The estranged daughter (Lauren Lee Smith) of a recently deceased filmmaker gains a new understanding of her father when she offers to create a retrospective of his work.

As a young woman prepares a memorial film retrospective for her late estranged father, his work begins to influence her life in strange and significant ways. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josep P (au) wrote: Pacto de silencio [2013]

jeroen v (mx) wrote: very interesting material that unfortunately falls a bit flat as historical events rub out the more intriguing people in the story. In the end it adds up to not much more than a modern version of "I, Claudius" even though the story in itself is very timely with religious bigotry trying to dominate reason and science, which is what is happening in many western and middle eastern countries today, notably the USA and Arab countries. Weisz struggles somewhat to give Hypatia the gravitas she deserves, and the direction never takes flight to give the movie that extra factor to lift it to something special. Good set design and costumes.

Mayank R (ag) wrote: Now, this one took me by surprise again. When the movie started I could think of so many hollywood movies it could've been based on.. but in the end...I didn't care.Not a great fan of Priety Zinta, but I enjoyed the movie soo much.. They both acted excellent, and even Lara Dutta was not bad. Dunno why AB Sr. had to be there.. may be for moral support for AB Jr. A good light hearted fun movie. Must watch.

john q (it) wrote: good sci fi with plot twists

Michael W (au) wrote: I think Natalie is just adorable

Kristina K (us) wrote: Loved Life Lessons. Liked Oedipus Wrecks. Hated Life Without Zoe.

Adam A (kr) wrote: It is remarkable what the writers could do with just basically nothing. Like playing with fire.

Art S (es) wrote: A very odd blend of comedy, heist film, buddy flick, and 1970's outlaw car-driving madness starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges; it was also Michael Cimino's debut. Bridges apparently got an Oscar nod as a flaky restless kid who throws in with the older guys. Clint is only half hard-boiled here, already chipping away at his steely image. I half expected an orangutan to show up at times, especially when he was fist-fighting George Kennedy. Indeed, there would be no mistaking which decade this film originated from, as there are scenes that surely belong in a time capsule holding images of a culture that no longer exists (sharing space with Billy Jack and The Dukes of Hazzard). Cimino lets the tone fluctuate all over the place and at least that held my interest.

Jeffrey N (mx) wrote: It will be a race to the Oscars this year as Michelle Williams' portrayal of Marilyn Monroe is neck-and-neck with Meryl Streep's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. What makes both of their performances amazing is that they don't just LOOK like the people whom they are portraying, but they capture the absolute essence, making the viewer believe wholeheartedly that they ARE the person, not just acting the part. Williams doesn't just doll herself up to look like Marilyn. That alone was quite a feat since Michelle Williams is structurally unlike Marilyn. I was very impressed with the makeup and wardrobe. However, what sets her apart as an extraordinary portrayal of Marilyn is how stunning, and I'm truly understating it, of a job Williams does evoking the tortured soul of this woman. I've read a lot about Marilyn over the years and knew about much of the history discussed in this movie, but I've never had a sense of how she was able to be this darling on the screen and for the public while also being so troubled in the background. I absolutely loved watching how Kenneth Branagh's Sir Laurence Olivier struggled with realizing her brilliance, yet making sure he wasn't captured in the web she clearly likes to weave around those who fall prey to her. For a woman who proclaimed to not be loved by her parents or by her many husbands, thus dramatizing and victimizing herself, she creates an air of powerlessness, but those closest to her, especially the men who fall helplessly in love with her, she has all the power in the world. While Marilyn's story has always been told from a sad perspective, the reality shown here, and what seems very natural considering her past and condition, is that Marilyn didn't understand what real love was. No father. An insane mother. A very false sense of love and admiration from Hollywood and her fans. Husbands that wanted her because she was Marilyn. And, in this story, Milton and Colin, two in this movie of probably countless men who succumbed to her charms and story, wanting to care for, love and help her, which she allows, until she doesn't need them anymore. The trail behind her of broken hearts, to which she gives very little thought. The performances by all are amazing in this movie. In the end, Michelle Williams may have the edge over Meryl in the Oscar race simply because the strength of the story and supporting performances are much stronger.

Gav R (mx) wrote: Daniel Craig masterpiece. Quality villain and great ending. Why oh Why did they mess up Spectre