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Rohan D (jp) wrote: One of the good Bollywood films. Borrows stuff from "fight club" but a good watch nevertheless.

Jeff D (it) wrote: Outstanding movie with plenty of action from start to finish. All of the gun fight scenes were genuine and extremely realistic thanks to the expert training provided by Sonny Pulzikas! Outstanding performances by not only Johnny Strong but by everyone! Can't wait for Part 2 to be released very soon!

Jimmy M (nl) wrote: Awful. Awful acting across the board with Kristen Scott-Thomas as the only exception in some scenes. It has a very generic story that I liked for the most part, but was terribly written. It's filled with cheesy one liners that it seemed the writers would hope catch on. Emotional scenes were extremely forced and awkward. Character introductions were the same. Fun to watch if you feel like making fun of a movie the whole time, otherwise do not waste your time.

Michael G (it) wrote: Well, I think I found my favorite Jesus movie. I still want to go back and watch some of the others but I had never seen Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth in full and I am so glad I finally did. This is really how you can powerfully communicate the life of Christ through this type of media. I've come to conclude that you need more than just a two hour movie to give anything that comes close to a dramatically rich, fleshed out picture of Jesus. Passion of the Christ is a wonderful meditation on the Stations of the Cross and I place that high on my list of one of the few movies that comes close to portraying Jesus well. What distinguishes Jesus of Nazareth is that you encounter Jesus from birth to the resurrection. It does not feel rushed or bloated. Robert Powell does a powerful job in his portrayal of Jesus. Everything rings true. Some scenes do have secondary characters that can tend to 'over act'. But this is a minor quibble. There are also many characters powerfully portrayed. Michael York as John the Baptist; excellent. James Farentino as Peter is a real revelation. I could go on but its best to just watch it. Different characters may resonate with you. I appreciate how the Jewish leadership is portrayed in a more balanced way (which I did not feel was done well in Gibson's Passion). In this version you can really see the the disagreement between the Jewish leaders over Jesus and how some came to believe he was the Messiah while others could not accept it. The oft-mentioned criticism of this version is the portrayal of Judas. He is portrayed very sympathetically; they create actually a fictional character named Zerah, played by Ian Holm who in a sense convinces Judas to turn Jesus over. Judas is played as a tragic figure who wanted Jesus to be a zealous revolutionary and thought if Jesus could "prove" himself to the Sannhedrin that they would accept him as the great and powerful messiah. I think its actually a fair way to portray him. And it is interesting that when Jesus 'calls' the disciples early in the story that Judas first encounter with Jesus is very different than how the other disciples interact with Him. So, check this movie out when you can. It's on netflix now so if you have that service that is where you can most easily see it.

Rebecca S (ru) wrote: It's predictable and silly, but it's also very sweet. I enjoyed it.

Matt W (jp) wrote: So much better than the "critics" said...lots of fun and Kurt Russell is one of the most underrated actors of the past half century

Corey W (br) wrote: It's not a good movie by any means, but Alyssa Milano gets naked multiple times, and that can't be a bad thing.

ESTELLE K (jp) wrote: this is a must see, i enjoyed it

Aj V (ag) wrote: This movie is stupid and boring. I didn't like it, and I can't even remember what happened in it. I don't recommend seeing it.

Aj V (mx) wrote: The first "Road" movie is enjoyable and fun for the most part, but there are some bumps on this road trip. The sequels offer more of the same, but some are funnier than others, and most are funnier than this one.

Jacob B (mx) wrote: Punisher: War Zone has great performances from its cast, is gleefully profane and full of bloody violence...perhaps a little too bloody even by R-rated Marvel standards.

Muffin M (de) wrote: When top L.A. detective Joe Bomowski (Sylvester Stallone) gets a rare visit from his feisty mom, Tutti (Estelle Getty), his life is turned upside down. In no time, she is rearranging Joe's bachelor pad and meddling in his affairs, much to his embarrassment and the delight of his girlfriend, Gwen (JoBeth Williams). To add to Joe's problems, Tutti witnesses a murder and becomes his unlikely partner when she refuses to divulge information unless she's allowed in on the investigation. Just when Joe is ready to kill himself, Tutti helps bring down the bad guys, proving Mother-knows-best.also stars Roger Rees, Martin Ferrero, Gailard Sartain, Dennis Burkley, J. Kenneth Campbell and Al Fann.directed by Roger Spottiswoode.

Bethany C (ag) wrote: There's a scene about a quarter of the way through the movie that was really great in my opinion. It's the first scene in the bathroom of the creepy building, and the film builds you up to expect a jump scare (high pitched ringing, tense cinematography, suspense) and then doesn't follow through. I thought the heightened dread and then no release was fantastic. I just wanted to share that in order to express how fantastic the atmosphere is.Honestly, this movie fucked me up a little. I actually kind of liked it. Not for the bullshit haunted house tropes, but I was watching it as a metaphor for a complete mental breakdown. I think the twist was to be expected far in advance, but viewers who dismiss it as a cliche haunted house movie are missing out on the deeper implications of the story.Plus, the music and cinematography are pretty successful at capturing suspense, the acting is very good, and the kids fucking adorable.

Greg W (es) wrote: another review i have 2 redo:(

Lisa K (jp) wrote: This isn't a must see film. However, I wasn't bored. I appreciated that there was more than ample time to develop the characters and their relationships. I was lucky enough to watch the film with my dear friend from Japan. She explained to me the significance of the forest at the bottom of Mount Fuji. It was a whole new lesson for me. I think it is cool when a person goes on a spiritual journey taking the time to heal and comes out with direction and peace. The actors did a great job, it was just hard for me to get attached to them as I hate conflict so I didn't want to watch their marital disagreements.