John, a gay Illinois small town cop moves to Los Angeles, hoping to fit into a place more welcoming of his sexuality. He soon discovers the "circuit," where he meets an insecure hustler, who draws John into drug abuse and illicit sex.

John, a gay Illinois small town cop moves to Los Angeles, hoping to fit into a place more welcoming of his sexuality. He soon discovers the "circuit," where he meets an insecure hustler, who draws John into drug abuse and illicit sex. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Joe H (it) wrote: I haven't laughed this much since my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer shorty before passing away.

Alex P (nl) wrote: Ya, it was my fav movie(Dabang in hindi)..Add to it Santhanam's comedy...local nellai dialect(yelai sutte puduven!!!) shudnt it be enjoyable?that's what i was hoping for..but minus Salman plus Simbhu made the result negative :( okayish commercial movie :)

Rick F (ag) wrote: Fantastic! I was captivated throughout the entire movie. I think Charles Murray did an excellent job with the story line and in his direction of the film.

Jonathan O (ru) wrote: Look I love a good foreign epic regardless of nationality or event. The problem I had with this movie was that it just wasn't good at all! The good way to tell a story is by having a good story teller and the movie suffered from, not having a good way of telling the story. The editing was just terrible, and half the times scenes just kept getting cut in half! Whenever something interesting is happening, the scene gets chopped by other scenes, and before you know it the film moves on! Also half the time i didn't even know what the hell was going on! Don't call me stupid! Its just the filmmakers should explain whats going on by good pacing, and good writing. We get none of that here! Take Tae Guk Gi for example. It is a Korean-made war film about the Korean War. Though a lot of people don't know about what happened during the war, the filmmakers did a solid job with pacing and good writing that the story of the brothers in the war, was enough to have people, especially foreigners follow the movie without feeling lost! Not one time was I lost and it was an Epic film. I feel that the project was way to much for Jackie Chan to handle. Please don't watch this, even if you know about the 1911 revolution you will still be disappointed!

Ennis Brokeback L (mx) wrote: The main killer is in black face for no apparent reason and the good guys are so stupid that you cheer everytime one of idiots die. This could have been much better than what it is.

Private U (es) wrote: I loved it and eager to watch Latter Days

Eric K (it) wrote: Creepy. Interesting ideas. The interplay between Christianity and traditional shamanism was a neat idea that fits beautifully with the cultural setting of modern day Korea.

Flying S (de) wrote: Great acting and a really fantastic and original movie despite some pacing issues. Definitely check this out.

Faley A (br) wrote: Can't just stop laughing !!! The biggest jerk in the world ! But liked it.

Mario H (au) wrote: I never knew that Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn made a movie together. Even though this was an early 90's movie it really had the feel and writing of an 80's movie. Goldie Hawn is really good in her roll as a women that knows how to get what she wants by BSing her way through life. Steve Martin is Steve Martin, and awesome as always.

Frankie A (ru) wrote: Should have named the film "Hiroshima". All of Paul Newman's movies that started with an "h" did well, and were good. The movie plods along for 2 hours but feels like 3. Paul Newman doesn't seem interested in what's going on - maybe its the dialogue or the one-dimensional storyline. Not quite a bomb, but close enough.

Miguel Angel L (de) wrote: Excelente continuacin de la 1ra pelcula, me habra gustado que esta fuera la 2da pelcula en cuanot a continuidad. PD: R.I.P. Nancy Thompson

Jeffrey M (us) wrote: A great biographical film about Dragracer Shirley Muldowney. Bonnie Bedelia is so awesome as the first female Dragracer. The supporting cast really helped make this movie great. A classic 1983 film.

Mercer M (nl) wrote: You see that helicopter in the poster? WELL THERE ISN'T ONE IN THE MOVIE! Big VK fan but I could hardly sit through this. It's so slow and horrible. Can't believe Kevin Spacey produced this.