few moments that work.

Sara B (us) wrote: It was okay. You can take it or leave it. For me many Mexican actors and actresses have that special magic that many hollywood actors/actresses don't. And that's what makes me want to watch them whether they're 5 stars or not.

WingsFan09 (au) wrote: one of my all time favorite movies

Mark Paul P (nl) wrote: Charles Stone is a genius!! Throughout the movie there are very interesting dramatic sequences that ties in the musicality and the way that Nick Cannon had to face. Knowing that he can't read music and that he's a showboating prick, he can't seem to value the "One Band, One Sound" slogan. Of course he sass's the band director, the section leader, and think's he makes up the band. This movie is a must see classic because of the drama, plot, and the music that's tied in the movie. If you love the Jackson 5, Earth, Wind, and Fire, or if you just like drama. This movie is for you. I highly recommend it!!

David P (br) wrote: This is quite an unusual film. Funny in a farcical way.A japanese musical version called 'happiness of the katakuris' is even more silly

Corey B (gb) wrote: I have no idea how or why Tarantino liked this movie, I thought it was pure trash with hot chicks, that was the only thing going for it was hot chicks with knives trying to be bad ass which gets old fairly quick. I found none of the characters to be likeable that when bad things happened to them I thought well they sort of deserved it. I stopped watching at the first quarter.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Not too interesting with the characters, and the story is decent, but what really stuck out in this film is the comet hitting the earth and the destruction that followed! That right there is one of the most terrifying moments I have ever seen in a film! The comet, aka the giant floating mountain of ice, stole the show! Besides that, a mediocre movie from beginning to end.