Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus

With a pending deadline looming and multiple obstacles mounting, established screenwriter, Cal Neros (Julian McCullough) must complete an entire screenplay within a solitary weekend! ...

With a pending deadline looming and multiple obstacles mounting, established screenwriter, Cal Neros (Julian McCullough) must complete an entire screenplay within a solitary weekend! ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiffany M (au) wrote: A quiet gem of a film--a moving, realistic, touching portrayal of a flawed family, and how they find their way back to one another in spite of their problems. Lovely message about forgiveness and acceptance--and with big unexpected dollops of humor.

Samuel M (es) wrote: Con un estilo similar al de aquel Guy Ritchie que todos recordamos pero con nociones muy reconocibles del cine de Vaughn, Layer Cake destaca como una de las obras ms interesantes del director ingls. Algo que no es de extraar ya que fueron compaeros durante algunos aos.Una historia de crook de enredos entre miembros de los bajos fondos, pero con un estilo mucho menos sucio y callejero. Divertida e inteligente, aunque no por ello novedosa. Daniel Craig est estupendo en su papel aunque tambin lo acompaa un cast solvente encabezado por Colm Meaney. Mencin tambin a la gran edicin y puesta en escena que nos va lanzando pistas constantes a la vez que nos engaa para tenernos enganchados.Un clsico moderno que pas muy desapercibido.

Matthew P (es) wrote: At the time Mr. 3000 was released, 27 players in real life managed to achieve the feat of hitting 3,000 hits in their MLB careers. The film wants us to believe that there was another man, Stan Ross (Bernie Mac), who also had 3,000 hits. In fact, he got exactly 3,000 before retiring despite his team, the Milwaukee Brewers, being in the middle of a pennant race. This is where our film begins, with Ross getting his hit, retiring, and fast-forwarding seven years, where he is a successful business owner and only a few votes away from being inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, despite coming only four votes shy the previous year and seeming like a shoe-in this time around, Ross isn't inducted. He actually received fewer votes this time around, as an error in scorekeeping was discovered and it turns out that he only has 2,997 hits, as one game was recorded twice. Thinking that not reaching the milestone is what's keeping him out of Cooperstown, he embarks on a comeback, joining the Brewers once again with only a single month in the season. At the age of 47, he needs to get three hits in about 25 games, which for most players would indicate a terrible slump, but for him, a seemingly impossible feat. Not that he'd let you know that. He seems to be in pretty good shape, and he has the swagger and confidence of a much younger man. He truly believes that he'll be able to get all three hits -- in the same game, he boasts, although that won't happen -- and that he's so much better than the "little league" team that he's joining. Obviously, this cocksure attitude doesn't endear himself to his teammates or the media. It gives him a fatal flaw that will need to be rectified by the end of the film. You'll be unsurprised to find out that it all comes down to one final at-bat in the bottom of the ninth in order to secure the record. This is a baseball movie, after all, and there's nothing more dramatic than the finale of a close game. But the majority of fun in Mr. 3000 is in the time leading up to this conclusion. In fact, I wasn't even particularly happy with the way the film ended, mostly because it didn't feel very "real" to me. There isn't a lot of drama because, well, he could always come back to play another season if he doesn't get his hit. If he could get in good enough shape to even make it close -- and he was only given a month -- imagine what he could do if he took the entire off-season to do it. But whether he gets the hit or not isn't really the point. The film is more concerned with whether or not he comes to grips with his larger than life personality, reeling it in so that he can become more of a well-rounded individual. He has to become a better teammate, a better friend, and prove to the love interest (Angela Bassett) that he can dedicate his life to a person other than himself. Yeah, it's all clich and you'll probably figure everything out long before Ross does, but it's told in a compelling way here. The main reason for this is the charismatic Bernie Mac, taking the starring reigns and doing a very fine job in both the comedic scenes, as well as in the dramatic ones. I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise when a comedic actor takes a more dramatic turn and pulls it off, considering it happens often enough -- think Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey in their few dramatic roles -- but Mac is more subdued than you might expect and handles himself well. This is more of a drama than a comedy, and Mac makes it work. I believed he was a baseball player. I did not, however, believe that he was ever playing baseball. The points when we hit the field and watch the players play do not feel realistic. Perhaps I just watch too much baseball, but nothing about the action on the field felt realistic. I didn't believe in the pitchers, the batters, or the fielders. Not much of the film takes place on the field, but when it did I just had to roll my eyes. This can't be happening, I thought, and it might have been a good idea for director Charles Stone III to have watched more of the game he was portraying. He captures the behind-the-scenes moments well, I thought, although I've never been in a Major League locker room when all of the players are there. I've imagined it, and what I thought up was similar to what was made for Mr. 3000. I quite enjoyed the interactions and banter among the players, as it allowed for some character moments that were fairly enjoyable. It doesn't all work. There's a subplot involving the evil business executives only allowing Ross to play because he draws fans that goes nowhere, a couple of the arcs involving Ross and his teammates get fixed up really fast and don't have a natural progression -- especially the one with his manager -- and the love storyline bounces all over the place, with Ross suffering a personality regression midway through that comes out of nowhere. None of that stops the movie from being enjoyable, but they do stop it from being a required viewing. Mr. 3000 is fun, but it's no grand slam, perfect game, or other rare feats in baseball that would signify it being spectacular. It is fun, simple as that. It is held back a lot by some of its dramatic events, and either should have given them the necessary time or cut them completely. If anything, it's another comedian-turned-dramatic-actor movie that will help you see Bernie Mac in a brighter light.

Luis G (ag) wrote: It doesn't feel like a 2-hour plus movie since each contribution is only around 11 minutes long. This works well to keep it moving at a nice pace. Each entry is fairly unique with an interesting take on the events that happened. September 11th is always an emotional topic, and the stories told here are treated with respect. A fine collection, but Irritu's abstract contribution was quite disappointing.

Tony S (de) wrote: Borneo. WWII. Kingdom.

Timm S (it) wrote: Surprising Amount Of Full-Blown Child Nudity, Including A Thermometer That Boarders On Child Abuse... Diana Keaton, Especially When She Screams & Shouts (To Be Funny??) Just Annoys Me..She Is Not Funny. How Ever Did This Make 26-Million & A Spin-Off TV-Series!?? I Dunno..

Adrian B (de) wrote: "Written' on the Wind" is one of the most underrated works of the 1950's. It is an exciting, well acted drama filmed in inventive technicolour, unlike other films of the time. It follows the life of four individuals (Lauren Bacall, Rock Hudson, Robert Stack, and Dorothy Malone) on a oil reserve is Texas. Hudson meets Bacall, who is an executive marketing assistant in New York, but unfortunately, Stack intervenes and takes Bacall away from him, marrying her pre-maturely. Meanwhile, Malone tries to make due a love affair between her and Hudson. A corrupt film that inspired dramas revolving lust and greed in the many years to come. I treasure this film and what a superior cast to go along.

Adam R (it) wrote: A surprisingly engaging tale and a great example of Neorealism. Unfortunately, the Marxist cliches were outdated even in '48, and I never understood how the plot isn't supposed to get us to feel sorry for how tough the wholesalers have it.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: Strong on-screen chemistry from the whole cast and a strong mix of style and grit make this otherwise generic heist movie very exciting.

Michael S (gb) wrote: So creepy because of the truths behind the crimes. Snowtown is masterfully done. Telling what lengths people with go because of social standings and tabo. It scares you into thinking even a rumor spread about you can be deadly. If there are men like this then nobody is safe. Win win all around for this film. Reality is always the scariest thing in film other than a nightmare of a true story that is.

Jrmie A (jp) wrote: Best Modern Peplum alongside Gladiator