City Slickers

City Slickers

New York meets the west in this comedy starring Billy Crystal. Three New York business men decide to take a 'Wild West' vacation that turns out to not be the relaxing vacation they had envisioned.

On the verge of turning 40, an unhappy Manhattan yuppie is roped into joining his two friends on a cattle drive in the southwest. A rough and tough cowboy Curly shows Mitch a few things about himself, including what it is that's most important to him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxxie (de) wrote: superb movie.. songs+ story= it rocks.. rani is lukin nice and rj rocks..

Ralph R (ca) wrote: Don "the Dragon" Wilson got his moniker after pulling up his pants with a long strand of toilet paper caught in them. Erik Estrada commented on how he looked like a dragon, so Wilson lung-kicked him in the groin. He then spit on an onion to show how tough he is. His movies are delightful.


James J (au) wrote: Downright bizarre. Soderbergh crafts a weird, quirky, endlessly surprising film that's ultimately an existential meditation on language, both spoken and filmic. Highly metaphorical and strangely poetic.

Sean Michael S (es) wrote: Another brilliantly politically charged performance by Malcolm McDowell. Directed in style by Lindsay Anderson as well as written in a beautifully byzantine style by David Sherwin.

Thomas W (it) wrote: forgettable characters (outside the main duo), alot of boring moments and hasn't aged well. However the setting is beautiful, the characters don't get along (which is very entertaining) and a bitter ending: these things you don't see nowadays.

Jen H (de) wrote: This was actually a lot of fun to watch the one time I saw it at my cousins'

Marcus G (au) wrote: This classic epic form the Bronson stable, will always endure as one of, if not the best epic of its day. A film that truly burst from its narrative constraints to be come a true epic masterpiece, rather than your typical MGM sword and sandal affair.That is not to say that films such as Ben-Hur and Spartacus do not compare, because that just is not true but there is as something timeless about the approach of this film. The quality and the obvious approach of story over gloss helps this break the bonds of its contemporaries.The performances are spot on, well for the most part, and the cinematography and what may well be Miklos Rosza's finest score, are first rate and along with the sound design and writing, propel this into the realm of classics, though it would seem, somewhat, a lost one.This is a perfect example of marketing in Hollywood. This was produced by Samuel Bronson, who worked with MGM on more than one occasion, most notably, within this subject matter anyway, The King Of Kings and he also produced his own epics.This, was one of them, the other most notable was The Fall Of The Roman Empire. As a result the distribution has never been as polished as MGM's catalogue, such a Ben-Hur and therefore this has not been pushed towards a wide audience for along while. The Miriam Collection, now available on DVD, have finally released this film as was intended, fully restored and with a pristine picture and sound to die for.I HIGHLY recommend this film and the DVD as this is in real danger of become a lost epic, whist it should be heralded as one of Hollywood's greatest...

The N (us) wrote: una copia forzada de la gran the raid redemption

T C (it) wrote: Nice documentary of Nelson Medela's life.

Les P (fr) wrote: I loved this movie. Great mystery till the very end.

Candice J (ru) wrote: If you watch this film, you won't be disappointed on its aesthetic alone. A snowy small town has never looked more beautiful. But, if you can manage to suspend yourself in the story you'll find that teenage wanting that you never really escape.

Christopher S (jp) wrote: A sweet, sad, and heart-warming film involving one of the most unique of not most unique human-animal relationship ever. McKenna and Travers give the best performances of their careers with a lot of effort going into their roles. But, ultimately the one thing that we all want to see when watching this is of course, Elsa the lioness. Her incredible true journey of being captive, then having to be released in the wild makes a very simple but interesting premise. There are a few scenes in the film that I felt were a little unnecessary, but it wasn't enough to prevent me from absolutely loving this film. I will admit that I cried once in this film, so yes, it is a tear jerker. But I recommend it to everyone. Even kids.

Yunhi O (fr) wrote: If melancholy is deep blue, perhaps the sea is alive. Cinematography was stunning from beginning to end, Rachel Weisz delivered a profound performance, and there was a sequence--the subway scene--that left me wonderstruck.