A softcore parody of the monster flick Cloverfield.

The monster was actually the best part of the movie, in a totally campy way. It was so comical as to be actually cute. I'm glad there was no attempt to make the monster realistically scary, as the low overall quality of the rest of this film makes me think it would have been a disaster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John A (ca) wrote: A Film With A Good Concept Executed The Wrong Way. A Group Of Friends Who Free-run In Illegal Street Races Are Kidnapped By Mr. Frank (Danny Dyer), Where He Straps Explosive Collars Around The Freerunners Necks & Makes Them Participate In A Race Of Life And Death. The Script Is Poor, But It's The Fact Is Professionally Made And Enjoyable That Pulls The Film Up, But Still Pretty Awful & Yet It Still Manages To Be Your Pretty Average Decent Action Thriller.

David E (fr) wrote: Tremendous filmmaking

Qin M (br) wrote: A perfect fairytale!

Joe G (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies from when I was a kid.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: It would be close to 5 years before Terrence Malick would follow up his groundbreaking and unforgettable, Badlands. Days of Heaven presents a more mature vision, but an evolving perspective on reality that retains grounding through the insightful but limited perspective of a child's musings of a past that seems to have either immediately occurred or happened not too long ago. The tone and plot of Days of Heaven is quite different in respect to Badlands. Yet there is stream of cinematic thought that connects both films. Where Badlands was an almost detached view of reality, Days of Heaven takes the form of a cinematic poem connected to the characters by a child whose life has required her to adapt a slightly skewed version of an adult.While it never quite soars to the level of Badlands -- it clearly soars to what Malick intended. This would be the last time Malick approached humanity from what I would term a "human emotional" perspective. Malick's style would and continues to sprout further into the realm of the experimental with aspects of "nature" and even "metaphysical" replacing the less challenging perspectives presented here and in Badlands. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But Malick's cinematic perspective no longer blend easily with Humanity, Surrealism or Experimental Film. After this movie Malick's films have become polarizing. How an individual manages to access understanding and connection to his work has now become more radical. From my perspective this is sad. He has never managed to capture humanity as simply as he did with his second and third movies. It is interesting to me that Lynda Manz's character delivered one narrative line that I so seared into my then 11 year old mind that I can still recite it easily today:"I was hopin' things would work out for her. She was a good friend of mine." ...and the meanings/powers of the line have changed over the span of my life.

Warren G (gb) wrote: An interesting story that is bogged down by a low budget, lack of lighting and and ridiculous conclusion

Tracey c (au) wrote: The story of one of world War its most famous sea battles is brought to the screen in this exciting, semi-documentary style movie. In the spring of 1941, Nazi Germany's greatest battleship- the Bismarck, scourge of Atlantic shipping, is pinned down at her anchorage in Norway. Making a break for freedom and safety of air cover from the Luftwaffe, the great ship is chased by the Royal Navy. Eventually, after heavy casualties including the loss of H.M.S. Hood, the Bismarck is finally trapped and sunk.

Kevin S (es) wrote: Ralph Bakshi's animation and live-action hybrid is at first a parody of Disney's 1942 movie, "Song of the South," which featured casual, almost happy look at slavery in the Deep South and racial stereotypes. Taken into the early 1970s, Rabbit, Fox, and Bear have a whole new attitude. The trio move from the South and go to Harlem, seeking to make it big in the gritty crime world of New York. Bakshi's use of live-action images and animation is certainly not seamless; but it is not meant to be. Much like the chaotic, dazzling world of Manhattan and urban life, the animation and visuals are as true as graffiti art or street music. Still photographs from Harlem and the simple jazzy musical score bring the frankness of the scenario in the best way possible. The stereotypes are glaringly obvious, but not meant in a directly derogatory way. Instead, the caricatures of black people (as well as the equally obscene parodies of Italians, gays, Jews, and whites) are meant to symbolize how other groups view that category. Violence, sex, and drugs are abound in the film, but never glorified. It's an honest, thrilling movie, which may at first look only like an independent parody of blaxploitation crime movies, but upon further look is a vital, provocative examination of urban strife and racial conflict. Featuring Barry White and Scatman Crothers.

ukas F (ag) wrote: Not good. Too uncomplicated.

james f (us) wrote: Good but not as good as lord of the rings, its funny, Definitely but cant compare with lord of the rings :)

kim h (ag) wrote: a classic pirate flick