Venice Film Festival 1979

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Asif A (de) wrote: Scary! It's too late now!

Garrett K (es) wrote: I kept my expectations low for MacGruber expecting another schmaltzy take on a dead horse SNL skit but it's not that bad. Direction plays cleverly on action film cliches and production isn't skimpy. It's worth a shot.

Eric S (es) wrote: great drama/comedy, Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell are awsome in this, Colin's best work for sure. kinda like Crash, but a lot more fucked up an funny.

Roland S (mx) wrote: A nice and decent direct-to-video sequel. Alix Koromzay is a very good cast for the main character. Nice tension, good special effects for a b-movie. worth a watch if u are into dark horror movies.

Arlene F (au) wrote: Awwww :'). Thats true love

TheCullenLegacy (au) wrote: Again pretty sure I seen this way back when but would love to watch again :P

Senor C (ag) wrote: When the son of a poor family is kidnapped along w/ a rich family's kid & the rich father refuses to pay a high ransom it has deadly consequences. The poor kid is murdered to enforce the severity of the kidnappers & Luc Merenda extracts revenge against those who killed his son. This seems a little too familiar @ times but after a poky first half Kidnap Syndicate picks up w/ a couple of pretty good chase scenes. Merenda's threatens his way through the ranks until he finds those truly responsible for his son's murder until he is can gun them down. Not a bad vigilante tale but nothing special

Jennifer T (de) wrote: Not as funny as some of his other stuff but this one will make you laugh. Richard Pryor was hilarious.

Richard V (ru) wrote: If this film was released in theaters, it would have been nominated for an Oscar. The cinematography is stellar, and the acting - from Mark Ruffalo (who plays the alter-ego of the playwriter Larry Kramer) and Julia Roberts to Matt Bomer and an outstanding Jim Parsons. The plot - based on the semi-autobiographical play by Larry Kramer based on true events and characters - is at times heartbreaking and other times touching. There are scenes that are so tragic to gay men, I was amazed that things changed in just 30 years. The story follows Ruffalo's character, who helps to create the Gay Men's Health Crisis as he leads a crusade to get recognition for the AIDS virus. But because it affected gay men, no one -not doctors or politicians - wanted to help. His methods also often clashed with the gay community and his friends, which made his character that much more fascinating. Just a beautiful movie for everyone - gay and straight - to witness. There is also a sequel in the works that I am eager to see.

stefn birgir s (es) wrote: Silly, fun, hyperactive. Gives me nostalgia about a time I wasn't even born.