Citizen Jane

Citizen Jane

Based on the book about a true story that dominated headlines, Citizen Jane is the gripping tale of Jane Alexander. Attractive and successful, Jane live an enviable life in San Francisco with handsome, charismatic Tom O'Donnell. But Jane's idyllic life is shattered when her beloved, elderly aunt is brutally murdered. Heartbreak turns to horror when a persistent police detective finally convinces Jane that the killer is Tom. His unfathomable betrayal grows when he soon disappears with her money, leaving her near bankruptcy. Embarking on a 13-year journey to track down the cunning Tom, Jane stuns authorities with her shrewd tenacity...ultimately bringing her aunt's killer to justice.

Jane Alexander (Ally Sheedy), an attractive, athletic San Francisco woman, launches a crusade for justice against a former boyfriend (Sean Patrick Flanery) who murdered her beloved aunt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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