Clear Lake, WI

Clear Lake, WI

A group of childhood friends return to their former hometown to revisit the horrors that happened there 15 years ago.

A group of childhood friends return to their former hometown to revisit the horrors that happened there 15 years ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen P (mx) wrote: I found this so interesting. I didn't know anything about it when it was happening. Intense.

George E (au) wrote: Ok, I can't hold my tongue. Fox has put nothing in this documentary that relates to fracking. This movie is EXTREMELY overrated.

Leo L (mx) wrote: Interesting story plot. This movie centralizes around two close friends, Dev and Tej. Both are police officers, and each with different views. Conflicts of politics and beliefs stand to divide their friendship, despite years of grief and support. Great cast- Amitabh Bachchan, Om Puri, Fardeen Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Rati Agnihotri. Worthy!

Kendyl C (mx) wrote: Nickelodeon cult classics Rugrats and The Wild Thornberries meet for an overall giddy time for children of all ages. But for more mature audiences (even those who grew up in the era), it's all but formulaic and forgettable.

Brandon M (it) wrote: A stunning Holocaust drama-kind of comedy where the comedy comes in small doses and is nightmareish and surreal. Lina Wertmuller is a flamethrower of a director, burning down cliches and busting down constrictions that comes with most Holocaust dramas.

bill s (mx) wrote: Revenge flick that's lack of focus and over stuffed subplots sink the ship.

Edin S (kr) wrote: tezak, tezak...ali vrhunski!

Hunter D (us) wrote: Something that was immediately apparent to me while watching Planet of the Vampires was the influence it must have had on Ridley Scott's Alien. Bava's choices of framing had moments that seemed as though they were used as rough storyboards for Scott's film, and the largely internal element of the horror, along with the way the film combines the sci-fi aesthetics of its day with a more gothic look, must have gotten some ideas going in the minds of the folks who worked to create Alien. There is even a scene where the main characters explore a derelict spacecraft filled with the mammoth fossilized corpses of alien beings (the characters are even lured to the planet via a mysterious signal). It was clearly a touchstone for what is probably my favorite science fiction film. Like most Italian directors, Bava largely emphasizes style over substance, bringing his mastery over light, color, and shadow into a sixties sci-fi setting, setting it apart from most of the work being done in the genre visually at the time. Bava makes magnificent use of models and miniatures to create an alien landscape that is still remarkable to look at today despite many things that haven't aged well, especially considering that this is clearly a B-movie. The trouble is that the movie, despite what it does with its small budget, isn't all that entertaining. It's only interesting to watch from academic point of view, lacking the thrills a movie like this should have. While there is some good suspense here, some good jump scares there, the movie as a whole is a bit on the boring side, something that isn't helped by the wooden acting that plagues this movie. Clocking in at eighty-eight minutes, this movie should have been short and sweet, instead it feels like its dragged out to two hours when you watch it. The plot has a nice air of mystery to it, but that mystery is ruined when a Basil Exposition character shows up to explain to the characters (as well as the audience) what is going on. The film really picks up the pace during its final act which smacks of The Thing, and ends with a conclusion that's as uncertain as any frightening final note that John Carpenter ends his films on, but its not enough to pull this movie up from the middling category into the land of good movies. It's also worth noting that the title Planet of the Vampires is a bit decieving, the title "Planet of the Body Snatchers" or something like that might have been a bit more appropriate in regards to actual content of this film. Bava has made many films that I could consider to be genre classics, such as Kill Baby...Kill! and Black Sunday, and while I wanted to include this in the pantheon of must-see works by the innovative Italian director, this isn't one of them. It's a movie I would only recommend to people who love Alien as much as I do, simply because if this movie had not existed, the movie that is Alien probably wouldn't exist, at least not in the form we know it in.