Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man

The true story of boxer, Jim Braddock who, in the 1920’s after his retirement, has a surprise comeback in order to get him and his family out of a socially poor state.

Cinderella Man tells the true story of James Braddock (Russell Crowe), a supposedly washed-up boxer, who achieved his greatest success against the most daunting odds of his life in the 1930s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel M (es) wrote: I have always been an avid fan of Edward Burns' movies because of the sharp and authentic narratives he constructs in his films, all based in New York. Sure sometimes it feels he is a disciple of Woody Allen; but in my opinion, never a carbon copy of Woody but more of a homage for the legendary spectacled writer-director that is W.A. So yes, there are some that are burned out on Burns' incessant telling of character-oriented movies based in New York; but why should he charter other narrative waters when his work has been so solid as a writer-director. So once again I was engaged to a Burns film. This time being his latest Burns' offering "Newlyweds". The movie stars Burns and Caitlin Fitzgerald as newlywed (ya!) New York couple Buzzy and Katie. They are both entrepreneurs, Buzzy owns a gym and Katie a restaurant. They both failed at marriage the first time around with other people, but this time decide to "walk the aisle" a little differently. Their matrimonial philosophy is not to be around one another too much; their work schedules help with that game plan as Buzzy works days and Katie works night. Katie's older sister Marsha despises Buzzy and that is more than the buzz. Marsha is longtime married to egotistical Max, who at times becomes a Mad Max due to Marsha's constant whining; o that Marsha Marsha Marsha. And another Max Factor why Max wants to get out of the marriage is that he wants to have sex with a younger woman. What rocks the boat in Buzzy and Katie's novice matrimony is the arrival of Buzzy's younger sister Linda, a slacker-type in her early 20's who travels from L.A. to New York so she can reunite with a past boyfriend that she unceremoniously dumped a few months before. Even though Linda is quite "linda", she still stirs up the pot in several ways due to her reckless behavior and puts a stop to the "forever hold your peace" part of Buzzy and Katie's marriage. Burns is a master of independent filmmaking as he astonishingly shot "Newlyweds" for just $9000; I think Paris Hilton's Chihuahua cost that much. Burns once again wrote a strong script that many can relate with the characters' dilemmas. None of the acting performances were in the "standout" category, but I would not exactly file for a thespian annulment with the cast of "Newlyweds". My favorites were Max Baker as Max and to a certain extent Kerry Bishe as Linda even though Kerry was a bit over-the-top at times. Burns was thespian Burnlike with his performance as Buzzy, and Caitlin Fitzgerald was more adorable than believable as Katie. This newlywed cinematic game might not be for everyone; but if you are into character-oriented independent movies, than I feel you will get a big "whoopee" with a "Newlywed" viewing. ***** Excellent

Milton O (ru) wrote: Soundtrack the best !

Marcus W (fr) wrote: It's a really sweet Irish fairytale, but sadly Jordan gives in at the end and brings a gritty ending that does away with all the magic.

Sean J (br) wrote: Great film. I thoroughly enjoy the storyline and the acting. I was amazed by the CG. Its so clear, crisp and realistic. Incredible in 3D. I found myself caught up in tbe beauty of it all. You know going into it that its a long movie but I never thought about it once it started.

Bee C (jp) wrote: WTF WTF WTF????!!!! I was soooo hoping for a surfer gay love story...oklah I got hooked on that Shelter movie and thought that this would be along the same line...but its NOT!!!! Well actually it is lah but they didn't explore it further... (ok gay ranting aside) This movie is a nice surf movie that centrals around a boy who surfs and has been living in the shadow of his big brother who also surfs and when something happened while they were surfing one day, he suddenly got the epiphany that he can surf...I mean really surf... SURF SURF SURF.... ( I am still hung up on not getting that gay kiss in this movie)...Sheesh!

owyn A (br) wrote: About as good as "The Ark of Truth", but with time travel and the return of Richard Dean Anderson.

Chris Q (kr) wrote: A very touching tribute from Marty to Elia Kazan.

makoto n (it) wrote: (February 2013) I would be biased since I am Japanese. Definitely capturing some aspects of Japanese companies which look irrational or unreasonable for non-Japanese, but the movie is taking it way too far the story looks a bit stupid I think.

Paul D (it) wrote: Fair representation of New York's unseen society, although the focus on art photography and the use of black and white throughout creates a more poetic representation rather than actually making an statement.

Carl A (au) wrote: classic comedy. Has it's moments.

Matthew R (ag) wrote: Entertaining and a grand adventure.

Joe K (mx) wrote: I liked this better than the first, for once dealing with sequels. Terry O'Quinn was the best on Lost, and in Stepfather 1..wish he was in more stuff. This movie has the character more established, I guess. These dont even come off as B movies or campy at all..he plays a really good sociopath

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