Clean and Sober

Clean and Sober

Hotshot real estate salesman Daryl has a bad cocaine habit. After embezzling his company's money, he wakes up next to a girl who overdosed. To hide from the police, he checks into a rehabilitation program guaranteeing anonymity. Under the mentorship of counselor Craig, Daryl accepts that he has a substance abuse problem. As he falls in love with fellow patient Charlie, Daryl begins committing to a newly sober life.

A hustling drug addict checks himself into rehab to escape trouble with the law, and realizes that it's exactly what he needs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly W (us) wrote: I really did not enjoy this movie. It had potential, but lacked something. It also made katsuma out to be very self centred and had the cliche "he learns from his mistakes at the end of the movie" thing. Overall, the only thing I enjoyed was the wooly blue hoodoos and mr snoodle.

Amelia R (kr) wrote: I LOVED IT! Worried at first it was gonna be another cheesy movie, that you feel should be on ABC Family, but no! It was actually pretty cute and witty. I loved the dialogue that went into this movie. It made me laugh, very comical. It makes you feel almost immoral to hope for a divorce lol. But, overall, it was a great movie that I will watch again (and having True Blood's Ryan Kwanten starring in the movie didn't hurt my rating either ;) HOT!)

Juan A (ca) wrote: Not good, cliches and boring.

josh m (jp) wrote: was missing something i couldnt put my finger on

LUNiQLVDiS (jp) wrote: Love it love dis movie.

Private U (it) wrote: A low budget production with a reasonable plot. The reflective-narration genre does break the flow of the movie and not in a specifically good way...

Patrick W (ag) wrote: This sequel doesn't really live up to the first one at all. It is still entertaining enough, but I just didn't enjoy it as much. This one has Blade teaming up with vampires to hunt a new breed of vampire that is resistant to vampire weaknesses and also feeds on other vampires. Ron Perlman is great in this one as a bad attitude, wise cracking vampire that hates Blade.

Jason P (gb) wrote: there could have been a little more of the gore shown however a very intresting story to bring the ripper to life and depp is awesome as always

Jasmin R (us) wrote: Heard this movie was good (even though ratings dont prove it) has i guess i'll watch it.

Jonny P (kr) wrote: "Steel Magnolias" was a decent chick flick but did not even come close to its reputation. I have long heard that this was THE chick flick but lacked the great love story and comedy that I have come to expect. I don't want to discount Julia Roberts' performance because she delivers a broad spectrum of emotions with veteran poise. I was disappointed in Sally Field at first, but her subtle start gives her somewhere to grow until she reaches the amazing climax of her performance. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast falls short. Dolly Parton, Olympia Dukakis, and Shirley MacLaine were completely underutilized in the story, Daryl Hannah was pretty "eh..." and none of the men left much of an impression. I do love the southern atmosphere that is captured on-screen. The story was interesting but the ratio of comedy-to-drama was way too heavy on the drama side. I am sure that I will really enjoy "Steel Magnolias" next time now that my expectation has been set so low, but I can think of dozens of chick flicks that I would rank higher than this one.

Mikey B (br) wrote: The Breakdown before Breakdown but not as exciting

Irvin C (fr) wrote: I made the mistake of not getting the subtitles for the copy I got. I didn't understand almost half the dialogue. But even then, I was still swept up by this heartbreaking story of a working class, often bullied teenage boy who finds solace and happiness in falconry with his pet kestrel. I've seen a couple of his later works but I found him to be just a smidgen preachy with his works but this one, though it depicts the British working class, has a very lyrical quality to it. It also features a VERY impressive performance by the lead actor, David Bradley (another David Bradley).

Nadine L (us) wrote: She acts like a freaking psycho after inviting the movie star over to dinner in her apartment. Also, if she could afford that apartment... what the sweet eff was she doing living off a curtain in her mother's place?

Stephanie C (gb) wrote: a classic that is a must see

David B (br) wrote: Shirley was cute as a button, but the script lacked anything interesting to keep my attention. Very slow moving, especially scenes without Temple.

Corey B (fr) wrote: The movie itself is a controversial and offensive as the title is but what it is is a animated Exploitation film about the racial stereotypes centered around the 70s. It doesn't surprise me that this film has not been released on DVD due to how many button it can push.

Wahida K (us) wrote: Some tiny bit of LOL moments but nothing special. I think this Movie was great Joy for Male watchers. Understandable. lol