Clara and the Secret of the Bears

Clara and the Secret of the Bears

The balance of nature is in danger and only Clara and her friend have the heart to solve the secret of the bears and to break a centuries-old spell.

The balance of nature is in danger and only Clara and her friend have the heart to solve the secret of the bears and to break a centuries-old spell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sanal R (jp) wrote: A good twist to the original version, one that suits the Indian cinema goers but with a disappointing 1st half and the rest with not much to end with

Arpan M (ca) wrote: romance beyond anything.. this is the film i have been waiting for a long long time..a visual grandeur..exceptionally amazing in every way.

Gordon B (ca) wrote: The premise to this oddball French film is so beyond belief that it's not long before it crashes headlong into pretentious art film territory.

Penny N (ag) wrote: This movie is not surprisingly good. The story line just gets lost within itself somehow. It has potential to be good... but it failed.

mayank g (jp) wrote: Good enough movie . director could have done some more to show the other kind of atrocities in jail .. nevertheless can see it once.

Jeremy P (nl) wrote: A must see for anyone interested in how not to run a business.

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Pelicula de accin irregular ,para pasar el rato , si pensaban hacer una franquicia pues les sali el tiro por la cultata , un fracaso en taquilla , lo mejor la belleza de Monica Bellucci y algunos gags.

Emily J (jp) wrote: Memorable. True. Funny. Interesting story within story. Sexy.

James M (es) wrote: 87 minutes of Pauly Shore acting like a cock. At least it was reasonably short.

Keenan S (de) wrote: I first watched Going Overboard back in 2000 or 2001, when I was eight or nine, as it was something my late grandfather owned and he happened to be watching it one day when we were over at my grandparents' house. I didn't remember much of it for a long time, other than I was too young to be watching an R-rated comedy filled with swearing, nudity, and dirty humor, but also I had no idea what the fuck was going on.Years later, I had heard of this film and its reputation. It's widely despised, even finding a spot on IMDB's Bottom 100 list (With a whopping 1.9 out of 10 rating as of the time of this review). Hell, this film is so awful that even Adam Sandler, the man who has shamelessly gifted us with several god-awful comedies of the 10+ years is ashamed of this film. Being the seeker of garbage that I am, I was curious to watch it again.Nearly 10 years after my grandfather's death, I was given his collection of VHS tapes and DVDs. Guess which film was among the ones I received...Yes, well over a decade after watching it, I was finally going to be able to watch it again. Though there was a 99% probability that I was going to hate it, I figured that at least I would be able to understand what was going on since I was older. When I watched it late last year at the age of 23, I still had no fucking idea of what the fuck was going on. And it was a horrible, unfathomably bad film, too. One of the ten worst films I've ever seen, in fact.No wonder even Adam Sandler is ashamed of this! It's a wonder his acting career even survived after something like this.The story focuses on an irritating wannabe comedian named Schecky Moskowitz who works on board a cruise ship who dislikes the ship's popular comedian, Dickie Diamond, who is an annoying and unfunny fuckwad. He also has hots for one of the beautiful models, though this aspect of the plot is nearly nonexistent.Also on board are hot models on their way to The Miss Universe pageant with one of the models being the target of henchmen of General Noriega (Yes, the Panamanian dictator is made fun of in this film) after her derogatory comments about him an interview.One day, Schecky gets his chance to perform when Dickie Diamond gets locked in a bathroom, but people think that he fell overboard and drowned. At the behest of King Neptune (Yes, the motherfucking mythological character King Neptune), he gets the courage to perform his routine to a crowd that ends up hating him and booing him off the stage (Probably the same reaction audiences and critics had at screenings).Then Schecky gets involved in crazy scenarios involving his rival, the Panamanian hitmen, and then some. And all of it makes no sense in the slightest.There is no real story in Going Overboard because it has absolutely no focus or any clue as to what it wants to follow or do. It manages to generate the same level of befuddlement and utter confusion that the similarly-horrible My Boss's Daughter inflicted upon me. I had absolutely no idea what was going on most of the time. I might have a summary, but that's all it is and after much careful thought processes while writing it down because if you actually watch the film, you have no idea how hard it is to actually follow.It also doesn't help that the damn story is so annoying that I wanted to go hang myself after only watching it for a few minutes because of the irritating, douchebag characters inhabiting this perpetual Hell of a universe this story takes place in that will leave you hoping the ship will meet disaster and kill them all.Schecky is a smug, unfunny prick, Dickie is a horrible, unfunny, misogynist comedian who despite being a ladies man in the story, would in reality, dry up vaginas faster than water in the hottest desert. Can I even call the other people inhabiting the plot characters? No one is alive, nor is anyone some sort of caricature fit for a satire. They are empty voids of nothingness and vague stereotypes. Hell, I can't even call them stereotypes because they are unwritten in all but name.This isn't just some of the worst storytelling I've seen in a comedy, but in film as a whole, which is pretty damned impressive considering the unspeakable garbage that I've watched over the years.Do I really need to discuss the acting? Imagine the worst Adam Sandler performance you've ever seen. Now imagine it 100 times worse and drenched in shrieking, unbearable annoyance that would be too cruel for interrogation methods. I'd rather be waterboarded than watch his performance in Going Overboard again. It's unspeakably bad in a way words can never properly describe.The other actors fare no better. While they're not as annoying, aside from the annoying fuckwad who plays Dickie, they are not even worth talking about, but at least they can rest knowing that they weren't those two actors.There is no entertainment. There is only torment and suffering that begins from the start and only gets worse, making the running time feel like days rather than being 90-odd-minutes. If you don't fall asleep, you will stare with open-mouthed astonishment that something so horrible and incompetently made actually exists.There is no humor to be found in the film. I do so enjoy dirty humor and foul language in my films, as well as raunchy comedies, but there is nothing to be found here.The only funny thing to be discussed about this film was how the production was charged with $2,000 for damages Adam Sandler caused to his hotel room, with the note stating, according to IMDB trivia, "We won't charge you for the fecal stains on the mattress, we deal with those a lot here. :)"However, that was during production. Not something that actually happens in the film, so it gets no credit for that. There is nothing funny. It will only make you want to kill yourself after only a few minutes of watching it.Going Overboard has not only firmly found itself a spot among the 10 Worst Comedies I've ever seen, but also the 10 Worst Films I've ever seen. It joins other failures of its genre like Gigli, Happy Feet, Sex And The City 2, Saving Christmas, Bratz, Welcome To Mooseport, My Boss's Daughter, and Boat Trip - all of which I awarded zero stars to (Or in theory at least. This site won't let me, so I have to give the far too generous half-star rating instead).If you value your sanity, never EVER watch Going Overboard. When not only is Adam Sandler ashamed of it, but even his most die hard fans hate it, that should tell you something.

Andy P (nl) wrote: Herzog's historical epic is a disturbing parable that encapsulates his flair for allegory, metaphor and the grotesque; his interest in obsession and his sense of the landscape taking on awful, human aspects. It's as hallucinatory, maddening and and hypnotic as Apocalypse now, perhaps even more so with Kinski's fascinating presence and the uncompromising vision that brought the film to life.

Ian C (es) wrote: An unbelievable soundtrack from Morricone. One of the most memorable screen villians in Jack Palance's 'John' and a bloody finale with Franco Nero and a Multiple barreled machine gun. Spaghetti Western gold.

Marius P (us) wrote: Holy crap is this bad

Evan W (au) wrote: I didn't see the original to have a bias or anything, I just thought this one was kind of dumb.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good drama about drug mule chess good cast.

M C (de) wrote: A fun and harmless comedy that doesn't live up to its potential. 67/100