City After Dark

City After Dark

The hidden nightlife of ordinary people living in Manila unveils. Lovers and families' conflicts are radically pitted against each other as they live in the night streets rampant with drugs...

The hidden nightlife of ordinary people living in Manila unveils. Lovers and families' conflicts are radically pitted against each other as they live in the night streets rampant with drugs... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (fr) wrote: Grade - B+I'm still not a fan of the opening scene (despite reading Ford's intentions), but the rest of the movie is thrilling. Beautifully written and stunning to look at, 'Nocturnal Animals' is layered and meaningful, as well as being a fitting showcase for some fantastic performances.

Erin C (es) wrote: This movie was a wonderful way to bring to light the issue of mental illness. Amazing acting, great stories.

Lars L (us) wrote: virkelig vellykket animationsfilm uden tale. Flot lydspor og medrivende handling. Skal ses i biografen.

Zaid A (ag) wrote: great comedy. Govinda welcome back!

Ricky M (au) wrote: just like all other fantasy movies for teens, it was a bit slow for me to enjoy! although it wasnt completely terrible!

soul r (mx) wrote: gritty, Tarantino-esque, and great.

Brian S (ru) wrote: I always thought that war movies could only be accomplished with big budgets, but Platoon changes my ideas completely. For a budget of $6 millions, this is one hell of a masterpiece, with very convincing performances and full of famous actors, including Charlie Sheen, good old Forest Whitaker and even Johnny Depp... Well, at least before they were well known. It powerfully explores the horrors of man kind,all while being a great war movie. Recommended !!

Abel D (nl) wrote: Despite some good set pieces, Eye of the Tiger is the weakest of the Sinbad trilogy, thanks to really stiff dialogue, uneven acting despite the capable cast (including DW veteran Patrick Troughton), a clunky plot and some very frustrating editing choices by director Sam Wanamaker that render a lot of major sequences lackluster and unengaging, despite Harryhausen's usual quality effects.

Andrew G (ca) wrote: Enjoyable Bond Knockoff. Fun to watch.

Kevin O (ru) wrote: A well designed film. Look out for Michael Caine

Angeline A (au) wrote: It's hard to believe that this screwball satire was written so long ago - perhaps the past is not quite such a foreign country after all. The fickle reactions of media and public to a high-profile tragic story are highly recognisable in this day and age.

Phillip D (mx) wrote: Music is magic and so is this film. ??

Ted W (es) wrote: Great teen movie starring Ellen page, Michael cena, and Jennifer what's her face, used to be married to Ben Affleck but she was good . But first let's talk about Ellen page, her performance is amazing. The Oscars are today and when this movie came out if she didn't get nominated then I would die. She deserves a nomination, I know that this movie came out years ago but it was good. The concept of being a teen mom isn't special because theirs a tv show called teen mom on MTV and it sucks. So seeing a good teen mom anything is just a wow. Just a wow, I don't know how to put it in other words but this movie is phenomenal.

Guido S (br) wrote: An attack in Saudi Arabia causes US agents to go and investigate which later escalates in typical Hollywood fashion. I found this film mostly boring throughout despite the subject matter which could have been interesting, but they never really committed to it like they could have. Instead, it turns into an action movie in the final moments which just felt incredibly out of place. Should have been better.

Naomi G (au) wrote: Nora Ephron loved the combination of Hanks ad Ryan so much she has used them in two different films as the main protagonists. The films look very much alike at first glance, and I could forgive anyone for thinking one is the sequel to the other, or the reedited the first film and rereleased it trying to pass it off as a different film. Not so, the characters in both films are totally different. My qualm with films is the same though, Tom Hanks. Something about him in both films made me less than enthusiastic, maybe I was hoping for a handsomer lead guy or one with a sparkling personality. Meg Ryan is pretty good though. The story is very interesting, not exactly Wuthering Heights but still good.

Joshua L (nl) wrote: Fucked up movie, I enjoyed it.