After he kills his beloved wife, Puiu Faranga is helped by his father to fake insanity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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John C (jp) wrote: Dumbbells was an incredibly funny movie. It was a good natured film that just wanted you to laugh... and it accomplished that goal.

Hershal W (fr) wrote: Campy martial arts/James Bond revenge fun with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Good times!

007 W (us) wrote: Arthur Christmas is great, the animation, story, acting and characters are great

Greg D (au) wrote: An interesting and engaging account of a largely untold piece of WW1 history. Well acted and directed this is a movie definitely worth checking out.

Cody Y (es) wrote: Horrendously hilarious. Like a brilliant short story come to life.

Toni M (ca) wrote: Remember that promising but silly-ending Mission to Mars (2000)? This one is so much worse it made me miss it. A ridiculously unprofessional space crew captained by a permanently overacting curmudgeon. A super advanced alien race that keeps a super advanced power station running but tries to kill you with leather-clad axemen. Only such a silly bunch could pretend that a world government is better than private corporations. If they had made such pathetic sci-fi movies when I was a kid, I'd never become a fan of the genre.

bonnie j (it) wrote: good movie. disppointing end. thank god things arnt like thins any more

Sacha R (mx) wrote: I actually really liked the film. Alice is a really nice character, Jill doesn't have the same emotional appeal as Alice, but she gives off that dead terminator-esque vibe. Alice is a little over-powered and Jill is a little under-powered. Ultimately, the main pleasure I got was having my heart rate go up - I repeatedly found myself throwing round house kicks at the tv screen. The was some gore, but it was light in my opinion - mostly fear factor stuff (ex. worms, zombies, darkness) - but not too much in my opinion - I felt the gore added to the excitement.

Gabi B (au) wrote: Outstanding. Not every movie have a show on broadway but less of them have appeared in Olypics.Of cause the tap dancing is amazing and I was surpised seeing it combined with rock music and performed on such a location. Also it was quite well acted and all the story comes naturally.

Shounak B (fr) wrote: A simple film with philosophic ideas and of human relationship.Dardenne brothers' debut film has some interesting premises about father-son relationship, migration problems in Europe, interaction between people of different race and creeds and starts from there with the director's signature handheld cameraworks. But the film arrived to some cliches at the middle when we would see the good-old black exploitation and hatred from whites,their unity only within their race in 20th century.From then the film suffered dragging a bit and near to the end, the boy's realization of his father's selfish cruelty and his confession to the struggling wife saves the film from being a outdated.Though this one one also consists of some unsung relationship like other of their films. From that point of view,only the boy's morality is not justified to convince his character but his affection and coming of age characteristics are responsible largely on that matter.

Sarah N (it) wrote: My favorite Christmas movie of all time. I adore it. And watch it anytime of the year.

Charlie W (ca) wrote: Such A Emotional Movie Never Will Forget It

Karl M (jp) wrote: A mess of a movie, but a fun and visually interesting mess.

JohnnyLee T (mx) wrote: Ruffalo is terrific as whimsical, child-like Cameron. In fact, whole cast carry this tale of marriage/family tensions and mental illness across wonderfully. Some great scenes and light-hearted dialogue make sure that it never gets serious for long."Unhand my foot!"