City of Bad Men

City of Bad Men

Outlaws plan a robbery to take place during a championship prizefight in Carson City, Nevada.

Outlaw Brett Stanton and his gang, which includes his brother, Gar,ride into Carson City, Nevada, which is filled with people who have come there from all over to see the Heavyweight ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan M (nl) wrote: A pretty strong portrayal of mid life and a life falling apart, featuring strong performances from all involved. The story is one you've seen multiple times, but its delivered in such a captivating and fascinating way that it's enjoyable. The slow building tension and seduction is due to director Drake Doremus' strong and focused direction. I also enjoyed the sub plot of how an affair affects the daughter of the couple.

David H (ag) wrote: Good, encompassing feel to the life style a guy has arrived out (very similar to elephant in this style of immersing you) lots of long shots and slow scenes get you involved. Of course, you may ask questions as to how he ended up in this position, was he just a spoilt rich kid, if it was possible to help him, how much of an outsider he was, etc. that aren't answered.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Enigmatic, visceral study of mental illness.

David J (au) wrote: Albert Pyun ranks up there with Ed Wood as one of the worst directors of all time, but this movie is proof that if you make enough movies you have to eventually make something watchable. I'll be damned if this isn't half bad.

Mark N (au) wrote: An odd departure from some of the more subtle elements (if you can call them that) of the previous movies with a very straight forward approach, blunt social commentary and visceral response. In many ways it mirrors the Rambo progression from deep emotion to pure action. Fans of the series will find things to enjoy but the shameless reworking of the plot seems needless and ridiculous now as Kersey's luck with women is reaching comic proportions.

Jens S (it) wrote: The first ten minutes including a disturbingly brilliant title sequence (with Johnny Cash's "The man comes around") are excellent and frikkin scary. After that it gets a little too predictable within the genre tropes and some scenes (the birth especially) are unnecessarily sadistic and disgusting. Entertaining enough until the insultingly stupid found footage end credits reveal.

Tanner B (mx) wrote: Bronson boards a train were they're mysterious killings and disappearances. Fun Western.

Kavir D (de) wrote: We all know that it wasn't originally intended to be in theaters, right? I wonder why...

Keith C (us) wrote: The 5-10 minutes after he dons the glasses are quite chilling, but the vast majority of the film falls apart because of sloppy characterization and uninteresting plotting.