City Across the River

City Across the River

Brooklyn youth Frank Cusack, good son and brother by day, is a gang member by night. The Dukes, seemingly likable dead-end-kids, are dangerously involved with racketeer Gaggsy Steens. Despite the efforts of Franks's parents, he and pal Benny get involved in a serious crime. Can Stan Albert, head of the community center, prevent them from becoming full-time crooks?

The macho head of an urban community center tries to reform juvenile delinquents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (mx) wrote: Decently funny. Bateman makes it of course.

chandni s (br) wrote: Life is captured from the eyes of a 9-year old in a changing environment - politically and personally. The excitement, confusion and struggle involved in her gradual adaptation to new life is done very naturally. History and politics are the backbone of this movie but I enjoyed the movie not just because of that, but because it transported me to my childhood in someways. The political leanings are made easy to grasp through the little girl's innocent questioning, experience, learning. All school friends of hers bring to us what we may sometimes fear of the society and the younger baby brother is an emotional relief through his directness. The humor is very real and the relationships are mature and deep. Through the anger, frustration and reaction of her parents and other family members, the movie subtly brings out some of the hidden challenges of the evolving lives of adults who are discovering their passions while trying to preserve their family and coping past with the present and future. The actors, especially the child actors sweep you off your feet from the first instant. The movie is brilliant, funny, illuminating and thoughtful.

Caleb C (fr) wrote: Incredible visual effects and a plethora of mega stars work well together. Unfortunately the screen play does not compare to the novel and falls shorts of moving the plot forward in a smooth connected form. The family chemistry is seen but to no extent other than showing how fighting is truly what reminded them of each other. Overall visually pleasing to watch but not to comprehend.

Jesse F (br) wrote: With a good cast, likeable characters and beautiful CGI, Casper should entertain both kids and adults.

Timothy H (fr) wrote: It has alot of problems but it's a ok movie

Julian K (ca) wrote: really good movieShows how "black" people have been discriminated around the world

Luke P (jp) wrote: Well written, sharply directed and featuring an excellent performance by Brad Davis. Midnight Express is a dark and brutal tale of one man's experience in jail.

Bill B (gb) wrote: An interesting little darkly humored low budget horror film, The Landlord features a man named Tyler in the title role. He is in charge of rangling new tenants for a pair of demons to consume, but as the film unfolds it's revealed that there's more going on in this brownstone than just the care and feeding of these supernatural creatures.Not too shabby for a low budget feature, give it a rental.

Eric H (fr) wrote: This film every intelligent. Though this is a very subjective film. If you appreciate Godard's style and his satirical points on American musicals, then you should enjoy it. If you do not understand Godard's points, you should be a little bored. The self-indulgence of the film is notable, but the film has a lot of great satire and a strong, uncompromising energy about it that refuses to back down. Does not always entertain, especially when it takes shots at Truffaut's Jules and Jim, but always has a redeeming factor within the storytelling to compensate for the opinions Godard is obviously expressing through his characters.

James C (ru) wrote: Mild amusement with elements that many people who work in an office would relate too, jobsworths, useless managers, crap printers etc.. mumbling guy was boring and in it too much. could/should have been better given that the core story is good

Dragutin A (it) wrote: also one of my favorite movies when i was a kid :))