City of Shadows

City of Shadows

A doctor broken by 8 years of war in North Africa tries to come back home. On his way, he is faced with a bigger challenge: save a city from the plague... and from madness. (IMDB)

A doctor broken by 8 years of war in North Africa tries to come back home. On his way, he is faced with a bigger challenge: save a city from the plague... And from madness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno C (ag) wrote: I can agree with criticism that there's a lack of insight into the characters, especially from those not familiar with Mexican culture and the current (well it's been going on for a long while) state of affairs with the corruption, ineptitude, and the mixed mess of military, narcos, police, and other federal or local govt agencies...but this might be the first film to really bring out the themes of everyone in bed with everyone else in the drug politics of Mexico, even moreso in the rural countryside (as upper level political corruption is no stranger to the locals nor the international community, seen in both news and cinema). It's brutal, it's harsh...and outsiders shouldn't see it as mere shock cinema, it's a sad reality which was captured here in this work of fiction...from the portrayal of the military to the local police and the local kids that are being used as the pawns for narcos and military alike. Cinematography was masterfully done. THe actors brought a sense of reality to the story. Issues like this in cinema are needed more often now w/ the mindless trash that gets put on TV and film...even though many want to escape this painful realities, they're not going away and it's worth others to watch it and pay attention, with the hope that things can change with better awareness and not ignorance.I need to watch Escalante's other films, seems like he's got a nack for focusing on important issues, and if he keep the reality in his film along with also stepping it up with characters that can be well communicated to all audiences, then we might be seeing stepping stones to a upcoming masterpiece...

Alvin A (au) wrote: Below expectation and nothing fresh. It is strange why these film was very successful in South Korean box office, even many movies alike which is far better. The purpose of the maker is just want to make the audience cry and explore the relationship between retard dad with his daughter. But they explored it too much. It is so wrong and kind of tiring. The emotion of the movies also feels too overwhelming. Other characters beside dad and daughter are just a supplement of the movie. Fortunately, Ryu Seung-Ryong succeed to make a great performance. 'Miracle in Cell No.7' is entertaining enough and kind of passable one.

Al H (us) wrote: It's not the classical horror movie. A mustSee.

tom l (br) wrote: one and a half stars for being so damn funny

Akshay R (nl) wrote: A beautiful take on Hlen Keller's life by Sanjay Leela Bhansali! A magnificent piece of cinema!

baby bear (gb) wrote: An okay and interesting movie.

Gordon R (de) wrote: Decent dramedy about parenting and life. Martin, Robards and Weist give great performances.

Michael P (it) wrote: Unfairly slammed by most critics (I believe this is a BOMB in the Maltin guide), Honkytonk Man is an excellent Eastwood film. Made famous by his tough guy roles, Eastwood made some off-beat choices (as both actor and director) throughout the seventies and eighties which I feel are responsible for the artistic longevity of his career today. The Beguiled, Tightrope, Bronco Billy, this film, Bird, and White Hunter Black Heart stand out as something different, and are films to be shown to anyone who says that Clint only ever plays Clint (or the archetype of Clint).

Julio C (de) wrote: Mas en el estilo camp y desenfadado de inicios de Almodovar, no tan trabajado en el aspecto artistico y profesional, pero si rebosante de creatividad, locura e ideas arriesgadas. Una comedia de enredos sin tapujos, atrevidisima, se burla de los tabues y las reglas sociales, es groseramente deliciosa.

Harry T (ru) wrote: I love this movie... it is sad but quite engaging. Beautiful setting and costume. Life is indeed can be unexpected and sometimes, we can only leave it to destiny. Aishwarya Rai is beautiful in here.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Min bending trip through a human body. This film redefined what F/X was before that was even a term.

Gabe L (ag) wrote: Watching this right now and it is awesome so far!

MF J (ca) wrote: This classic Japanese film from master director Akira Kurosawa is by now considered one of the most influential film in history. The structure of the film is pretty interesting and the heavy symbolism displayed throughout the film contribute greatly to it's timeless iconic status. Although today some of the elements feel dated and overplayed, the film remain a beautiful piece of film making with undeniable artistic qualities. A must see for film fans.

Justin R (jp) wrote: An ok movie starring the King of Rock and Roll. The film is best known for the producer's nephew meeting Elvis on the set and the boy's name is Tom Petty.

eliabeth c (nl) wrote: Reese Witherspoon did a fabulous job in this movie! legally blonde has so many messages behind it and so many good take aways. Reese did a good job pulling off the dumb blonde and working all the pink clothes and her little dog Bruce. One takeaway that really got my attention was to never let people drag you down when they think that you can't do it you just got to keep pushing on your dreams.

Josh A (jp) wrote: Atypical for what is, on the surface, a romantic comedy; It combines elements of multiple genres, it's able to achieve a balance between its multiple themes and array of characters, and it features some strong acting performances, including a surprising performance from Lawrence. Some of the plotting may be a bit questionable, but at least it has more elements of realism than an average romantic comedy.

Coleman M (es) wrote: Although maybe not as plot driven as its predecessor, it still lives up to expectations in acting, production value, and as an overall wonderfully made film.

dude m (mx) wrote: An instant classic that never gets old.