A resistance leader is wounded when the Germans raid his underground print shop. He escapes to the home of a German-friendly Parisian and is helped by her son and daughter. A Jewish doctor ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Clandestine torrent reviews

Lanky Man P (fr) wrote: I'm left with mixed emotions. I really can't decide on this one. Good story, but it didn't totally deliver.

Jonathan C (it) wrote: I loved it, deffo for the rock people!!!

Kyle M (us) wrote: Ron Howard's take on a wonderful, heartening sci-fi flick followed a used-up formula but with a fantasy genre approach and gentleness to freshen the structure up that'd built up the surprises while expressing emotions through the level-matching performances and providing amazing effects. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Shanda B (nl) wrote: I absolutely love this movie! Their relationship is portrayed with such wit and style. I love how it goes through the differing events in history as they meet. Very romantic, touching and funny film!

Damon Y (it) wrote: First of all, I never realized that this is where the name "Mr. T" originates, and this cat is a FAR cry from Clubber Lang. Forget the OG'ed boxer. Tailored suits all the way, even when he's laying the smack down. There's just something deeply refreshing about a Black man in charge who handles business when

Al M (ca) wrote: In Smiles of a Summer Night, Bergman attempts to create a full-blow comedy in the Shakespearean sense of the word. It is a film in which possible tragedy is transformed into the various human foibles that we must come to accept and discard in life--and isn't that ultimately the nature of the human pursuit of love? Smiles of a Summer Night is a film about recognizing and accepting our inner nature and desires, about realizing that social institutions like marriage may not ultimately be the best expressions of our individual identities and passions. Beautifully filmed like most of Bergman's output in the 1950s, Smiles of a Summer Night doesn't quite connect with me because I think Bergman is a profoundly tragic director. Still, Smiles of a Summer Night remains a powerful, sometimes funny, and generally profound piece of filmmaking that questions the relation between identity, love, and family.

Allen D (es) wrote: Self-confessed mad scientist Lionel Atwill keeps feeding increasingly large doses of electricity to Lon Chaney Jr until he reaches that 'Ready Brek' glow and things turn nasty. Lively little B movie which also boasts a cute doggy.

The R (nl) wrote: What a strange little film this was. It's B-Horror content really does show the film "Basket Case" to be an Original cult classic.

Art L (mx) wrote: Classic spy thriller from the by gone dtente era. Pretty neat to watch.

Linda M (jp) wrote: Good movie. But, this movie scared me. It made me afraid to be or live alone.

William R (de) wrote: Meryl Streep again plays a role she can do in her sleep in a film that is formulaic to the chord.