Class of '76

Class of '76

Inspector Tom Monroe (Robert Carlyle) investigates the mysterious death of several people that the only thing they have in common is being classmates. In addition, the deaths appear to be related to a mysterious "faceless child."

Cars swerve to avoid an agitated man wandering on a freeway until the man is hit by a truck and killed. Eyewitnesses said the man, Pat Fisher, was clearly disturbed, and some on the police ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ka (fr) wrote: Gakki is so kawaii =]

Grant S (gb) wrote: Brilliant documentary on the life of George Harrison. Contains rare footage and many relatively-unknown facts about his life. Assumes a reasonable amount of knowledge of the Beatles and their music, but, then again, the movie is mostly for Beatles/Harrison fans, I would think.Martin Scorsese shows, once again, that he is master of the rockumentary as well as drama movie (as if we needed any more proof, after The Last Waltz, No Direction Home and Shine a Light). Rather than blandly force-feed you information in piecemeal fashion, there is a thread connecting each episode within the movie. The segues are subtle, but keep the film moving.Interviews are illuminating, and not always from the most obvious of people. The music is great, and relevant. Only slight negatives are the length - over 3 hours, but it didn't feel that long at all - and some interviews and incidents could possibly have been left out.

Laurie R (ru) wrote: Gotta love the Coen Brothers where every little thing has importance in someway and may or may not show up again later in the film.

Josh M (jp) wrote: Never really been a huge fan of the Focker movies and Little Fockers is no different. The same old shenanigans are present just within a different plot. It is old and predictable. I found myself knowing exactly what will happen next in almost every scene.

William T (au) wrote: Decent enough movie if a bit predictable. Barely any ass kicking action from JCVD though.

Eisa H (de) wrote: John Abraham killed it he horrible in this movie

Jason N (mx) wrote: Pretty good. Fairly clich (C) as far as sports flicks go

Adam B (fr) wrote: Excellent comedy from the Comic Strip Team. It really shows how Americans are seen and portrayed in films. Think Pearl Harbour for example. Good to see relics like Leslie Phillips up alongside more recent British comedy talent like James Dreyfus and Jon Culshaw. However its 8o's comedy stalwarts like Rik Mayall and Harry Enfield who plays the thrifty King George VI that steal the show.

Ryuji K (us) wrote: I've never seen like this great mockumentary film before.

Scott W (us) wrote: Paul Telfer is gorgeous and Elizabeth Perkins is great! Unfortunately, the writing is really clumsy. I never understand why people insist upon bastardizing myths in modern re-tellings. The reason they've lasted is that they are great as is. This story ends up being more Roman than Greek with all of it's plotting and suspicion. I'm still waiting for the one, great, faithful Hercules film.

Thomas B (nl) wrote: The devil made me do it. Lol

Fredrik S (de) wrote: Continuing my improvised Robin Hood theme with my son. I remembered this one vaguely as entertaining... Well, it has got Morgan Freeman, and Alan Rickman for Pete's sake! But it's no use. This is just too silly, and way, way too long. Sean Connery's arrival at the end has me clamouring for a whole new film with him instead of the goody two shoes Costner. Oh well, on to, hopefully better films.

Janet V (ca) wrote: this is a NEW release?

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch