Classroom Scare Films Vol. 5: More Drug Evils

Classroom Scare Films Vol. 5: More Drug Evils


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  • Release:1997
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Classroom Scare Films Vol. 5: More Drug Evils torrent reviews

Jessica B (gb) wrote: If I wanted to be stuck at an impromptu family reunion where everyone spitefully makes fun of each other with no remorse whatsoever and no one seems to be able to feel any sense of family or kindness toward one another I'd go to my OWN mother's house for the weekend. Yeah, this movie's just a barrel of fun right? Like pulling teeth and having that one uncle you can never seem to impress be the one doing it while your mother makes disparaging comments in the corner of the room while smoking a fat one.

Gergely K (kr) wrote: Kisvrosi szekts horror, kev (C)s eredetis (C)ggel. A befejez (C)s viszont pard (C)sra siker 1/4lt, a maga kiltstalan szomor mdjn.

Donna L (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed watching this. Somewhat predictable, but still kept my interest. All this time I thought James Marsters was really English, hehe.

Honie J (nl) wrote: I love Horror movies. It is about a woman has to struggle with demons of own, because of a jeep accident and the demon that is messing with her see her own demon that she is struggling with. I think that is why it is mess with her longger than the others. And she Struggling to get away from the demon before it kill her. Action, suspense, fast moving kept you on the edge of your seat. Even though the reasons of the Demon could have been explained a little better, and the fact that she never read the book. I would like to know about this Demon

Private U (gb) wrote: This movie shocked me! I was stunned at how good it was and what a cast! The music was right on, perfect for this genre of movie! I still cannot get over Sanjay Dutt!

Ethan H (es) wrote: For mindless action with a touch of storyline this movie was OK.

Lynne N (au) wrote: An interesting enough movie to watch - once. The acting is excellent and, thanks to Cornish's engaging performance, the lead is sympathetic and therefore holds your interest. However, I felt that overall the plot was drearily predictable - down to the seemingly crow-barred in [spoiler alert] homo-erotic subplot. Shame.

Emmanuel S (es) wrote: 'Elf' either gets you in the Christmas spirit or you're a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

Eric H (ru) wrote: Overall, I did enjoy this movie for what it was. It had it's many cliches but some how it seems to play over them with added heart.

Burt M (br) wrote: Halfway decent grifter comedy. Starts slowly but picks up steam toward the end. James Woods is always watchable.

Steve S (ag) wrote: This is the worst movie I've ever seen - well the worst 20 minutes.. Italian but dubbed over in English - about 5 seconds too late. Story is crap, not worth bothering about..

Nathan B (fr) wrote: I don't care what anyone else says...I enjoyed it. Watched again recently on SyFy (twice).

Brian N (us) wrote: This was a pretty messed up movie. Its a documentary about an internet relationship that was just a bit crazy. Honestly, it was scary. It really makes me question people and want to be more careful out there. It also shows better then anything I have seen what happens when you have to settle and you lose your dreams. Its worth a watch.

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Classroom Scare Films Vol. 5: More Drug Evils torrent

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