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In Swat Pakistan, an 11-year-old schoolgirl loses her education when the Taliban close her school. Her father, who owns the schools, loses his livelihood. When the military invades their ...

In Swat Pakistan, an 11-year-old schoolgirl loses her education when the Taliban close her school. Her father, who owns the schools, loses his livelihood. When the military invades their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dolores H (it) wrote: The trailer does not do this film any justice! It was hilarious and clever. Thoroughly enjoyable, especially Chris Pratt! Second time: Emma 10/10. Lucy 10/10. Charlotte 10/10.

Jon C (ru) wrote: a rather insightful documentary narrated by Chris Rockthis shows a fascinating analyzation of hair and how it creates dissension within the black communitywhat most people don't know is that the hair culture is a billion dollar industry; it employs many black men and women, other parts of the world like India give it away because of religious reasons, and you can actually get an education from it allit's mainly popular with Asians and African Americans so there's also a lot of things people don't consider when it comes to black womens' hairit's true that it costs money, it can or cant be a part of intimacy, women will always point fingers at one another as to how they should look or appear to everyone elsethere's also the health risks involved from using certain chemicals in the follicles to how old you should be taking care of your hairChris Rock is hilarious going from interviewee to interviewee trying to understand how he should tell his own kids what their hair means to themgreat questions and answers from Eve to Nia Long to Meagan Goode to Ice-T to T-Pain to Al Sharpton to Salt-n-Pepa to Raven Simone to Lauren Londonit's very different for black men and black women to maintain their own hair styles but they do so to the best of their abilities to make a living and spread more about the culture most overlookodd but interesting documentary

David S (nl) wrote: The film has a complete disregard for any narrative coherence (ie. it has no plot). Instead, the film simply shows the mundane existence of a group of friends in a rather matter-the-fact tone - when they go hunting, they're just going for the heck of it, just as it would be in life... there is no loftier motivation or anything, it's just how life would be for a group of down-on-their-luck people. The first half of the film simply shows the men wandering in the woods, having fun, joking... not doing anything in particular... which acts as a reflection of what these people are doing with their own l live - nothing in particular.This meandering aimlessness of the first half may infuriate viewers since nothing of any particular interest happens (and admittedly, I was progressively losing interest as well), but fortunately at the half-way point the film changes drastically into a survival thriller when an unknown gunman begins to pick each man off one by one.Even though the film get injected with a needed does of adrenaline at this point, the film still maintains it's disregard for narrative - no explanation is given as to why a gunman is targeting them, it just happens. In addition, the film ends abruptly which may catch viewers off guard and leave them hanging, but in retrospect it is the perfect place to end the film... nothing more could have been said.In conclusion, the film is primarily inconsequential as it ends up not really saying anything, but the film does have a genuine raw energy and palpable suspense in the later half, and the disregard for conventional filmmaking also makes it feel refreshing, but it doesn't make as good of an impact as one would like.

John P (nl) wrote: This movie needed some Quentin Terrentino love. There were four different story-lines that all sort of came together. QT could have done a lot more with this one. The Rotten Tomatoes consenus for this one is: "Even Money is so obsessed with portraying the ills of gambling it forgets to develop compelling or likable characters." I couldn't agree more. The camera shots and colors felt like the movie was made for television. The writing was weak, with the best story line being the basketball one, and the husband-wife and the wanna-be-bookie-warlord one tied for worst. Best acting was by Forrest Whitaker and that guy I've seen somewhere (News Radio I think) that played the basketball coach. Devito did a nice job, too. Kim Basinger's character was just a melodramatic mess, so I don't know whether to blame her or the writers or the director. The bookie warlord (not Jay Mohr, the other one) was cartoonish.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Jonathan E (es) wrote: Do me a favor and don't bother to rent this movie as I don't really think its any good.

David B (it) wrote: Mike Jittlov is The Wizard of Speed and Time. In 1979 he created a short film by that name which featured live-action stop-motion animation. In 1988, he released a feature length film by the same title which was based on his prior '79 short. It's not the highest rated of films, nor is it all that popular. I just recently was able to get my hands on a copy of this movie. Why the curiosity? Well, I had seen the spectacular stop-motion animation segments, and couldn't be satisfied with just letting it be. Mike Jittlov writes, directs, edits, composes the music for and stars in this self-referential independent film about a filmmaker who tries to create something outside of the studio system. There are special effects, also done by Jittlov, thrown throughout the movie, but the two most notable scenes are "The Wizard of Speed and Time" musical number, and the race around the world section. The Wizard of Speed and Time is an exaggerated almost metaphorical tale (the main studio of interest is simply called Hollywood Studios) of a small but talented filmmaker, outside of the standard Hollywood studio system, trying to share his genius with the world. The producer is darn near evil in his attempts to keep Mike from succeeding every step of the way. It starts with simple denials to use studio equipment, and it moves to downright dirty sabotage. Despite these obstacles, Mr. Jittlov, with the help of his friends, manage to turn out incredibly impressive work in just a small amount of time. Whether the studio head will actually air the short film on his television network or not, I will leave to you to find out. The exaggerated tale, while very unrealistic at times, you can sense that it comes from Jittlov's own experience. The movie seems to have a severe distaste for the union system in Hollywood, and the demand that each movie should have a bedroom and chase scene (both of which can be 'found' in The Wizard of Speed and Time.) It's a classic underdog tale that, because of the self-referential nature, is much more powerful than if it had been a typical studio film. The music is amazingly catchy and is based on the original melodies that Jittlov wrote for his '79 short. Sure, the movie has its weak points, but I find it so easy to overlook them and enjoy the ride. The movie also wouldn't be as pertinent today seeing as how any ol' sap is guaranteed distribution through the internet. I think it's important while watching The Wizard of Speed and Time to recognize the time of its release. The technology that's available to the average filmmaker today is vastly superior to what Jittlov had at his disposal at the time, and yet, his work is still quite stunning 20 years later.

scott g (gb) wrote: A pretty good sequel, now set in L.a after being told to get out of Newyork in the first. the set up is coincidence to get it going but the tone certainly fits in with the first, from there a great pace gets it going as he focuses on the gang that rapes his housekeepere vthen kills his kid. some great violence setting tone and Bronson has some presence

Joey T (ca) wrote: I put this on at a party once and was physically attacked by a girl I didn't know. She started screaming for me to take it out and began hitting me and asked what was wrong with me. Ralfus is awesome!

Kevin D (au) wrote: Apparently I wanted to see this. I got what I deserved.