Cinco metros cuadrados

Cinco metros cuadrados


Alex (Fernando Tejero) and Virginia (Malena Alterio) spend their savings and get a mortgage to buy the floor of their dreams, with a terrace of five square meters. One day, without warning, the building works are stopped, already well advanced, and then begins the worst nightmare of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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santos P (es) wrote: Seldom comes a film where you leave the hall with smiling face and soggy eyes. Dasvidaniya is one such rare gem which shouldn't be confused as an out-and-out laugh-riot like Bheja Fry or an absolute tearjerker. Dasvidaniya employs the common man as it protagonist, symbolized by zilch heroism. Vinay Pathak underplays his character to the same precision with which Amol Palekar played the common man in the 70s and 80s. The irony in the story lies in his name Amar (meaning immortal) as we get to know he has very few days to survive. It's not about the undying spirit which Anand or Kal Ho Na Ho signified. Amar has lead a life of abstinence and minimalism and wishes to do things he never attempted so far. It reminds more of Jimmy Shergill's character from Munnabhai MBBS, also subtly mentioned in the film. Amar follows a practice of making a to-do-list everyday wherein he jots down the 10 most important chores of the day. Being a loser and a loner over it, he ends up speaking to himself (or rather his inner soul) that questions him on his achievements and inspires him to extend his daily to-do-list to a listing of 10 things he would want to do in his lasting lifespan. This wish-list includes the average aspirations of almost every common man from owning a car, learning to play guitar, getting to hit back at his boss, finding his first crush (Neha Dhupia), going on a foreign trip, meeting his long-lost school friend (Rajat Kapoor), finding love in life, patching up with his younger brother (Gaurav Gera) and things alike. The simplicity of the film lies in the fact that the items on Amar's wish-list are very basic and not fairytale abstract. You as much relate with his every day yearnings as much as you connect with his character. One can draw parallels with Morgan Freeman - Jack Nicholson starrer The Bucket List though not tag Dasvidaniya as its remake. While fulfilling each of his wishes, Amar lives the life he had never imagined before. Each of his wishes branches out into a small subplot where he connects with his brother, buddy or beloved. The story starts, showing the mundane life of the protagonist while he is still alive and ironically becomes exciting as it advances towards his death. Dasvidaniya clearly establishes the difference between surviving and living. Despite dealing with death, the essence of the film is optimistic throughout. The pacing of the film is slow but steady. The emotions constantly fluctuate between humour and pathos. But the comedy isn't slapstick and the emotions don't get melodramatic. Much like Kal Ho Naa Ho, the film evades the death scene without losing on the effect or stretching on the sentiments. The scripting by Arshad Syed is persuasive and the dialogues at many instances are inventive and intelligent. Kailash Kher's musical score complements the mood of the film. Needless to say, the film clearly belongs to Vinay Pathak (who co-produces it as well). He tends to overtly underplay himself in the initial reels but you adapt to his act as the film progresses. Watch him strike a chord with your heart as he expresses his love to Neha Dhupia through dumb-charades gestures or shares a tender moment with his estranged brother. Everyone in the supporting cast from Sarita Joshi, Gaurav Gera, Neha Dhupia, Rajat Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla and Joy Fernandes play their parts to perfection. Dasvidaniya subtly suggests all to live life as if there's no tomorrow. Watching the film should top the list of your 10 most important things to do this weekend.

Terri H (de) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Andrew K (jp) wrote: Legal thriller. Believable action. Gripping.

Darrin R (kr) wrote: A nice surprise. I expected another Martin Lawrence let down but this turned out to be a funny movie that the whole family could watch.

James F (gb) wrote: Eh, the story to this movie was really boring, and the plot really sucked, but what kept me interested were the testimonials of the main characters. Each one had an opinion on the subject at hand, and I did agreed mostly with Sean Patrick Flanery. Its worth a watch to just hear these tidbits of knowledge, or if you are a perv, you see Tara Reids boobs, but that's nothing exciting.

Susie R (br) wrote: Wow, I did NOT like Julia's acting in this movie at all, horrible. The movie was ok, a bit weird, and I feel like it was just...empty. Don't know how else to put it. Wait, I know how to put it, it made ME want to die young.

Mikey S (it) wrote: Underground, vary rude and vary funny. This is cartoon grindhouse and something to offend all

James H (gb) wrote: 63/100. There is nothing extra ordinary about this musical. The plot is familiar, although the London blitz setting is a plus. The musical numbers are good but nothing special, although Rita Hayworths's "Anywhere" number is memorable. Good score. The color cinematography is a plus, overall though it's rather ordinary. Good support from Janet Blair and Florence Bates. Look for a very young Shelley Winters as a chorus girl.

Andr D (ag) wrote: No se deje engaar por el pster y por el nombre: "John Tucker Must Die" no es una pelcula sobre sexo ni sobre un asesinato. Esta es una comedia para preadolescentes acerca de tres chicas que han sido engaadas por John Tucker, el galn de la escuela (interpretado con carisma por Jesse Metcalfe) y quienes convencen a Kate, una estudiante inocente (interpretada con carisma por Brittany Snow) para que las ayude a cobrar venganza. "John Tucker Must Die" es totalmente predecible, con personajes estereotipados, tan inocente como su protagonista y con un aire apestoso a comedia tonta de los 80.

Art L (ru) wrote: Insomniacs a have no choice at times

Enaid N (ca) wrote: The whole point was he wanted to get his 3rd star. Have no clue if he got it or not. Movie was lacking in the secrete ingredient of all

Dan P (es) wrote: Supposed based somewhat on a true story. John Wayne plays "Chisum".

Jacob D (mx) wrote: I prefer the sequel but this is still a solid horror movie.