Class of 83

Class of 83

A compelling documentary that follows a high school class as they reunite for their 20 year reuinion to build a memeorial garden in honor of two classmates that died in the World Trade Centers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:55 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:number in title,   art,   911,  

A compelling documentary that follows a high school class as they reunite for their 20 year reuinion to build a memeorial garden in honor of two classmates that died in the World Trade Centers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke G (es) wrote: I wish I had a down ass bitch like this... Minus the snitchness.

Diana M (nl) wrote: I was really enjoying this up until the end. What the heck?!?!?! They failed to explain anything....and left huge holes in the plot. You watch the credits thinking there's gotta be something more after this....come on! This had potential for one more star until they pulled that crap.

Riley H (ag) wrote: There are a number of great moments, like the reversal of the bad-neighbour scene, or when the protagonist gets his toy back, but they don't add up. Most of the time I was thinking, "do people really behave like this?" They make the ending overly explicit and you think it's going to end and then end again and then one more time for good measure. Oh yeah, that explosion, it blows. But despite all this, it was better than a lot of movies I've seen.

Adam L (br) wrote: Witty and charming fluff, perfect genre picture.

Jayson G (de) wrote: A mediocre cop slash teen slash Kung Fu flick.

Johnny R (au) wrote: Awesome movie!! It was drop-dead hilarious, fun, and really entertaining!! The movie is about a problem child and it represents it extremely well!! The movie knows exactly what it is and what it wants to be!! The action scenes were crazy and funny!! The action really represented how bad a child can be!! The cast was great, especially Michael Oliver as the problem child!! He plays the world's most craziest kid and yet, he makes you still like him!! If you like movies that represents the title of their movie extremely well, than check this out!! If your looking for a comedy with a magnificent story, than look elsewhere!! This is absolutely a must-see!!

John M (ru) wrote: laugh outloud..but dont make a big thing of it. A great film

Allen R (fr) wrote: Watched the "director's cut", under the original AMERICAN NIGHTMARE title last night. I'd forgotten how influenced by ERASERHEAD Giovinazzo was when it made this. The depiction of urban rot and decay goes farther than Lynch film and makes for a far more uncomfortable viewing experience.

Walker P (au) wrote: awsome, keeps you thrilled till the phrase.

TonyPolito (ca) wrote: Billy Wilder puts a slightly dramatic - and slightly sour - spin on the 1950s/1960s sex comedy genre. Dino satirizes his stage persona, playing an over-the-top boozy, sleazy Lothario, who's aiming to seduce the wife of a jealous, inattentive husband and song writer (Walston). Walston has an "available" bar-room tart (Novak) play the role of his wife, then starts peddling Dino some songs - and Novak - as a package deal. Meanwhile, the real wife (Farr), who is fed up with kitchen, apron, and sheer black nighties gone unworn, eventually ends up in the role of available bar-room tart herself. Wilder's not-so-hidden agenda was to slap a 1964 American audience in the face with its own sexual hypocrisy, upon which the sex comedy genre was built. In-references to the navels banned from television screens abound. The Novak/Farr full-swap/role-blur called to the carpet 1950s Madonna/vamp mentality. To distribute, the Dino/Farr extra-marital romp-for-hire (told on DVD) was edited out. Far too frank for its day, the Catholic Legion of Decency blacklisted the film. The film suffers, and is overlooked, due to miscasting, likely caused by (what was then) far-too-edgy content. Doris Day would never have touched these roles. Novak's part was written for the late Marilyn Monroe - and it shows. Novak shoehorns poorly into squeaky blondeness with a phony cold, a tepid Jersey accent and a bad wig. Walston's role was intended for Jack Lemmon who passed; Peter Sellers started production then walked. Others discreetly supported Wilder's intent to critique America's sexual hypocracy. A Walston/Novak dance number is uncredited Gene Kelly choreography. Walston is peddling Dino some truly unpublished George Gershwin melodies; brother Ira added lyrics posthumously, specifically for use in this film. Andre Previn delivers the balance of the score. TRIVIA: Watch Dino drive his own personal automobile in the film, a black, sleek and rare 1962 Dual-Ghia coupe. RECOMMENDATION: Wilder's indictment of Hollywood politics via "Sunset Boulevard" is much stronger stuff, but there's plenty of Wilder craftsmanship and industry talent at work here delivering this now-dated message as well.

EasyThere P (it) wrote: I've never been big into 'noir'....but this one is the best I've seen. Understated and perfect. I loved every character. As for the ending....I get sick of hearing people say they don't like it; they sound like immature amateurs. The ending made the movie perfect. Turned the focus clearly to where it should be - a character study of whether adding 'spice' into one's life is a good thing or a bad thing. Rather than having the focus be on getting away with murder or some other standard preposterous scenario. Great movie!

Brian R (ca) wrote: should be titled "The Extremely Gay Dragon and his Queen"

Dani P (au) wrote: Super boring. A waste of Kristen Wiig's talent.

Derk F (mx) wrote: If you ever trolled the bins of Tower, or mourned the identity of a legacy employer, or wondered what puts the death nail in all things nostalgic, put this movie on the top of your list.