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Sylvester K (fr) wrote: It's so nice to see such an extremely gory splatterpunk. I just loved the set design, so dark and dirty (and also wet looking) The irony of calling it Heaven Valley is simply genius. The make up followed the traditional italian magic, incredibly realistic. The costume was fantastic, I loved the HVPD uniform, it's so modern and stylish. The editing was great, really enjoyed the freeze frames and weird camera angles and some extreme close ups. Acting wise the film could see some improvement, but was entertaining overall.

Robert L (us) wrote: This movie is INCREDIBLE. What a waste of a life. A TRUE American who believed in this white trash-laden country we live in.

Private U (it) wrote: A truly blood-boiling and heart-breaking film that shines a very bright light on the hypocrisy that plagues conservative Christianity and underlies the religion as a whole. The film makes incredibly evident the fact that prejudice and hatred still exist and are supported by the selective reading of one book.

Kristina K (br) wrote: I've never seen Daniel Craig be so different. It's an ok movie, I felt like they could've made it a bit better though. Something was missing. I wasn't excited, thrilled or surprised. But it's a great story, very well acted too.

dantlordhotmailcom d (gb) wrote: Esta pelicula mmm digamos que esta entretenida pero pues no pasa de ahy pero te ubica bien en la epoca que se supone esta y eso es un buen acierto

Matthew B (ru) wrote: All about Harris and Duvall and they are fabulous.

Will E (ag) wrote: I had a blast watching this play-within-a-play. Caine and Reeve are in top form (nice to see Reeve in something besides Superman) and Cannon does some ditzy Goldie Hawn bit, but it all works. The twists and turns are well-done and the whole thing is terrifically suspenseful and wildly enjoyable in a campy, self-conscious, theatrical manner.

Catherine L (it) wrote: As a kid, I loved this I can't figure out why I liked it so much! Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae have fantastic singing voices but the other singing/dancing numbers are way too long.

Philip P (gb) wrote: "I no longer question what I should do; I do what I want to do.""That's fine, but there's always one danger of overdoing it, and that's worse than not doing it at all."Well that's that cleared up then, thanks guys.

Andrew H (it) wrote: Definitely one of the better films in the series. The gore is top notch and the idea of Jason's soul jumping from body to body was a cool idea. Also maintains the humour that made Jason Lives so good.

Ty P (ru) wrote: Terminator Salvation went for the less is more approach, and it seemed to work. Terminator Genius on the other hand went for more is more, with some extra squeezed in, and an added bonus. If I was to say something positive about Genius it would only be that it was bright and colourful to watch.

Michael R (mx) wrote: Wasted $3 On This Horribly Written Film...

Antonia H (it) wrote: I had really looked forward to this when I saw the cast & plot outline. Disappointing can't even begin to describe it, and yet I don't know why.