Three boys escape from a youth prison in Spain, and head for the city of Madrid. Xabi and Joel, both Spanish, and an Arabic boy named Driss, quickly meet up with some eccentric people on the road. Joel, and the very cute and lovable Driss have no trouble hooking up with a couple girls that don't at all mind if the two handsome guys stay with them. The quietly intense Xabi, however, is dealing with some darker demons, and his personal reason for escaping the prison soon becomes apparent.

Love and terrorism collide in this sexy Molotov cocktail of raging adolescent hormones and righteous indignation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Clandestinos torrent reviews

Stewart A (fr) wrote: Brilliant documentary of Ginger Baker,who was put on this Earth to do one thing,perfectly. The rest of him is a messy affair. It's all there from early days in jazz,to Cream and Blind Faith and beyond. He has a huge ego, not a lot of empathy,but the story is stirring.

Alex O (it) wrote: Great movie to watch if you and your friends are drunk, otherwise, it's not that great of a film. Lots of gore, lots of stupidity, naked women, and only a few laughs. Christopher Lloyd's character in the film is a little too much like Doc Brown, but I sort of thought that was cool.

Eliabeth R (it) wrote: Pelcula de bajo presupuesto, de relleno, la historia de un profesor acosado por una estudiante, un poco trillado el tema y las actuaciones (excepto el de ella) valen la pena

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Robert B (ca) wrote: Very poorly acted, written, filmed, and terrible CGI. But that's why I love Seagal.

April M (nl) wrote: Thats a short skirt Dixie!

Kumar R (it) wrote: A relentless war film that achieves its intended effect and more.

Donovan S (de) wrote: A fresh story told magnificently

Joey F (de) wrote: Possibly the most overrated movie ever? Seriously, guys. It's not good.