Ckalja sa vama

Ckalja sa vama


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Eva F (jp) wrote: I truly enjoyed this black comedy. So strange and original.

Bill K (mx) wrote: I would have rated this higher if the ending had been different!

Lisa Michelle A (ag) wrote: So funny! They get put in witness protection and from then on it's hilarious! MK&A always made great films and should really be starring together again as they were always so great together and so funny, just like in this film! Love it!!!

Randy T (fr) wrote: Creative progression and fantastic casting doesn't quite counterbalance the creepy necrophilic premise.

Joe R (it) wrote: The most credible documentary on my favorite writer... Tons of interviews with the people who mattered most to the author... Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Neal Cassady, William Burroughs, Gary Snyder, Herbert Hunke, Gregory Corso, Michael McClure... you name it, all the Beat legends speak in their own words about the life and times of one the worlds greatest adventurers

Michael W (it) wrote: Jungle queen protects tribe against an overzealous royal football player with assist from animal helpers. The scenery, including Tanya Roberts, is breathtaking. Nominated for five Razzies, including Tanya for Worst Actress.

Grayson D (br) wrote: Sad and haunting classic, brilliantly directed by Ophuls.

Evan M (gb) wrote: A humble performance by Nathan Gamble leads this enjoyable comedy-drama film and draws us in enough to endure the sappier scenes.

Alex p (mx) wrote: It's random and silly in a good way.

Harsh L (gb) wrote: Probably the most beautiful movie to come out of Indian cinema.

007 W (br) wrote: Captain America Civil War is a really good movie, its pretty much got everything right, its well written, entertaining, well acted, well edited, it's got fantastic action, well performed, good soundtrack, good tone, good script/story, well paced, good sound design, good dialogue, and good characters, the directors have also done a great job with this movie making of this movie the best superhero movie of 2016, sure the movie has little problems, but doesn't take away from the fun, I'm giving this movie a 8 even with all the problems it has, but I think if Marvel calmed down on making 10 other movies and had this one movie with one story, it might have been a 9/10, but that being said this is a perfect summer movie, it's the best summer blockbuster of the year and one of the best movies I have seen this year, I was entertained watching it and so was the audience, I really can't picture anyone walking into this movie and not finding a single thing to like in it, it's very well done and I enjoyed it very much