Cin... tetangga gue, kuntilanak!

Cin... tetangga gue, kuntilanak!


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Cin... tetangga gue, kuntilanak! torrent reviews

Christopher H (nl) wrote: The cast really brings this play to life. Macy transforms from beginning to end, Julia Stiles crosses away from the teen dramas she had become known for, and Mena Suvari turns on a sex appeal far from her American Pie days. Though the dialogue is heavy, the performances are worth it.

Cameron F (au) wrote: A prank goes deadly wrong when traveling brothers mess with the wrong trucker. The suspense might be thin but the action is swift and entertaining.

Courtney S (ru) wrote: very weird i watched this on a bus

Pia K (it) wrote: Romanttista hmpp. ;) (Suom. Unta vai rakkautta?)

Alex H (fr) wrote: This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. I have not signed on to this account in so long, but I wanted to save people from making the same mistake I made. That mistake was putting this horrid Atom Egoyan film on. At what point did he think man this is a really good idea. The style reminds me of that kid who thinks he is artsy and tries to hard to be artsy. If someone was thinking about killing themself and I played this movie I wouldn't need Jack Kevorkian.

Charlie G (fr) wrote: Well done war involved situation. Entertaining.

Pablo C (ag) wrote: Demasiado caricaturesca para mi gusto. Me esperaba mucho ms del gran Almodvar.

Bill B (de) wrote: Harmless sex comedy, a fun way to waste an hour and a half, good for some nostalgia if you're looking for something mindless.Rent it, it's silly fun.

Matthew L (gb) wrote: The kind of film that I grew up on with infrequent showings late at night on either BBC 2 or C4. Tame by todays standards but still shows many ideas and influences that are still being plundered today. A great British sci-fi 'classic' from Hammer Studios before they became forever associated with horror.

Jo Y (kr) wrote: I like Joseph Cotten...

Andrew B (kr) wrote: Another great effort from Grant and Arthur.

James R (it) wrote: A effective thriller.