• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:student film,  
  • Category:Biography
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:Brazil, UK
  • Director:Gustavo Moura
  • Writer:Sérgio Mekler, Gustavo Moura

The life, work and ideas of one of the most important living Brazilian plastic artists, Cildo Meirelles, are shown on screen through his own words. Winner of the 2008 Velazques Award, Cildo... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom E (ca) wrote: I always have trouble seeing Brad Pitt as anyone other than Brad Pitt. The settings, music, wardrobes wonderful. Storyline has some twists, entertaining but not compelling.

richard c (mx) wrote: The idea of a found footage Jurassic Park is inspired. And That superior film it seems inspired these film makers to go ahead with this idea. Set after a plane crash from new York to Los Angeles on New Year's Eve a small group of survivors find themselves on a military installation populated by killer dinosaurs and shady individuals. I am without a doubt a big fan of the whole found footage gimmick most of the time it works fairly well. But here's the thing it has to be believable and you have to build some type of characters and some type of plot to draw you in. this film is expressly just footage of the incident with a small meaningless start up that doesn't establish any type of character except of the one dimensional kind if that. Because these people are so unmemorable and mostly annoying it's hard to keep engaged especially when it centers around two young girls that keep doing one stupid thing after another. After an hr and 28 mins that feels so much longer we are led up to a last scene that is such a vagrant slap in the face to the audience and the sadness of it all was that it is completely expected. Had the movie earned that slight bit of shock value by staying within the genre it wanted to be a part of it may have had more success. Instead we are left with a soulless piece of trash cinema populated by bad performances and boring direction. Anyone who says it's easy to make a found footage film work should view this as an example of what not too do. Still I must say that I made it all the way to the end I don't know how But I did and for that it deserves something. 1.5/5

Matthew L (ru) wrote: Jean-Luc Godard set out to craft an avante-garde cinematic essay on the decline of the European Union, and the result is an utterly impenetrable conglomeration of disjointed images and scattershot thoughts that never add up to anything. In FILM SOCIALISME, Godard's head is buried firmly up his ass. It's one of the worst films of the year.

Greg P (es) wrote: Ninja was a fun martial arts movie. It had an ok storyline which actually felt a lot like I was watching a movie about Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow at first. The acting is nothing great but about what I would expect. The fighting, however, is pretty impressive. There are some pretty sweet maneuvers done here and the characters do a good job of using the things around them in their environments in the fights, like the train scene. Check it out if you're into movies about ninjas.

Patrick B (au) wrote: this one has some good points to recommend it, however it is a mixed bag. the acting is mostly good. the story is complex and involving, but in the end too much work to try to figure out the meaning. a positive aspect of the story is how, through the friendship of the jeremy irons character, the female lead is able to move beyond an enslaving, limiting, relationship that has no reference to destiny. on the flip side, the irons character trades his own destiny for his obsession- embracing a tiny and fleeting slice of illusory "happiness" for dieing an adulterer, a betrayer of his family.

Josh D (fr) wrote: Man, can I talk up some "Peking Opera Blues." I hype this thing up, then everyone I show it to ends up hating it. Maybe I'm a weirdo. I'll put it this way: If "Fireworks" was the movie that got me into Asian cinema, this is the movie that made me truly love it.

Josh F (gb) wrote: Good remake, desecent acting. Plot very pretable and over all bland movie.

Grant H (jp) wrote: Great movie. While the story is intriguing at first, it gets a little confusing as the film continues. But the visual effects, soundtrack, and performances, especially Neill, Carmen and Prochnow help to anchor it down and make it a creepy, strange, and pretty interesting horror/thriller.

David M (ca) wrote: Not a bad movie, interesting, but kind of slow.

Johnathon W (it) wrote: Hilarious crime comedy notable for being the comebacks for both Robert Downey Jr. & Shane Black to cinema greatness. Downey is superb as Harry Lockhart, hilariously fumbling his way through the crime caper while proving what a great actor he is (reportedly, it was this performance that convinced Marvel to cast him as "Iron Man"). He is paired perfectly with Val Kilmer as Gay Perry, a openly homosexual detective forced to keep Harry from killing himself while trying to solve the murder. Behind the camera, Shane Black crafts a hilarious send up to crime movies, mocking everything from the voice over narrative (Downey excels at this as well) to the cliched twists. However, it is not an full on satire and there are moments of real drama (when Harry is forced to see someone die before his eyes, it leads to a pretty powerful moment). Overall, one of the funniest crime comedies in recent years, and since it's Shane Black, a darn fun Christmas movie.

Greg W (it) wrote: here's the formula: 'slumdog millionare' + 'million dollar baby'= this one

Bryana W (it) wrote: seen it 5 times so far