Citizen Dog

Citizen Dog

Follow the life of Pod as he moves to Bangkok from the country. Pod's new life starts with getting a job, loosing a finger and dreaming about a girl. A movie were nothing is impossible, and just because you get killed by raining red helmets doesnt mean you have to stop driving motorcycle taxi.

Pod is a man without a dream. He's a country bumpkin who comes to work at a tinned sardine factory in Bangkok. One day, Pod chops off his finger and packs it in the can, prompting him to go... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (jp) wrote: A darkly erotic film about an actress auditioning for a role in a play, based on the classic novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The play is being directed by the playwright who, in the opening scene complains loudly to someone on the phone that he cannot find anyone right for the part. In walks Vanda and what ensues is a cat and mouse game as Vanda slowly takes control of the audition, the play, and eventually, the playwright himself. Only the two actors ever appear on screen, but the interplay is electrically charged as we watch Thomas give up control to Vanda. I was fascinated to watch it unfold. By the end, the viewer is left questioning just what happened.

Troy K (fr) wrote: Great drama even though it falters a little at the end.

Mamatha A (ru) wrote: I think this was under-rated. Besides the initial thing with the white girlfriend killed in a levitation accident, I thought there were many pricelessly funny moments. And I love two of the songs with Alisha Chinoy plus the old classic Mehra Nam Chin Chin Choo. Don't look for plot - just the laughs on culture clash, generational issues and a bit of fun about Bollywood.

Drew S (fr) wrote: The idea is appealing, and the leads competent, but there's an obvious emotional deficiency in Till Human Voices Wake Us. Everything here is just too fluffy and metaphysical to have any real human weight to it, and though it probably read well on paper, the actual realization leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps most telling is how the music cues seem to be working double-time to cover up the odd lack of feeling throughout the movie, as if the filmmakers weren't content to let the interplay between our actors stand on its own. Honestly, they were right, but no amount of swelling strings and orchestral heart-tugging could have fixed the fact that everything simply falls short.There's nothing wrong with a movie being slow, but this movie really needed to develop its characters well to work, a task at which it fails. Sam and Silvy just seem like two moony youngsters making doe-eyes at each other, and grown-up mustachioed Guy Pearce half-heartedly works through an expressive block through most of the movie. The 50/50 split between Sam's youth and his adulthood, where he's visiting his recently deceased father's estate, may be to blame for this. We learn that a past relationship has been haunting him all his life, a relationship which is underdeveloped and difficult to care about; in turn, since we don't know much about adult Sam either, it becomes similarly difficult to care about his path to redemption and acceptance. Really, the movie is a wash. If you view it as a sort of fable, or a metaphorical treatise on lost love and coping, then the results may be watchable. Other movies have done it twice as well, however, and I suggest you defer to Last Life in the Universe if this sounds even remotely interesting to you.

Justin O (kr) wrote: Very poor editing make a potentially good Chan movie horrible and confusing to watch.

Anthony V (jp) wrote: Quite good story behind the girl who was the inspiration for Alice in wonderland.

J K (ag) wrote: Ok, so Perseus is a bit of a drip, but Harryhausen's masterful stop motion will always bring this film to life.

James H (br) wrote: Great cast in a very slow moving western. It does have its rewarding moments though. The production is fine and it's well photographed. Fair period detail but lavish art direction. Check out a very young Jon Voight.

Victoria G (ag) wrote: So, movies like this are the reason everything starring Bette Davis is considered a chick flick... wild, passionate, fantastic, that's Bette for you, though it's definitely not her best performance (hell, it's not even her best performance from 1942) Olivia de Havilland was also lovely and, as usual, very lady-like... Hattie McDaniel, in a one-scene long performance, shines in the movie.

Augustine H (it) wrote: Like other Capra films, Pocketful of Miracles is of utmost optimism in a way that the world will definitely be changed if one tries to be good with his own strength. Lacking in persuasiveness it seems, Capra indeed embodied his ideals through films, which is as well desired by everyone. Regrettably, such ideals can hardly be attained in reality. How will those dignitaries care about Bette Davis in the real world? But if we believe in that, there will be hope, at least that's how Capra thinks. By the way, the role of Joy Boy, a subordinate of the Dude reminds me much of the character Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, for his accents in particular.

Dalal A (fr) wrote: I love this sensitive thoroughly thoughtful film,

Josh M (ru) wrote: Gorier and more in depth than the first. The Final Sacrifice relies on its kill scenes rather than the desolate creepiness that the first one thrived on. An average horror movie at best, but an original one.