Clancy Miller is an abused girl who runs away to elude social workers seeking to remove her from her home. Out on the streets, she meets Nick, an ill-tempered, homeless war vet. A corrupt mayor, desperate for re-election, offers Nick a reward to keep the girl out of site; his secret plan - to 'rescue' the girl in grand fashion in order to gain favor with the voters. However, a scuffle with a loan shark sends Nick and Clancy on the run to the nearby countryside. There, an unlikely relationship develops, as the angelic girl copes with the hard exterior of her newfound guardian. Meanwhile, the mayor's ambitions heighten, as the prospects materialize for a statewide 'manhunt' and a military-style rescue operation that will play out as the TV news cameras roll.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:119 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:christian film,  

An abused runaway changes the life of a homeless Gulf War vet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (ca) wrote: There's nothing terribly original about this plot, and I'll admit I had really low expectations going in, between the cast and the reviews I read. But I was very pleasantly surprised, because while the whole concept is a bit tired, this manages to be really entertaining. Don't expect your mind to be blown on originality and plot twists, but this is a really fun movie.

Dan O (br) wrote: Not just boring, but interestingly boring.

Stella A (es) wrote: a movie with a lot of (dark??) humour:)

Jonny B (ca) wrote: This movie is to sexist to be for girls, and to feminine for the average male. Not only is it aweful, its offensive.

Kenneth B (it) wrote: Wonderful family show mmmm ....96% not interested i wonder why? Is it due that the movie although little known carries heavy weight by way of very good values and there is no skeet and donder. Good flick. Please watch it is good.Kenneth

Sgt C (gb) wrote: (18%)A very typical, tame Hollywood stab at a hostage situation drama with focus on the news media manipulation of real life and death situations. Quite honestly this is a poor movie. Dustin Hoffman is borderline terrible as he lazily mutters his way through the entire movie acting almost as bored as the poor unfortunate audience, as if I had paid money to see this then I'd feel more than a little cheated. While Travolta is far from on form, but at least he's as entertaining to watch as he usually is. The script is lame brained Hollywood trash that has an interesting and important concept of a man going above and beyond to try and get his job back, but it is so poorly developed that Travolta's character comes across more as an idiot than someone worthy of any sympathy. Couple that with the kidnapped kids having no real problem with armed men keeping them hostage away from their homes and family for days on end, and the final reel that has a terrible sense of pointlessness about it. My advice, give this 90's flop a miss.

Poul F (gb) wrote: Not the best mountain movie i've seen, not the worst.

Joshua B (es) wrote: A fun and entertaining horror movie. Apparently ozone depletion causes more than just global warming - it causes animals to attack humans. The story sounds ridiculous - and it is - but it is enjoyable to watch. Christopher George and Lynda Day George (both in "Mortuary") are in this. I would have to say Leslie Nielsen ("Naked Gun" series) steals the show. Even though this is suppose to be a serious role, every time Nielsen is on the screen I couldn't help but laugh.This was directed by William Girdler and I'll admit I want to see some of his other films. If you're a fan of horror movies that'll make you laugh, then I recommend this to you. 3/5 stars. (1/27/10)

Anthony C (nl) wrote: This film is more about Sicily's social status at the time, mocking it in a genius and very accurate manner! Stefania Sandrelli is just as gorgeous as the locations!My beautiful Sicily, flawed yet intriguing, irresistible, and loved by everyone.