CKY Documentary

CKY Documentary

For Die Hard Fans Only!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:41 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:CKY Documentary 2001 full movies, CKY Documentary torrents movie

Revisits clips from CKY: Landspeed, CKY2K, and CKY3 as well as some new clips with commentary from the cast and crew in between. It also includes the infamous "How To Rob a House" sketch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill s (kr) wrote: Movie of the week fare that plays one flat note after another....MCD deserved to go out on a much much better note.

Joel F (us) wrote: my sis did not like it

Jack Y (es) wrote: Dull as dishwater: neither funny nor romantic. The screenplay lacks punch and the lm drags on. The devices Kemp uses are clever but seem wasted in the end. I understand this was based on a novel; I can imagine that reading the novel might have been quicker and more insightful. Patricks is well cast as a man down on his romantic luck but there is little else to redeem the lm.

Joshua H (nl) wrote: Jacky Wu Jing is the man. Sit down Jet Li, take a bow Jacky.... and I'm not talking Jackie Chan. The movie plot is some familiar, but it's well done, and offers up an ENTERTAINING martial arts epic adventure. (it's like Slumdog Millionaire meets Fights Club. oh! The Fight scenes are off the hook. VERDICT: Rent this movie!!!

MarcAndr Q (fr) wrote: One of my visually favorite movie!

Jason D (us) wrote: Boa vs. Python combines the titular characters from other straight-to-DVD turd movies in a no-holds barred match-up of epic proportions. In all actuality, there is very little fight. Instead, an enormous python escapes from a delivering company before it can be put in an area to be hunted for game and money. It now terrorizes the sewers, eating some people here and there, until the FBI enlists the help of a scientist who has a massive pet Boa (the good guy apparently) that he sets loose to battle the Python. A lot of boring chatter happens amidst a few CGI-laden kills here and there, but for the most part, this movie is fairly lame. The cast, consisting of a bunch of Z-grade actors isn't memorable enough (though Jaime Bergman does look mildly attractive), is just as lame as the snake action, and, overall, the film's monsters' separate films are much better and more entertaining to watch than this slop. It's only fitting that director David Flores (who served as an editor to both the Boa and Python movies) went on to direct one of THE worst films ever of 2007, Lake Placid 2. Yes, Boa vs. Python is a stinker.

Jeremy B (au) wrote: A feel-good movie dominated by strong performances by the movie's cast; one of the better family-rebuilding movies out there.

tramaine d (ag) wrote: Accurate depiction of the unrealistic expectations for Asian women...great drama...but eye opening lesson!

Victor R (es) wrote: The old "Chief Theatre" in bemidji was PACKED with Anishinabe every night for a week when this movie was first released , lucky we got a ticket ..LOL

Calum B (mx) wrote: When Young Mr. Grace sends the staff of Grace Brothers to Costa Plonka on vacation while the store is being remodeled, they find the accommodations less than they expected, including being at the center of a revolution.Based on the popular television series, and utilizing the same actors, Are You Being Served? The Movie has a very different feel from the former. It is partly the difference in filming techniques from little screen to big screen. Unfortunately, the storyline, while it might carry well for an episode on the show, simply does not fill a feature length movie. Few of the jokes are original, simply taken from the show. While this has some nostalgic value, it does not help carry the movie for more than a few minutes. As a result, the humor is not up to the standards of the show.Some have made comments criticizing the set used in the movie. I found the use of few, inexpensive sets to be one of the better parts of the movie, and brought it closer to the original show.While the acting and characters remain faithful to the original series, this movie is not one that I would watch over and over again. I enjoyed the movie to a certain extent, and always like to see the further misadventures of the Grace Brothers' staff.For those who are great fans of the series, this movie will be somewhat of a disappointment, but may still be worth watching. For those who have never seen the series, this movie should not be the introduction to Grace Brothers.

Bryn C (fr) wrote: My kind of love story. The characters have been battered into a state of absurd desperation and launch into a love that bends, demolishes and re-imagines their ideas of happiness. Bizarre, at times tragic, but ultimately affirming.

Rodolfo R (nl) wrote: Oh, for the days of coming out parties. It's rather surprising to me that the new connotation of "coming out" hasn't brought the the idea of debutante balls (aka coming out parties) into vogue within ther gay community. Wouldn't it be marvelous? A young homosexual man* comes to terms with his sexuality and on the summer after his seventeenth birthday, his parents through a party with lots of other young well-attired male homosexuals. Terrif, n'est-ce pas? The straight, 1950s version of the above is more or less the world of the film at hand (MGM, 1958). Sandra Dee is Rex Harrison's daughter from his first marriage. Harrision's new wife, Kay Kendall (Harrison's real-life wife) decides that Gidget must have a coming out party, for reasons that are never really specified. It's either because Kendall didn't get a deb ball due to WW2, or to show up Angela Lansbury (during the Movie Bitch phase of her career, who she doesn't really like in the first place, but whose daughter is coming out that summer. Either way, hilarity ensues. I guess. This is far from a great film, but it is a good film and I enjoyed myself. Kendall plays one of those mother types that is fun to watch in a comedy, but would be horrible to actually know; in this respect she reminded me a great deal of Jennifer Saunders in [i]AbFab[/i]. The best joke in the piece is that she spends the first act in dresses that can only be described as Nancy Reagan Red, while forcing her step-daughter to live a life she simply doesn't care for or about. This of course could not have been intentional, but it was still funny as hell. Rex Harrision has most of the best lines, but I suspect they only came off that way because of his delivery. Angela Lansbury is, of course, perfect. The second funniest joke is that and orchestral "The Boy Next Door" is used as one of the songs at the balls. Of course, that's only funny if I mention the film was directed by Vincente M I double-N then E double-L I, the director of [i]Meet Me in St. Louis[/i], for which the song was written. You may have noticed by now that the two best jokes had nothing whatever to do with the script. You're so observant. Have a cookie. Still, it's not a bad way to spend 100 minutes. *This could all apply to young lesbians, but since I never was one, I can't speak of that experience.

Daniel S (au) wrote: The last act completely saves the film, but it could have used some trimming in the middle. Kurosawa was still finding his way.

Pia K (us) wrote: Yliampuvaa sekoilua... Tuli ihan ikv 70-luvun enkeleit... ;) (Suom. Charlien enkelit: Kurvit suoriksi)

Luke C (kr) wrote: I'm sure the filmmakers had a frivolous laugh when they watched the first cut, and even while making this movie. But there's nothing interesting beyond this movie but a bit of sour comedy about evil engulfing our "human way".

Ryan I (au) wrote: I loved the movie so much I found myself sifting through the reviews for a while just because I couldn't stop thinking about it. Now I'm leaving a review because I'm still thinking about it. The only flaw is I feel like the actor who played the missionary that was talking about why he changed his mind about going on a mission paused a little too often and long when he was trying to be dramatic

Geoffrey O (au) wrote: 500 years of peace and democracy in Switzerland, and what have they done? The cuckoo clock.

Anji L (ru) wrote: Michael more never disappoints! What a timely message about making America great.... it's here we just have to choose it! #behuman #wethepeople not "me" the people!