Clay Fear

Clay Fear

Pottery factory owner Ming Fu (Ng Kai Wah) is haunted by visions of the blazing death of his business partner in a suspicious fire. Widowed, Ming is set to marry Ye Yue (Miao Pu) much to the consternation of Ming’s “Rebecca”-like housemaid Zhen Zi (Ayumi Ito of “All About Lily Chou-Chou”), who just happens to be his late wife’s sister. Yarn hints at paranormal causes as more of Ming’s business associates die one by one, but an early slip gives the game away. Zhang’s helming, aided by Japanese vet Yudai Kato’s lustrous lensing, is inventive, but a heavy glazing of horror cliches make this cracked yarn damaged goods.

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Carrie G (it) wrote: This movie sounds like something I would have done if I had a dad like that

Tom L (ag) wrote: sucks big time. shame on penelope spheeris (waynes world)

Lefteris K (fr) wrote: Two b5 short stories...

Ken D (nl) wrote: Never saw it. dont think I will either. Sorry

Jacob D (nl) wrote: Not as good as everyone says it is but is still an entertaining action movie that is great to look at.

Corey C (br) wrote: Very funny, observant debut film from Whit Stillman. It's easy to see how Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach drew inspiration from this film, Anderson with his delicate emotion and Baumbach with his rather biting criticism of... people who talk like this. Still, it's selling this film a bit short to merely compare it to Anderson or Baumbach, as Stillman does his own thing, and it's no less perceptive or interesting.

Gabriel C (br) wrote: Childish and easily forgettable.

Chris G (nl) wrote: A coming of age film with more heart and humor than angst that still manages to hit all the right buttons to illicit emotions. Perfectly cast and acted with a love letter to film hidden within.