When her father unexpectedly passes away, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her daughters. Never one to give up hope, Ella's fortunes begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger in the woods.

The movie is about a girl named Ella. Her mother died suddenly by a fatal illness and her father has to get married again. Wanting her father smiles again, Ella wait for and wellcome her stepfamily warmly. Soon after, her father becomes ill and also dies. Ella has to face with her stepmother’s hate and cruelty. She has to do all the work like a servant and her stepmother changes her name to Cinderella. Oneday, the King organizes a party and allows all people attend. Cinderella wants to join but her stepmother doesn’t let her go. She runs into the garden in tears and meet a Fairy and her life changes forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darwin K (de) wrote: throwback 2 superfriends '70s cartoons, that pales next 2 the more "high brow" justice league flicks 2day. animation & rendering r simplistic & voice acting is weak. the introduction of legionaires & story is only thing that saves this.

Michael R (ru) wrote: First of all, that is a hatchet not an axe, so the initial tautology is incorrect. Philosophy undergraduate s on a bad acid trip. Evil Dead meets John Waters. Truly something different.

Richard D (gb) wrote: A good idea poorly executed. Mathieu Amalric plays the staff psychologist as a large European corporation. He was pivotal in deciding which employees to cut in a recent downsizing and has found his power and influence in the corporation increasing. The deputy director approaches him with a clandestine assignment ... keep tabs on the CEO (Michael Lonsdale), who's behavior has become increasingly erratic. This leads him down a path to increasingly disturbing revelations about the company. The film is really long and glacially placed, so much so I confess I stopped caring about what was happening long before anything interesting was revealed.

Romanos T (fr) wrote: just boring, outdated theme, oh my god I think we lost some brain cells tonight... (that's why this review is so basic..)

Pookie S (br) wrote: I think this film was easier to enjoy when we were kids, the story is simple, kid is a bit over acting but Sindbad is funny and delivering good sense of humor, I quite enjoyed watching it again

Roger R (es) wrote: Starts off looking like a very ordinary drama about medical negligence but then develpps into an intelligent psychological thriller - well crafted with and amazing cameo by Anne Bancroft

Jonathan D (nl) wrote: A little dated but worth a look

Rike F (it) wrote: loved this as a kid! I would like to see it again.

Ceph J (jp) wrote: Finally, I got to watch "Swing Shift" which I initally avoided because the reviews weren't good. It's not that bad but takes a worthwhile subject and reduces it to melodrama. To be fair, it should be, similar to Jane Fonda's "Coming Home" about a lonely housewife whose husband is off to war so finds fulfillment in another man. In "Coming Home" the movie was interesting because the lover is a former veteran who is confined to a wheelchair. In this one, Goldie Hawn seems miscast and Kurt Russell is so nice that you root for him over the husband, played by a quiet but intense Ed Harris. There's little emotional sparks between the three of them. The movie is really about the friendship between Christine Lahti, who's simply wonderful as Hazel, a neighbor of Hawn's. What's the message? That women were used during WWII to take care of their husbands, lovers, work a demanding swing shift from 4pm-midnight, help make aircraft, keep the troops in good spirits, and once the war is ended, return to dutiful housewives. It's this muddled message that keeps this film from being great to simply OK. Hawn is kept in check even as we wait for her to punch the misogynist Charles Napier at the plant, or to say to her husband/lover, "I'll go with the victor from a duel." Instead, she has a verbal catfight with Lahti (who steals the movie hands down) and the closing shot is of the two of them hugging and making up. One could snigger and smile that the women have finally found joy in the arms of each other.

Anna (ca) wrote: Not bad, but not that great.

Dylan W (us) wrote: The one Melville I still love.