Class of '61

Class of '61

Three West Point 1861 generation cadets and friends go on opposite sides after the breakout of The Civil War, with tragic consequences. A subplot involves Lucius, a Shelby Peyton's slave, who kills a slave trader and goes on the run.

Three West Point 1861 generation cadets and friends go on opposite sides after the breakout of The Civil War, with tragic consequences. A subplot involves Lucius, a Shelby Peyton's slave, who kills a slave trader and goes on the run. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacky L (mx) wrote: could've been much funnier; the whole movie cruised along without a climax and was a tad too long. reminded me of peepli live, but a more 'accessible, for the masses' kinda social /political commentary. the actress playing muskaan, the feisty daughter , was a joy to watch.

Alisha D (es) wrote: stupid and scary looking. Who is her? The mother-in-law? That would scare anybody!!!

Ole J (us) wrote: This is in strange manners an okay film, it is more plain old horror with shock sound effects and people suddenly appearing out of the blue.I was expecting a bit more on the comedy side, but the characters actually deliver that part most of the way. They are very different, everyone have their quirks and it works out quit well with the lot trapped by strange psychos in the woods :)

Des S (au) wrote: This movie was really stupid in some parts, but it was interesting to watch and at least you could understand the storyline.

Ann A (mx) wrote: I only watched it for Casper, because I thought he was hot, and I watched it while hopped up on drugs.

dookie n (fr) wrote: I really liked this movie it is really colorful and fun to watch.

Maya A (fr) wrote: I love the music from this...

Maru E (br) wrote: La fuerza del cario

Matthew M (ag) wrote: I enjoyable early seventies movie. Has Pam Grier and Margaret Markov as two criminals who are tied up with each other and have to decide on which way to go. The beginning of the film features a very long shower sequence in a Women rehabilitation center. The movies has some violent shoot outs and although Pam Grier is starring there are the two subplots that are connected with each girl. They show much of them as well but mostly for either violence or sexual stuff. Sid Haig has also been in two other Pam Grier movies that I have watched and has always played a different character. It is interesting at how this films of the early seventies have a certain enjoyable style that I like. Overall, an enjoyable movie because of how the storyline moves so fast and the film does lost its pacing.

bill s (kr) wrote: Martin adds some comedy but as a whole this is a rather flat action adventure.

Spencer S (fr) wrote: One of those rare cult gems that never seem to pop up when you need them, Pretty Poison is one solid piece of black comedy Americana. Featuring the sterling psychopath character actor, Anthony Perkins, and bubble blonde nymphet Tuesday Weld, this film never bores, never tries too hard to be introspective, and yet achieves perfection in doing so. The plot follows recently released (and obviously still perturbed) inmate Dennis Pitt (Perkins) who starts work at a chemical plant, and eyes band majorette Sue Ann (Weld). What follows is a labyrinth of utter informality, as Dennis leads Sue Ann astray by telling he's a secret agent, sent to stop poison from being released in the water supply. (Ironic since the pollution shown being dumped is a type of poison. Perhaps this was a green initiative.) Perkins has all the queer quirks he exhibited in his seminal best, Psycho, but also has a calm innocence that can only come from being slightly off your rocker and completely intent on bridging the gap between yourself and someone you're infatuated with. Instead of a screaming Janet Leigh, Tuesday exhibits this odd temperament of high school angst queen, beautiful and simplistic. She seems a mere pawn in Perkins game, working to fix the crimes of his past by committing more with his accomplice. As they go along, performing secret missions and falling in love in the span of a week, it's easier to see the aggressive side of Sue Ann emerge, and we soon come to believe that perhaps Dennis, the convicted felon, is the lesser of two evils. Bleak, black, and remotely sweet, Perkins comes off as a new type of insanity, a bittersweet manner and a loving and loyal approach. Weld, who at first seems the familiar blonde without purpose, transforms to become the central addiction and most complex character of the entire film. Certainly worth a view, and round of applause.

Brandon S (kr) wrote: When will Michael Bay understand that too much action makes for a boring film? The reason that none of these people are interesting is because he refuses to give them any breathing room between set pieces.

Brian B (fr) wrote: An awesome duo of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan! Terrific fun, action, adventure, and comedy! Get ready woohoo!