Clash by Night

Clash by Night

An embittered woman seeks escape in marriage, only to fall for her husband's best friend.

Mae Doyle comes back to her hometown a cynical woman. Her brother Joe fears that his love, fish cannery worker Peggy, may wind up like Mae. Mae marries Jerry and has a baby; she is happy but restless, drawn to Jerry's friend Earl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Clash by Night torrent reviews

Fred W (us) wrote: Relates some of the difficulties of love marriage in a society struggling to evolve its arranged marriage culture to the western ideals.

jagadeesh m (nl) wrote: good entertaining concept.......

Yasser H (ru) wrote: Good Turkish movie .. i like the actress so much.Bud the end is very baaaaaad.

dennis o (it) wrote: he!he!he...... pastilan dods................

IVRt (it) wrote: wow.. I have never seen a movie with such piss poor acting... storyline was awful and the kill scenes sucked just as much... a total waste of time... your better off reading a book

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Funny and a good film, A nice little film for the kids more fun than the first.

Blanca F (es) wrote: Edgy, funny and an entertaining mob?con movie. The cast is incredible, the good actors are in this flick. Oceans Eleven-ish

Craig C (ca) wrote: for school I had to read this book and I got to say it has a lot going on. the romance between Meg and Calvin and the action with IT. but over all its fantasy.

Willis H (mx) wrote: glad I didn't waste a dime on this

Alex K (de) wrote: 1972's The Godfather Is My Fourth Favorite Film Of All Time.

Michael H (kr) wrote: Originating from the desires to tell a story about Munchhausen by proxy syndrome and to make a move where cinephiles steeped in the language of cinema would be surprised and have their expectations confounded, Zach Parker created a movie that you really do have to pay attention to and where you will likely lead yourself astray.I expect it will reward repeat viewings. One caveat: the sound designs needs work; sound levels are way off, at least at the start. Though I didn't notice it much after I was sucked into the story.

Mantvydas J (mx) wrote: yeah! totally funny! :) ir nors W.Alleno ir n?ra filmo autori s?rae, bet jau?iasi, kad jis ten ne tik vaidino :)

Jacob M (us) wrote: i would'nt mind seeing!

Mkondo M (it) wrote: ONE OF MY FAVOURITES

Ivy M (mx) wrote: watched it countlessly...the good old days wen movies made sense...not that they dont...

Greg W (ca) wrote: well crafted but u have to put ur work in and even when u do ur not sure what the truth is.

Richard D (mx) wrote: Here's a film that's really a lot better than you have any right to expect it to be. At heart, it's just a blaxploitation spin on Dracula, borrowing a lot of elements of different adaptations and setting it (mostly) in modern times. This is a really solid exploitation flick. The cast does some really good work here. William Marshall in particular provides a lot of gravity and substance in the title role.

Private U (gb) wrote: naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadhera, funny and sad at the same time.

Mark D (jp) wrote: Boring and bland story told with boring and bland filmmaking.

Hugo M (ag) wrote: A great movie to see, Very interesting and with a plot twist at the end of the movie GreatI recommend it a lot.