Class of Nuke 'Em High

Class of Nuke 'Em High

The pupils at a high school next to a nuclear power plant start acting and looking strange after buying contaminated drugs from a plant worker.

The pupils at a high school next to a nuclear power plant start acting and looking strange after buying contaminated drugs from a plant worker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Coxxie M (kr) wrote: if you have seen any movie on comedy central in the last 5 years then you already know this movie from beginning to end. and it aint no purty sight!

Matthew G (ag) wrote: Though very informative, this documentary was mind numbingly boring.

John A (jp) wrote: The opportunity to look into the otherworldly lives of these monks is a wonderful opportunity. Groning mixes silence with images of stark (and occasionally lush) beauty in and around the monastery. That said, the best moments in the film are those when we get to hear the monks speak, due in part I think to the lack of real formal structure to the piece. This sense of randomness in most of the sequencing and editing seems to be at odds with the strictly regimented lives of the monks themselves.

Zachary Y (us) wrote: what this movie taught me was that like life; if a pop machine eats your dollar, and you bang on it enough, you just might get something.

Ali K (ru) wrote: This collaboration between Kiarostami and Panahi two of Iran's best film makers is surely one the best portrays of social inequity and what results from it.


Michael D (gb) wrote: Ah Takashi Miike - bless his dark soul. Whenever one feels jaded by cinema and its ability to surprise, just watching one of his films is like being plunged into an ice cold bath and you wake up once more to the possibilities of film. This one is by turns grotesque, absurd, brutally violent but ultimately, comical. Not to give the scene away but the penultimate one had me in stitches laughing - rock n'roll indeed.A supernatural yakuza revenge movie with a soundtrack by the mighty, MIGHTY Flower Travellin' Band, this is one of Miike's best gangster films and literally, a blast from start to finish. Even the crappy digital effects can't take from the child-like exuberance - if only Hollywood made action movies as edgy and playful as this.

Gwynn H (it) wrote: bloody good touching story

matt S (us) wrote: is one of the best movie i have seen

Holly F (mx) wrote: A fantastic gangsta sort of film. I'm not really into those sort of Godfather movies, but this one moves me. Blood Brothers should never betray one another, it always ends in tragedy and tears. Wonderful acting and loveable characters, the scenes are soft and sharp at the same time.

Aj V (es) wrote: A long movie, but worth it, it's got a great cast and story. I really liked this movie.

Rosie L (fr) wrote: Music, Dance and most importantly... Fun! For all ABBA fans, I would recommend this movie, if you can get past Amanda Seyfried's girlish and annoying squeals that she calls acting.Overall movie was fantastic, songs were brilliantly added (similar to the play) without affecting the plot. And let's face it, Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski are a fearsome trio! Sadly, the "younger trio" weren't as convincing. As I had seen the play many years ago, this film was very much anticipated. Feel good movie and be warned, you'll want to sing along! The actors were having fun and it was completely contagious for my family and me, we were dancing, singing and crying throughout the movie. The film ends on a high that makes it a great ending, leaving you feeling good for the rest of the evening.

Eric B (ag) wrote: This movies claims to be in the same league as Superbad and American Pie...I don't think so Tim!!! Had some good moments but overall very crappy movie...So good it wasn't even on Flixter I had to get it added...I might be the only person to have watched this...Watched it last week and I can't have my 99 mins

Leon B (ag) wrote: Review: For a movie that's about an iconic musical star, Hank Williams, it certainly was small in scale and the plot seemed to be going round and round in circles. You don't get to see how famous Hank Williams (Tom Hiddleston) really became, because his life seemed the same throughout the film, even though he had over 35 top selling records and quite a bit of money in the bank. He made a majority of his earnings from touring, so when he was diagnosed with having severe back problems, he became depressed and he turned to alcohol for comfort. His womanising ways also put a heavy strain on his long time relationship with Audrey Williams (Elizabeth Olsen), and with the studios putting pressure on him to produce new songs, his life in the big time was quite depressing towards the end of his life. At 29 years old, his illness gets the better of him, and he dies in a car whilst heading towards a live performance. Its quite a sad movie about a talented man, even though I didn't really like his music but his yodelaying style, was truly unique and it always got the crowds going. Hiddleston put in a top performance, especially as he sung a lot of the songs himself but the film is quite boring because the director chose to concentrate on his relationships, more than his music. You don't get to find out that much about the man and his music, and although he had so many top hits, he didn't seem to change, in terms of the response from the public and his life style. Anyway, I wasn't that impressed with the structure of the end product but it's still worth a watch to see Hiddleston's performance. Disappointing! Round-Up: With such a lose at the box office, Hiddleston seems to be struggling to hit the big time away from the Thor and Avengers franchise. At 35 years old, he has definitely become an household name as Loki, which he played quite well but Crimson Peak, High-Rise, Only Lovers Left Alive, War Horse and the Deep Blue Sea, have all been pretty mediocre after his new found fame. With 4 movies in the pipeline, which include Hard Boiled, Thor: Ragnarok and Kong: Skull Island, he has plenty of time to prove that he can make it without the Avengers team behind him, and I can't wait to see a return of the Night Manager series, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Anyway, this movie was written and directed by Marc Abraham, who also brought you Flash of Genius in 2008, starring Greg Kinnear. He's mostly known for producing movies, with hits like the Commitments, Air Force One, The Hurricane, End of Days, Spy Game, Children of Men, the Thing 2011, In Time, and Robocop 2014, tied to his name, so he obviously has worked on some big budget movies in his career but this movie was pretty poor. With Hank Williams music making such an impact around the world, this project really did need an established director to portray his interesting story, which was cut short due to illness. Budget: $13million Worldwide Gross: $1.8million I recommend this movie to people who are into their biography/music/dramas, starring Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen, Bradley Whitford, Cherry Jones, Maddie Hasson and Wrenn Schmidt. 3/10