City of Dead Men

City of Dead Men

An American traveling in South America ends up living with a group of misfits at an abandoned hospital with a troubling past.

Michael (21 years old)| a young American| arrives moneyless to Medellin after having traveled all through South America as a backpacker. In Medellin| Michael meets a
beautiful exotic girl named Melody (20 years old) who introduces him to her friends| a group of young misfits who call themselves "The Dead Men" and live in an old
and abandoned psychiatric hospital. This group of radical youths live their lives without fear or regrets; as if they were going to die at any time. By living crazy
experiences full of adrenaline| extreme sports and electronic music| Michael's life changes completely. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


City of Dead Men torrent reviews

RC W (nl) wrote: An under the radar and underrated movie with a unique take, breathing some life into the romantic comedy genre which has frankly become rather stale. Well worth viewing.

Haleh A (ag) wrote: It was good enough for me to want to see how it ended.

Matt F (au) wrote: At times this was quite difficult to watch. Not a documentary, yet the message comes across about the way meat packers do business, and their dirty business.

Courtney D (gb) wrote: Throughout the vast majority of this movie, I had no idea what was going on, but it didn't seem to matter. It was still a great movie with a great lead actress and camera work.

kelly (nl) wrote: I loved this. Tiny set, never lets up on the strangeness, deals with the occult alongside real-life horrors, and still packs in some great gore.Using the tinniest of settings - one prison cell - the film stages a grand odyssey and one never tires of the setting. As usual, I've got to complain that I don't think the trans character was handled in a manner consistent with the aspirations of trans-aware advocate-artists like myself. All of the (four main and one temporary secondary) characters are complex and intriguing. For once, I'm not really that incensed at a "twist" ending, though I do think it was not appropriately foreshadowed and a montage of clips that were supposed to foreshadow the reveal shown right before the reveal is way too cliche and should have been cut. Overall, the feeling of being utterly trapped with something so cryptic and powerful and surrounded by dangerous people is perfectly conveyed. I do wonder if there are modern prisons that are this shitty, though.

Craig C (ru) wrote: A well acted and executed fish out of water romantic comedy from Hugh Wilson, best know as the creator of WKRP In Cincinnati. The script could have explored the romance more, but overall a nice date night movie. Recommended.

Tori E (fr) wrote: American Graffiti much?

Richard C (au) wrote: Umm too long since ive seen it.

Chance F (au) wrote: Terry (Crumb) Zwigoff's first film has FINALLY been released on DVD from Criterion. The film is a documentary of bluesman Howard Armstrong who was 75 when this was filmed in 1985...and he's a wonderful character. It's great seeing him play with his old bandmates and joking around and chatting with them about the old days. The man was a great artist as well and shows many of his paintings and drawings. I recommend this film highly.

Patrick W (nl) wrote: The soundtrack alone is LOL hilarious.

Siena C (ag) wrote: hahahahahaha quite possibly the silliest movie out there

FriNgstEr D (au) wrote: I really like the plot of this movie! I just watched it on hbo and at first I thought it was boring like just another useless drama.. but I was wrong! The movie is actually a thriller kind and though the effects were not that super great I really admire the plot so much and how the sequence of events were patched up in the end. It never really came into my mind that her sister's still alive. This movie really placed me in its pocket. The following morning I even asked all of my classmates if any one of them has watched this flick too coz I really wanna gab about it. Hu'well, to my surprise, I was the lone watcher. Grrr.

Adam W (ca) wrote: Stylish crime thriller starring the long forgotten Josh Hartnett amongst other big names.The film feels like it has strong influence off of other who dunnits from the 90's with snappy chat, cut-scenes and a somewhat tangled plot line.Maybe not quite up to the mark it wants to achieve but nonetheless a good film and fun watch.

Charlie G (nl) wrote: Bear living in captivity gets moved to the woods

John T (nl) wrote: This movie was scary. If the Shining took place in a house next to a canal it would be this film. I didn't particularly love this film but it was good and I felt the pain of the main character. Definitely worth watching.

Becky T (kr) wrote: Very intense and suspenseful.

Brian S (gb) wrote: An awful little movie about a sailor who falls for a sideshow mermaid. Slow and clumsy, it's more interesting for its cast than anything else. We get a 25 year old Dennis Hopper as Johnny Drake; he hasn't yet learned how to act, delivering a flat and awful performance... but still, it's Dennis Hopper. Luana Anders, who would later appear with Hopper in "Easy Rider," also has a small role as the daughter of the owner of a merry-go-round over which the "mermaid" lives. Marjorie Eaton, wife of occultist Jack Parsons, associate of L. Ron Hubbard, and scarlet woman/Kali from Kenneth Anger's "Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome," also makes an appearance as a mysterious woman who appears near water occasionally but never does much of anything other than stare at the "mermaid."If you're going to see "Night Tide," see it for the cast, because the movie itself is nothing memorable. A real mermaids wouldn't wear scuba tanks, are never in danger of drowning and rarely spend all their time in an apartment in Santa Monica, so there's no great mystery here. The only mystery is why her boyfriends have turned up dead, and there's a rather mundane explanation for how that happened.In fact, "mundane" is a good word to describe "Night Tide." Others would be pedestrian, forgettable and sedative. Still, if you're a Dennis Hopper enthusiast, check this one out to see what he was like on a bad day. A REALLY bad day.

Jason K (ag) wrote: good visuals and fx fight its way against a sub par script and execution.

Robert B (ru) wrote: I was totally heartbroken when watching this film.Not only does it touch on the critical state our planet's environment is in, it fully explored the relationship that endangered and extinct animals play in the way the world works. It's so sad that disadvantaged cultures have very few things that limit them from perceiving animals as more than just something to harvest. A culture build around the hunting of manta rays, with a little education, was brought to see them for how beautiful they are and transform their industries into one of tourism and not hunting. The cinematography is gorgeous, the pacing of the film is fantastic, and the twists and turns are so heart-wrenching. What a documentary.I'm proud to live in a state (Washington) that took actions this last fall to ban the trade of endangered animal parts (I-1401) and am hoping more states and countries will follow suit and get us on a track of appreciated the animals we have left.Definitely watch if you get the chance. It may still show on the Discovery channel from time to time.