Circus Boys

Circus Boys

Two brothers, Jinta and Wataru, are raised in a travelling circus. After an accident, Jinta decides to leave the circus and travels the countryside working as a con-man. After a run-in with a local gang of yakuza, he is invited to join their ranks, where he makes the mistake of falling for a boss's mistress. Wataru stays with the circus and works hard to regain its former glory

Two brothers, Jinta and Wataru, are raised in a travelling circus. After an accident, Jinta decides to leave the circus and travels the countryside working as a con-man. After a run-in with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler S (nl) wrote: Was expecting less. Actually, entertaining and suspenseful enough to keep me engaged and (somewhat) entertained. No depth to it, but was it suppose to?

Elias J (ca) wrote: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler always have a way of turning dumb plot ideas into something that's entertaining to watch and enjoyable. However, this movie probably would have done better just as a short SNL skit, as it just got kind of tiring. Fey performed well as always, but because she only had an acting role and not a writing role (unlike Mean Girls, 30 Rock, etc) it just lacked quality in my opinion. But if you have 90 minutes of free time and you enjoy the work of Fey and Poehler, you will probably enjoy watching this.

Ryan B (ca) wrote: Well this was a pretty fast paced movie. The storyline is a little confusing at times but overall it's a pretty good movie. The acting wasn't bad but it wasn't good either, nothing is over the top. That brings me to the special effects action scenes which there's A LOT of effects, every fight scene looks incredibly fakish but that's kinda what this film is going for, "over the top" which it very much succeeds with. I haven't seen much Jet Li movies but if they're anything like this one I would really enjoy seeing the rest of them. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge action movie fan. For The One I could easily watch it over and over so yes I would recommend it

Gregory M (nl) wrote: The man lived up to his hype ten fold...

Joel R (fr) wrote: "Something like this happens once in a lifetime."Guillermo del Toro tornou-se um realizador aclamado em todo o mundo com a sua obra-prima O Labirinto do Fauno, que um filme obrigatrio para toda a gente ver.A sua carreira cinematogrfica, assumidamente mais inclinada para o gnero do fantstico e do terror, teve o seu comeo na j longqua dcada de 90, com este Cronos, uma espcie de fbula alegrica nossa vontade de querer viver para sempre.A histria gira em torno de um dispositivo, criado por um alquimista medieval, capaz de conceder ao humano que o transportar uma vida eterna.E s mos de um vendedor de antiguidades que o dispositivo chega, quando uma suspeita intrigante de um cliente recai sobre uma esttua aparentemente sem valor.Sem o saber, o vendedor, agora portador de uma fonte de vida, colide com os desejos de outro homem que conhece toda a histria do dispositivo Cronos, e que anseia desde sempre pela sua posse. O filme torna-se quase numa caa ao homem, mas a subtileza de del Toro incute ao filme algo mais para alm das incuas perseguies e aco despropositada. Cronos faz emergir aquelas dvidas tpicas que se criam aquando da questo: o que fazer sabendo que se vive para sempre?Com uma componente didctica e moral forte, a estreia na realizao de del Toro uma experincia misteriosa e gratificante, com alguns pontos menos positivos que facilmente se obliteram com a qualidade da narrativa e das interpretaes (comea aqui tambm uma amizade de longa data entre o realizador e o no menos conhecido Ron Pearlam).Recomendado a todos os fs do realizador!

Gail R (it) wrote: It's started out a little slow I thought, but my interest grew knowing it was about these two famous people. Definitely worth watching if you like time period pieces. And Hugh Grant of course.

Harley P (jp) wrote: This is hilariously bad.

Clelie R (de) wrote: At first, I wondered how this movie could turn into a thriller, but I was pleasantly surprised. A killer monkey, how original!

Lee M (au) wrote: As a psychological thriller, it's not so much either thrilling or psychological as it is strangely absurd.

Lee M (us) wrote: A sweet little movie with characters who really seem to be people and that sort of verisimilitude is much rarer than it ought to be these days.

Mike B (nl) wrote: As always, Helen Mirren is delightful to see. And James Mason finally gets to be with his Lolita. And oh, I did find Mason's mate more aggravating than an Australian fly. For those who haven't experienced them, Australian flies will just never leave you alone. They're aggressive little insects who are attracted to any body with water. Don't sweat, and yet, how can one help but sweat when Helen Mirren is around. She's a gorgeous woman, always has been and will be. A great actress too. This romp does her justice as a start in film. Don't forget to her her cameo appearance in "Oh Lucky Man", made around this same time.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: Another great film put out by the Toho Company. This film has so many different names that its easy to purchase duplicate DVD's thinking you have a new film. This is another Godzilla film, this time Godzilla and Mothra are fighting the Monster Zero who is really Ghidrah The Three Headed Monster. I really think that out of all the film titles none really describe the movie, should have been The Return of Ghidrah. I remember as a child after watching the first film of Ghidrah, I watched the sky for days thinking he just might do a fly over of Long Island. In this movie people from the planet X use Ghidrah and Godzilla and Mothra in an attempt to take over earth. The Japanese Version with subtitles is 3 minutes longer then US Version. Funny to see Nick Adams who I remember from Walt Disney Films playing a lead role. This film is from the Toho Master Collection, which is an awesome collection for anyone to own. 3 1/2 stars