Single father and former cop Tom Cutler has an unusual occupation: he cleans up death scenes. But when he's called in to sterilize a wealthy suburban residence after a brutal shooting, Cutler is shocked to learn he may have unknowingly erased crucial evidence, entangling himself in a dirty criminal cover-up.

An extremely hygienic man uses his urge in his professional life as a crime scene cleaner. When he becomes involved in a job he later finds out was a covered up murder, he gets tied in to a web of deception. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (ca) wrote: The concept behind this film is quite simple and could have made for an ok low budget action flick. Unfortunately this is a micro budget movie with amateurs at the wheel. As such, it looks bad, has some less than stellar fight sequences, has painfully terrible audio and not much in the good books.It does however show potential. Lead actor El Rico shows some skill and presence as a fighter and actor. I think he'd do about as well if not better than early JCBD and Seagal. The fight sequences, while poorly done, did show a little ray of hope that there was some skill when it came to the choreography, directing and editing but it wasn't nearly enough to make the scenes truly work. The writing is probably the worst thing in the film, coupled with some bad acting, lame cinematography and directing, makes Among Dead Men a pointless and as such fruitless endeavor.It does have Grandmaster William Cheung in the film for a bit so I gave it a star... cause he's the man.

Peter W (gb) wrote: Decent flick I found the love hotel scenes very fascinating with their themed rooms.

Anneli S (ca) wrote: Did not plan to watch this, but it was so interesting.

Scott M (kr) wrote: Much better movie than people say. Although Jessica Alba has some moments of vapidness, she still looks amazing. The underwater scenes are really well done by the cinematographer. And of course great bodies for both sexes. Enjoyed it myself.

Steven W (ru) wrote: I hunted this down due primarily to it being a Tom Hardy movie I hadn't seen before. Fanboy shit, I know, but his movies are usually cool, alright? So Shutty. Anyway, he was barely in this one, as it turns out, and even if he had been, it still wouldn't have been anything too spectacular. Not bad, just meh-ish.

Revanna T (mx) wrote: Good concept, but some people can't handle too much gore.

Ms Amanda J (au) wrote: It's a cruel, cruel summer. No, Bananarama's music doesn't appear in One Crazy Summer, but Demi Moore's does (you'll see her character singing live), and her voice falls flat, much like the humor and story.

Jim B (es) wrote: Everything was spoken in riddles and the story was confusing and boring at times. Sidney Lumet is one of the masters and the cinematography was beautiful in this but It wasn't my cup of tea.

ColinMichel D (de) wrote: Probably my favorite film of all time, but definitely the most influential. Makavejev's ability to weave such disparate pieces of film is in its most dense and hypnotic glory. MUST SEE!!!

MF J (nl) wrote: An over the top comedy about a man trying to get read of his wife to marry his beloved cousin! This is really funny & well cooked, the rythm is frantic & the characters really funny almost chaicatural! This film has to be put in it's context, when divorce in Italy was still illegal! Somehow this film was ahead of it's time & showing how absurd this situation could be! A funny comedy!

Chris B (de) wrote: You feel for Dr. Bolton as someone who has a dream he wants to fulfill but ultimately succumbs to his weaknesses as a human. Boris Karloff portrays the doctor with a complete range of emotions that go from his glory as a top rate surgeon to that of a criminal addicted to his own concoctions. One of the first films to deal with drug addiction back in the late 50s and early 60s. Truly a realistic horror that cuts deep. Highly Recommended!

Ryan C (it) wrote: With No Charm, Wit Or Fun, A Haunted House Continues The Trend Of Terrible Parody Movies With Agnozing Results.

Anthony P (kr) wrote: Elvis in an oustanding performance.

John (it) wrote: Great movie makes you think.

Bob K (br) wrote: This movie got 4 stars from Roger Ebert, but was liked by few others. I've taken chances on Roger before like this, and was never disappointed. Likewise for "Knowing." Not 4 stars, but a nice piece of paranoid entertainment, with a couple of astounding disaster sequences to boot. However, best not to ponder too long on some of the absurdities. Just enjoy the ride.

Adam A (mx) wrote: While none of the additional films change the movie in any significant way, I'd say the extended cut is worth it for the goblin's song alone.

Derek M (mx) wrote: Charlize theron gives one of the best performances out there in "Young Adult", Diablo Cody's hilarious and acidic passion project about a washed-up, stuck-in-high-school author who has sorely misread the world around her. Her performance is so good you sympathize even when she's doing things you know are awful, and her realizations of her mental issues are crushingly melancholy and brilliantly constructed. Young Adult is not just great because of her performance, however. It's great because Cody's script allows it to be completely multidimensional -- it's consistently laugh-out-loud funny, with some bitter, mean lines that make you drop your jaw in pure shock. It's one of the most absorbing, funny, and oddly heartbreaking films in recent years.

AnTe C (it) wrote: Superheros don't see failure, their hope inspires us all. Another fantastic performance and absolute scene stealer by Gerwig but the supporting cast also all put their best foot forward. The climax is absurd - slapstick almost - but it tugs at the heartstrings.