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Clemencia torrent reviews

Lee M (fr) wrote: With the cast all performing well (though one or two accents seem out of place at times), and its terrors convincing and unnerving COLOUR FROM THE DARK cements Zuccon??s position as one of the leading Italian filmmakers working within the supernatural tradition.

Colin K (jp) wrote: The worst movie I've seen this year. Winnie Cooper a killer was great though!

Henry W (es) wrote: Our idiotic heroes take it to the big screen in a film with enough laughs to make up for the gross-out moments

Michele S (nl) wrote: This movie is about an adorable boy whose natural instinct is to dress like a girl; nevertheless, he faces pressure from his parents to dress like a boy. He is constantly reminded how abnormal he is for dressing like a girl. His cross-dressing affects his father?s job along with friendships within the community. After dealing with a few obstacles, they realize they need to be supportive of their son and show him love. It?s quite a touching movie and provides a perspective of what a young child, who is confused about his/her gender, has to go through.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Predictable farce comedy, but it does have some personality about it.

Hrachia S (gb) wrote: Great movie of the past, God I miss the 80's

Bill M (ag) wrote: Terrible! bad acting, crap special effects, annoying characters, but certainly not un-enjoyable. I did think from all the years i've heard about this film, that it would be more wild and crazy but it's still a watchable little piece of wonderfully 80's, slimy, oozy trash. Watch whilst drunk for bets results.

Jonathan M (it) wrote: As a kind of 3.5 hour endurance challenge of watching a woman do housework, this is not for everyone. However, there is something that becomes incredibly compelling as you watch a movie that is essentially about an internal monologue you are never given access to. Yet, that lack of access makes her whole situation at times barely believable (why is she a prostitute? how does she even arrange such a thing?). It is hardly an economical film, but it watching it is a unique experience.

Echo L (jp) wrote: After years of wanting to watch this movie, I finally sat down and watched it on Netflix. I immediately regretted not watching it sooner. The narrative weaved to create this beautiful adaptation of Alexander's life. His relationship with his mother and father and how those tensions played out and given to you in fragments that are ultimately assembled at the end. His evolution from boy, to youth, to man is captivating. Watching his self-doubt and the struggles he faces surrounding his parentage shed light on the man turned legend. Not to mention the the depth of affection between him and the love of his life, Hephaestion. The negativity I've heard revolving this movie is not the cinematography or cast but prejudice against the the unapologetic portrayl of the sexuality of this historic figure. It seems to me like queerphobia and not actual criticism keeps people from rating this movie a percentage closer to what it deserves.

Ian G (gb) wrote: A mixed bag of a documentary that has an interesting subject at its core, huge internet discovery helps to make legendary band relevant again despite huge obstacles between the large shoes of Steven Perry to fill, long time minimalized from the public eye as a band, and a supposed troubled past for Pineda in his homeland of the Phillipines.Despite all of the avenues to pursue, it seems very superficial and purfunctory and doesn't provide any sense of depth or involvement, just step by step. Alright for what it is but could have been way more engaging.

Bruno R (ru) wrote: We are 25 minutes into this film for the first time and we are totally enchanted. When we're not intrigued we're laughing. No waiting for it to kick in, no letting things slip for arts sake, this is wonderful.