Clan of the White Lotus

Clan of the White Lotus

The monk Hung Wen-Ting fights against the evil priest White Lotus.

The monk Hung Wen-Ting fights against the evil priest White Lotus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clan of the White Lotus torrent reviews

Onkel B (jp) wrote: The biggest problem with this film is that there is no explanation AT ALL, No bigger evil that is pointed to as the cause. It's just bait, A movie which is forgettable. This is better then don't blink, But the movie just has bad directing and awful casting. And kind of predictable........ A movie that brings out all the bad stuff people DON'T want in a movie. 1/5

Ruben A (gb) wrote: having heard horrible things, im not expecting muchwow, i was shocked! giallo was quite good. the long suspense scenes were quite effective. though its not stylish such as Suspiria and other of his classics, this manages to be stylish in a sleazy Italian way. and i dont get that awful dubbing feel that i got from mother of tears. for all i know it could have been made in english.the ending i imagine will get much hate, i hated it to be honest, at first, but realized its what makes this movie. it leaves you with a wondering feel, leading to the use of imagination. brava argento, you've done it again

Manon R (kr) wrote: I love! The music, Marc Anthony is a very good actor! I love him! ;)

Stacey T (ca) wrote: A bit cheesy, but still a fun film. A needed reminder that strangers we pass and dismiss on the street could become great (and highly worthwhile) friends.

Christian C (br) wrote: ...going on zero. I don't know whether it's more annoying watching a rom-com featuring an an immature main character with attention deficit, or suffering through a preposterous premise that no one even tries to explain. Garner was grating; Ruffalo was almost a prop. There's just not much to like unless you regularly fantasize about falling in love with someone unstable.

Jarryd R (ag) wrote: kool as i might wanna see lol of course i wanna see it

Ashley H (ru) wrote: This is an enjoyable film for Meat Loaf fans. Song clips, in some cases entire songs are included from both Bat Out of Hell I & II as well as a film clip from Rocky Horror. I was surprised how accurate this movie is. Most biographical movies are time-warped but this one sticks to the truth in almost all cases. If you enjoy Meat Loaf music, I recommend this movie.

David B (es) wrote: I thought this was a pretty good cyberpunk/Neil Gaiman 'Neuromancer' like/never seen in the big screens movie. Recommend it.

Zoran S (au) wrote: A beautiful and moving experiment from 1975 by Chantal Akerman. It consists simply of a voice reading (on occasion) letters from Akerman's mother as scenes of New York play in the background. But it's much more: in fact, it's one of the best films about exile, isolation, and being apart from your family that I've ever seen.

Edgar C (ru) wrote: Audacious triumph of Biblibal and mythological proportions, with some prior knowledge required before appreciating its genius. Anger does not only dramatize the famous personages through kaleidoscopic editing, but also he assigns unusual and peculiar personalities to them, additional to their original nature. Combine that with a somewhat plotless collage and you got yourself a masterpiece. 99/100

Kieran H (ru) wrote: Excellent low budget film. Really enjoyable for the diehard gadget fans amongst us

Matthew H (us) wrote: Oklahoma might've been good in 1955, but it has aged badly. What used to be waving wheat is now dead remains of what it used to be.