City on Fire

City on Fire

Ko Chow is an undercover cop who is under pressure from all sides. His boss, Inspector Lau, wants him to infiltrate a gang of ruthless jewel thieves; in order to do this he must obtain some handguns; his girlfriend wants him to commit to marriage or she will leave Hong Kong with another lover; and he is being pursued by other cops who are unaware that he is a colleague.What is more Chow would rather quit the force. He feels guilty about having to betray people who have become his friends, even if they do happen to be killers, drug dealers, loan sharks and protection racketeers: "I do my job, but I betray my friends."To add to his problems, he begins to bond with Fu, a member of the gang.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Cantonese,Mandarin,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   robbery,  

An undercover cop infiltrates a gang of thieves who plan to rob a jewelry store. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rajasimha K (fr) wrote: Finally got the chance to watch the much appreciated movie. I do accept that its a very unique concept and definitely very subtle and understated for Telugu movie norms. But the ending comes across as half baked and rushed into. Maybe it was because of ANR's health.+ve points:-Nagarjuna's acting. He genuinely acts like a kid in front of Samantha.-Subtle references to various movies. Re-birth concept from ANR's classic Mooga Manasulu. The concept of avoiding the deadly time and hence breaking the cycle reminded me of the Final Destination series. The concept of making parents fall in love is of course, from the Back to future series.-A very complex idea is laid out in a linear way which is very difficult to achieve-The comic timing of ANR senior is unbeatable in the drinking scene.-The way same events and characters are repeated in each life is very nicely done. Even the very small character of Naga Chaitanya's friend who caused the misunderstanding in 1st life re-appears as his GF in his 2nd life.-The translation of "I Love You" in telugu is very cute-ve points:-Too much self reference sometimes appears forced.-The way Samantha and Naga Chaitanya remember their past life appears un-natural-The way Nagarjuna and Shriya's hearts beat when in close proximity is too cheesy and comical-Climax is not convincing enough. It could have been more creative and poetic.My rating:Story - 1Screenplay - 0.75 - Even though very well laid out, the climax is very forcedActing - 0.75 - Nag dominates, where as other are strictly ok.Other departments - 0.25 - Music is pretty averageOverall Package - 0.5. Its a good concept. But what makes it a good movie, are the external factors such as ANR's last movie and the fact that the entire family appears on the screen for the first time.Total - 3.25/5

Elijah H (br) wrote: way to melodramatic and one of the worst endings i've ever seen.

Philip B (au) wrote: puppies in space. good sfx effects too

Emilie P (es) wrote: "There are some people that walk right into your life, in a brief moment, and leave you changed."

Rose B (br) wrote: Donnez votre avis ...

Josh L (de) wrote: Ohio teen flies out of the closet.

Clinton T (fr) wrote: Late night find on IFC, decent.

Senor C (nl) wrote: I was actually expecting the worst from Barbarian Queen thinking it would be painfully awful in a Deathstalker way but thankfully it was @ least tolerable for it's sugar boobie & sword play. Surprisingly it's highly watchable. Take your brain out & enjoy the 80s cheese & eye candy. Hell I enjoyed it more then any episode of Xena Warrior Princess Ive watched. The acting is horrible but Im able to forgive it for the most part. These girls have more big 80s hair then actual talent. Ive seen much worse of this type & @ least I can say I wasn't bored as that can easily be the case in a genre that never tries to tread any new ground. It's a decent time waster to watch on a lazy afternoon nursing a beer when you want absolutely no demand..the gratuitous nudity doesn't hurt any either

Steve G (us) wrote: Not a bad flick. Quintessentially '80s.

Sean C (it) wrote: This has to be the most serious Elvis movie. Thus it is a tad boring, but Elvis actually pulls off his anti-hero role.

Ryan G (au) wrote: Very crisp audio and decent acting, but if you're looking for a better story about the actual battle with engaging drama, watch Letters From Iwo Jima.

Dave M (ca) wrote: Probably the best of the Road movies (I go back and forth between this one and Road to Utopia). The talking camels are a hoot, as is the title song.

PURPLE J (it) wrote: This movie was terrible... The characters had no common sense and it just feels like its the same thing we've seen over and over...

Traci M (ru) wrote: amazing awesome great.

Leonard D (it) wrote: There was so much potential for the final film to the prequel trilogy, but what weighed it down? Lousy storytelling, and bad acting! I can never get past Natalie Portman's cringeworthy line on Mustofar "Anakin, you're breaking my heart"! Uuuggh! I can't watch this woman anymore, because of this, THIS! I can't look at that face the same way in any other movie! There is still a few things to admire about it though. The effects and fight scenes, and that's it!