City State

City State

A police woman lost in violence, a mechanic revenging for his lost son, a crime kingpin with a heart condition, a corrupt officer in love with a prostitute will destroy each other.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Icelandic,English,Serbian,Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:City State 2011 full movies, City State torrents movie

Set in modern day Iceland, an immigrant vows revenge after losing his unborn child in an attack by a crime syndicate, thereby binding his fate with a troubled policewoman, her corrupt police commander, and a crime lord who's losing his edge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ranea L (gb) wrote: An excellent movie and a definite tear jerker. 23 year old Choi Seung Hyun's portrayal of Oh Jung Bum will appeal to anyone with a son, a brother, or a father. He shows the very real confusion and fear of an inexperienced young soldier, thrown into a war he was not prepared for, leading new recruits who were more inexperienced and unprepared than himself. Oh Jung Bum is portrayed as an innocent and idealistic young man struggling to deal with the realities of war and trying hide his fears in order to lead his men and defend his country. His character was easy to relate to and I couldn't help but think of what I would do if it were me - and then thank god that I am not.Unlike most war movies, the 'enemies' were not portrayed as evil soul less being that should be destroyed without a second thought, nor were the South Korean commanders portrayed as saintly protectors. The villains were portrayed in a more human light, showing the audience their motivations without too much commentary on the right or wrong of their beliefs, which was refreshing. However, being based on a true story and apparently a Korean war legend, there is surprisingly little information available on the real story behind this movie on the internet.

Jason J (kr) wrote: A great little tense Aussie thriller that walks a very thin line. Movies like this can easily fall into the clich (C) category. But the actors really save it from going there. Sam Parsonson who plays the psychotic young Irish man Evan is excellent in his role - menacing and unpredictable. I personally would have wished that some things would have been resolved differently. But still even as it is, the movie delivers on it's premise. It's like Fatal Attraction but with the roles reversed. Foreseeable and predictable most of the time? Yes, but still really enjoyable and very good. Worth checking out.

Faceless V (jp) wrote: Now we know, why he became the Joker. A well made depressing story about love, self destruction and despair. Too bad the make up artists were a bunch of morons.[7/10]

Mvke S (es) wrote: Crap in every way possible. Spot in the back of the world cries for everyone to eat Kiwis and not whine about all of their problems to the nuns who are sitting on the park benches reading the digest and secretly planning their escape from their respected cathedrals

Onkel B (fr) wrote: Though it seems rehashed, This film still delivers the same amount of laughs the first film gave.

Ryan H (nl) wrote: I don't want to stress the length of Satantango too much in this review, so I think I'll just get it out of the way to begin with: 450 minutes . I'm unfortunately a bit impatient with movies, which surprises people a lot, so I had to split my viewing into three days, a day for each disk of the film. This undoubtedly takes away from the experience; Bela Tarr's films aren't so much about story as they are about mood. However, he is peerless when it comes to transporting the viewer to a different place, so it's almost eerie how I got sucked in after taking a day or two in between disks without missing a beat. The basic plot of Satantango follows the arrival of a charismatic local who was previously believed to have died during an unnamed war that's pressing closer to the small, rural town. He convinces the farmers to create an agricultural society in exchange for their yearly wages. That's really the meat of the story. Like I said, Tarr's films aren't ever that focused on plot. Tarr's moods are heart-breakingly entrancing. In more than one instance, the camera follows characters walking for what must be at least 5 minutes without any cutting. Tarr works only in long shots. Supposedly, there are a grand total of 150 shots in the entire film. That means an average shot length of 3 minutes, in case you were wondering but too lazy to calculate. I find it interesting to compare Tarr's style with that of Gus van Sant, who's film Elephant also featured a number of lengthy shots of characters walking. However, where Tarr's scenes actually add to the atmosphere of the film, van Sant's serve only to remind us of how bland high school hallways are (I really, really hate Elephant. It's currently tied with Reservoir Dogs on my list of movies I never, ever want to see again). The film is divided into a number of different sections, each focusing predominantly on a single character. Like Reservoir Dogs, the viewer sees the same actions happen numerous times from different perspectives, but unlike Tarantino's film, these scenes don't do much for the plot, they just strengthen the characters by adding significant amounts of depth. I'll admit that I'm entirely biased and think that Tarantino is incapable of making a good film, so I should probably stop using him as an example to explain movies I like. In these character vignettes, all the motives and actions of the characters are explained and examined. No character is quite as interesting as the doctor, who writes down the activities of the locals in small notebooks. The doctor is morbidly obese, making it ironic that the only character capable of observing life is the most incapable of actually living it. Satantango is undoubtedly the most complex film I've seen since Inland Empire. Tarr does a very good job mixing a sense of humor that's darker than a moonless midnight with scenes that will actually make you feel really, really uncomfortable. No scene accomplishes this more than one chapter (Those Coming Unstitched, I believe). For about 20 minutes, the viewer is subjected to a hooker's daughter forcing her pet cat to bend to her will, having nothing else that she can physically dominate in her environment. If Tarr hasn't received any PETA death threats for this scene, I'd be amazed. With that said, I'm not sure there's any better filmed segments in the entire film. I'm sure the length of the film will turn off most viewers, but I must assure anyone interested that the film doesn't drag (unless you simply cannot stand his ultra-slow style of filmmaking). I can remember a grand total of 3 shots in the entire film that I feel should have been shortened or omitted. Even with heavy editing, I can't imagine making this film under 6 and a half hours long. As a final statement, I have to admit that despite its lofty ambitions, its flawless presentation and its incredible atmosphere, I would recommend his follow up film Werckmeister Harmonies over Satantango. Two great films, but Werckmeister just has something special that I can't figure out (it might be a rotting whale corpse).

David B (de) wrote: Seriously disappointing and often boring stand-up routine

Allan C (gb) wrote: Good updating of Raymond Chandler's "The Little Sister" with James Garner as Phillip Marlowe. Bruce Lee also shows up in a small supporting role, in his first US film appearance. This film eared an extra star from me just by virtue of James Garner being awesome.

Steve D (au) wrote: Hoffman and a lot of nothing besides

Leslie B (mx) wrote: Entertaining but could have given more.

William M (kr) wrote: Donlevy stiff. Obvious propaganda film doesn't hold up well, as sympathetic to the cause as I am!

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Just about everything is unforgivably awful in this unoriginal zombie sequel, an enormous wreck with a terrible direction, stupid characters, lame dialogue and no imagination - and it feels and tastes like a video game, only it is the director, not us, who gets to play and have fun.

Jason W (de) wrote: Should have been film of the year but such a tough year. Any other year it would have won multiple oscars. Gripping performance portraying a multi-layered genius that few people realize his earth shattering contributions to humanity all the while suffering through his own demons.