Cinema Cinema

Cinema Cinema

Director Shah Krishna compiled this compelling documentary of Indian cinema after spending two years searching through film archives from all over the world. Included are films from the ...

Director Shah Krishna compiled this compelling documentary of Indian cinema after spending two years searching through film archives from all over the world. Included are films from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juuso L (au) wrote: Vkivaltainen ja unohdettava vankilakuvaus.

Michael B (br) wrote: Terminator in a Big Brother world...well, watched the whole thing. Not brutal...good for a post Boxing Day non-extravaganza.

Giovanni M (jp) wrote: Despite Penelope Cruz giving a horrible, over-the-top performance, Blow is a fun, entertaining, true crime story with an excellent performance from Johnny Depp before he went off the deep end.

Kyle B (ag) wrote: A really solid drama with a strong ensemble led by a really great Stallone. Seeing the love for him for Creed this year really makes you say that Stallone did have some good projects but it's just the bad ones that have overshadowed his career. Keitel, DeNiro, and Edie Falco are all great in supporting roles and it has a solid screenplay. Definitely check this one out for Stallone's performance

Benjamin O (us) wrote: Belligerent escapades.

Hugo G (ru) wrote: 7.6/10The second installment in the Three Colors trilogy really felt very different and add in some comedy, and I thought it would be completely different and not as meaningful. But it was just as impactful as you can expect from Krzysztof Kieslowski. Also, this one focused on a male character which was also different, mainly because I expected Julie Delpy to be the lead. But overall, I really liked the humor and how eased it felt, even though deep down the characters intentions were a lot darker. Looking forward to Red. ~March 7, 2015~

Tim M (us) wrote: Richard Linklater puts together a character driven look into life in high school in the 70s.... A cult classic for good reason, 'Dazed and Confused" marks the screen debut of Matthew McConaughey who parleyed just a few lines into quite a role. The soundtrack is one of the best in feature film history. The songs aren't just there they fit in perfectly. It's a delightful chunk of americana and so is Linklater.

Dino D (jp) wrote: I can't believe Christian Bale left BATMAN for this!

Conner R (es) wrote: The Varsity Blues of its time and an extremely effective story about goals and dreams. It's a lot more serious and dynamic than one might expect. Much of that goes to Tom Cruise's great performance as a very tangible high school football player who just wants to escape his family profession of working at the coal mine. This is about the pain and hardship that goes into getting what you want and doing everything you can to survive. Some might call it sappy, but I call it amazing.

Philip S (ru) wrote: Jimmy Stewart is among the most talented actors in the history of film. But as with any other actor, even Stewart had his hits and misses. Among his misses was this movie. More than likely where the idea for the 1964 sitcom, "Bewitched" came from, it tends to struggle from beginning to end. Even with the aid of suporting actor Jack Lemmon, the story is hardly believeable. And switching the standard boy meets girl storyline to make it girl meets boy did just as little to move the story along. The storyline has a major plothole near the end, which won't be given away here. But in watching the entire movie, one can't help but question that one particular aspect of the story that would sink the entire story from the get-go. What's more the dvd presentation offers little to help make the overall experience any better. It offers very little in the way of real worthwhile bonus features. At best, the dvd offers character profiles as bonus features. The one saving grace to this movie was in the general setting. So many movies today seem to go over the top with the sets, and special effects. Classic movies such as this one, though, prove the old adage that les is more. Less is going on in the backgrounds, which allows audiences to focus more on the characters themselves. Perhaps more directors and writers should take note of this classic movie-making style. It would do at least a little to improve the quality of today's movies.

Kristen M (it) wrote: He sings, he dances Marlon Brandon really shows his depth with this musical. For a guy who is playing with "Old Blue Eyes", he doesn't do a bad job. It's a cute show.

David S (ru) wrote: A couple of great shots reveal that Visconti was capable of better photography than is generally true of Neo-realism. The acting is uncommonly good, too, for the movement. The utterly stupid narration and Visconti's refusal to cut any scene undermine the film. Still: a decent film.

David L (kr) wrote: Another gem to come from the 80's era, and another that stars a young Kim Cattrall at the forefront. Mixing martial arts with comedy cheese, you can't not take to this as we witness a bumbling truck driver become mixed up amongst Chinese sorcery. A common gambler who alongside his friends is then gambling with his life as he looks to rescue his and his friends love interest from the clutches of a fleshless old man and his three stormy bodyguards; Thunder, Rain, and Lightning. It's genius to cast such a misplaced bruiser such as Kurt Russell in this role as he's the least capable of anyone to deal with martial arts and the fast paced life of Chinatown. Watching him tower above the others, unphased by the fantasy world that is unfolding around, he casually deals with all the life threatening situations that are thrown at him. On the face of it, this really should be such a poor film but it's far fetched concept and unorthodox individuals make it very appealing. It's clearly from an era that brought us movies that were as tongue in cheek and corny as hell but if anything we need more of this sort now. Less is more and this is a prime example of a simple fun loving plot, never once taking itself too seriously, and coming up with a classic tale. If only there was a 'Bigger Trouble in Little China' being produced.

Augustine H (br) wrote: Who the hell cares what eventually happened to this mnage trois?

Meghan M (mx) wrote: Black 'n' white voodoo-flavored cheese. With a few creepy dolls.