Civil Brand

Civil Brand

Women prisoners strike up a friendship with a young law student who works as a part-time prison guard. Together they discover that a corporation funds and is profitting from the ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   prison,   scar,  

Women prisoners together discover that a corporation funds and is profitting from the plantation-like work environment they are forced to work under. In a botched attempt to organize a protest against their "slave labor", the women take over the prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marjorie C (kr) wrote: I just love it. I love Greenberg. And I love-hate the ending like in Before Sunset. Forget what the audience says in RT. It's a simple, engaging, romantic movie without all the Hollywood effects.

Long L (us) wrote: I never read the Manga that this movie is based off of, so I have no background on the characters or their history aside from what was provided by the movie. As far as training and display of martial arts skills/choreography, the movie was pretty awesome. Decent job with the special effects for the "extreme" movies. The story was easy enough to follow. But it was like watching two different movies. In the beginning, it was semi-lightheared but as it progressed it got darker and meaner. I'd recommend watching it, but be wary trying to compare it to the manga. Book vs. movie comparisons always tend to ruin the viewing pleasure.

Jessica N (jp) wrote: The poster looks hilarious, it resembles Scary Movie so much

Pablo G (gb) wrote: An increasingly disturbing tale of a very troubled young woman that might have some bumps along the way, specially at the beggining, but that ultimately pays off with some great violent and disturbing moments towards the end. Its a shame that the first half hour doesnt quite compare to the insanity that comes afterwards as it has a very slow start that provides a slightly disjointed glimpse of hope for this girl, but thankfully the movie revives itself with more interesting, weird, distrubing, akward, and ultimately satysfying moments that are the real beauty of this film.

John A (nl) wrote: Excellent Aussie Thriller From 1989, Starring Sam Neil, Nicole Kidman & Billy Zane. A Couple's Yachting Trip Is Turned Upside Down When They Rescue A Young Man From A Sinking Ship. But The Stranger Is Harbouring A Secret, Did His Crew Die In The Way He Described Or Where They Murdered By Him. A Cracking Story Which Works Brilliantly, With A Good Strong Cast And A Good Strong Script As Well As Superb Direcroial Skills, This Is One Of The Best Films To Come From Australian Cinema.

HungYa L (de) wrote: Sam Rockwell continues to be an excellent actor and Charlie Kaufman once again delivers an amazing script though it may be like putting pieces and puzzles and segments randomly into a movie. But it is an astonishing work indeed.

Asa B (jp) wrote: Astaire is his usual amazing self, while Crosby croons away in this not only for Xmas film - it covers 15 American holidays, you know. Shame about the outrageous blackface scene...

James R (ag) wrote: Roger Moore's first turn at portraying James Bond! This one is a mixed bag for me. There's a lot that works for this film, but there's so much that just doesn't work for me that thankfully are corrected in the future Moore films. James Bond is assigned to New Orleans after a 00 Agent is killed. The Agent was looking into the works of a local Heroin dealer and a politician named Kananga (Yaphet Kotto). Kananga uses a tarot card reader named Solitaire (Jane Seymour) to plot out his evil schemes and for the most part has turned him into a rich man. Bond is on the scene though and soon realizes there's more to Kananga than meets the eye. Right off the bat this is easily one of my favorite Bond theme songs sung by Wings in the beginning. Moore is physically a perfect Bond. He's smooth, he's fit and athletic, and he has that handsome charming look to him. Unfortunately, Moore's approach to the character was different and there is little to no action in this film! I found myself dozing off at times because very little was happening in the movie. Lots of plot (which once again is way over the top), but I will say I did enjoy a boat scene late in the movie. The movies pacing is terrible and all over the place making this movie overall a big mess. Not Moore's best Bond film, but like I said they do get much better in future Moore releases!

Rajesh K (fr) wrote: good movie , felt like old time movie watchings ..

Thomas K (de) wrote: People who were expecting realism were kind of COMPLETELY missing the point. Great fun!