City of Damnation

City of Damnation

Jang Choon-dong is a traffic officer who aspires to become a homicide detective. He is assigned to go undercover to infiltrate a gangster network. Meanwhile, Lee Joong-dae, a member of Kwang-seob's gang, goes undercover himself by joining the police force. Joong-dae tries hard to gain favor with his squad leader in an effort to expose Choon-dong's identity.

A comic variant of the "Infernal Affairs" plot. A traffic constable goes undercover in a mafia gang, meanwhile someone from the mafia gets inside the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (es) wrote: In the spate of mid 90s disaster films (Twister, et al), this was my favorite, largely because it chose to tell a story that happened to take place during a disaster and not make the natural disaster necessarily the focus. "Hard Rain" is primarily an action/heist film that happens to take place during a flood. Re-watching this film also reminded me of how cool Christian Slater used to be. I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen him in as much lately. It's also kind of fun to see Morgan Freeman in a rare villainous role.

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